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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 83: Mastery Rank A

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Chapter 83: Mastery Rank A

After getting off the floor, Leo retrieved his sword and started practicing the Formless Sword Dance, and to his surprise, he was suddenly able to perform all 100 combos with incredible ease and smoothly.

“Wow! Its almost like I have practiced this technique for my entire life! It feels so natural that its like my body is subconsciously moving on its own, something like muscle memory!”

Leo swung the sword with excitement.

“While its true that your movements with the sword are more refined, your strength and speed is still the same. Youll need to work on your actual body if you want to utilize the sword technique to its fullest potential.” Lilith said to him.

“I know.” He nodded.

Sometime later, Leo went to eat a light breakfast before making his way to the Training Center. Since it was getting close to the Wilderness Training Course, more students were returning to the academy to form their teams.

“Go get yourself warmed up first.” Eve said to him when she arrived shortly after he did.

Leo nodded and started swinging his sword around.

“Hey, Leo, do you have a team for the Wilderness Training Course yet Are you going to pick struggling Knights that you dont even know to help their score like previously”

Leo raised an eyebrow.

“Ill probably go alone this time,” he calmly said.

“I would help those in need of help if I could, but I can barely handle myself right now. I dont have the capability to worry about others.”

“Theres no need to feel guilty if you are. I respect your decision. In this world, its every man for himself, and its no different even for the strong.”

After warming up, Leo started training with Eve.

‘This guy! His movements are much smoother and precise than yesterday! Even the power behind his strikes are on another level compared to yesterday! If he continues to recover his strength at this rate, hell definitely be strong enough to participate in the tournament! Eve smiled after seeing Leos vast improvements compared to yesterday, and she couldnt help but become more passionate about training him.

Several hours later.

“Lets stop here for today. I wont be here tomorrow morning because of a meeting, so well move our training to the afternoon. This doesnt mean you can sleep in, alright”

“I understand.” Leo nodded.

Unlike Miss Camilles training that would last throughout the day, Eves training only lasted half a day, but the intensity of her training makes up for it. One was like training for a marathon and the other training for a short sprint— that was the difference between these two women.

Once Eve left, Leo sighed, “I want to train magic, but Miss Camille isnt here… And I dont want to risk getting caught by the Headmistress.”

Lilith pondered for a moment.

Her face suddenly brightened, and she spoke while pointing at his chest.

“Why dont you just disguise yourself This way, you wont need to worry even if youre caught using magic.”

Leos eyes widened with disbelief after hearing Liliths suggestion.

“Youre a genius, Lilith! Why didnt I think of this sooner! To think there was such an easy solution this entire time!”

After resting for some time, Leo left the training room and entered another training room before using the artifact that can change his appearance.

After pondering for some time, Leo decided to use the face of a certain main character in a fantasy novel that hed previously read, and his face began changing to resemble the face in his imaginations.

“How do I look” Leo asked Lilith after the transformation.

“You look like a naive child who would be an easy target to take advantage of.” Lilith immediately said.

Leo smiled, “Alright, then lets start practicing magic. I will take this time to increase the Mastery Rank of all my existing magic spells.”

“Wait.” Lilith suddenly stopped him.

“Since weve returned to the academy, I dont need your mana to keep my soul safe, so I will stop absorbing it to allow you to regenerate your mana much quicker.”

“Thanks. This will definitely allow me to spam my magic spells much more often.” He nodded.

After borrowing a Magic Absorbing Dummy, Leo returned to the training room and proceeded to spam magic spells at it.

He started with Black Bullet, multicasting over 20 of them every few seconds, bombarding the dummy.

Even though every cast would consume around 500 mana, he had plenty of mana to spare, not to mention his 125 mana regeneration that would completely recover his spent mana within seconds.

After spending just a little over an hour on Black Bullet, its Mastery Rank increased to A.

When that happened, he stopped using Black Bullet and moved onto the next magic spell— Black Flame.

After taking a deep breath, Leo would spew black flames from his palms like a flamethrower, and he would keep it active at its maximum output.

His mana quickly drained, but it also recovered just as quickly.

Several hours later, Leo took a seat on the floor and began resting after his Black Flame also reached Mastery Rank A. Furthermore, he finally finished his 100,000 mana quest, acquiring 20 Magic Points, and then he proceeded to purchase another one for 5 Magic Points.

“Even if they are just Tier 1 magic spells, to reach Mastery Rank A in a single day, not to mention two of them… What terrifying speed…” Lilith mumbled with a dumbfounded look on her face.

Leo returned to his room after changing back to his original appearance.

The following morning, he would return to the Training Center and begin practicing Dark Shield, not stopping until he reached Mastery Rank A.

However, since Dark Shield couldnt be spammed like the previous magic spells, his progress was naturally much slower.

Once it was almost time to train with Eve, he removed his disguise and waited for her to show up.

Meanwhile, several hundred miles away from Stellar City, after flying for two days straight, Miss Camille could finally see the city walls of Celestial City.

Once she reached the entrance, she descended to the ground and began walking towards the gates.-

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