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Chapter 84: Visiting the Adventurers Bureau

“Identify yourself!” The guards at the gates gestured for Miss Camille to stop when she got close enough.

Miss Camille didnt say anything and tossed her ID at them.

“How disrespectful! Who do you think you—” The guard suddenly stopped speaking when he laid eyes on the ID card hes just caught.

“C-Camille Light! Forgive me for not recognizing you, Saintess!” The guard quickly returned her ID.

“I have some business with the Adventurers Bureau, so if youll excuse me.”

“Open the gates!” The guard shouted at the people working the gates.

Once Miss Camille entered the city and disappeared from the guards view, another guard approached him and asked, “Who was the beauty just now I have never seen you act so nervous before.”

“You dont recognize her She was Camille Light— the famous S-Rank Adventurer!”

“I think I have heard that name before, but didnt she already retire What is she doing here”

“Who knows, but she looked angry.”

After entering Celestial City, Miss Camille walked straight to the Adventurers Bureau.

The Adventurers Bureaus headquarter was a massive oval-shaped building that took up multiple streets, almost like a stadium, but it had many floors and gave off the atmosphere of an office building.

Upon arriving at the entrance, Miss Camille was stopped again by the guards there. After all, she was fully geared in artifacts.

“What is your business at the Adventurers Bureau” The guard asked.

Miss Camille handed her ID to the guard and said, “Im here to speak with Chairman Gerard.”

“C-Camille Light!” The guards eyes widened.

After snapping out of his daze, the guard spoke, “Do you have an appointment with the Chairman He only accepts meetings through appointments now.”

“Its an emergency. I need to speak with him right now. Tell him I am here and he will agree to meet with me.” Miss Camille said in a calm voice.

“Im really sorry, but the Chairman is currently in an important meeting that will last all day. Nobody can disturb him right now. Please understand my position.”

Miss Camille narrowed her eyes, her gaze turned cold, causing the guard to tremble in fear.

“I understand. Then I will notify the Chairman of my presence without bothering you.”

Miss Camille turned around and walked away from the building until she gained a good distance.

The guards there watched her weird movements with raised eyebrows, having an uneasy feeling in their guts.

Their uneasiness grew when Miss Camille stopped walking and turned to face the building again.

“He-Hey! What do you think you are doing! Saintess!” One of the guards there shouted when Miss Camille suddenly summoned a golden spear in her grasp.

However, she ignored the guard and continued to focus on the building.

A vicious light flickered in her eyes, and after taking a calm breath, she lunged the golden spear at the building.

“Ahh!” The guards there exclaimed in shock after seeing her actions.

Of course, the headquarters of the Adventurers Bureau was protected with magic to prevent situations like this one. Miss Camille knew about it in advance, hence why she dared to attack the building. There was only one reason for her actions— to call out the Chairman of the Adventurers Bureau.

“Y-You! What are you doing! How dare you attack the Adventurers Bureau!” The guards there immediately surrounded Miss Camille.

However, Miss Camille remained calm despite her situation.

In fact, she even tossed a second golden spear at the building, causing it to shake again.

“S-Stop it! Even if you are an S-Rank Adventurer, there is a limit to your jokes! You can still be punished for your actions!”

Despite Miss Camilles actions, the guards didnt dare to approach her, as the difference between her power and theirs was far too great. The only thing they can do is try to convince her to stop until backup arrives.

“Saintess! Why are you doing this! Why are you suddenly attacking the Adventurers Bureau!”

The guards asked her, but she ignored all of them.

“Call Chairman Gerard out here! I want to speak with him!”

More and more people gathered at the scene.

“Isnt that the S-Rank healer, Saintess Light! What is she doing here And why is she attacking the Adventurers Bureau!” The spectators were baffled by the situation.

Sometime later, a group of well-dressed individuals with unfathomable auras around them came out of the building and approached Miss Camille.

“What the hell is this commotion! Who dares to attack the Adventurers Bureau in broad daylight!” A deafening voice rippled throughout the area.

The guards there turned to look at the person who just spoke. He was a tall and bulky middle-aged man with short black hair and blue eyes and a stern-looking face. They immediately made a path for this person when they saw his face.

“Chairman Gerard!” They all greeted him.

“Y-You see… What had happened was—”

“Took you long enough.” Miss Camille suddenly spoke in a cold voice.

“You… What the hell are you doing here” Chairman Gerard frowned after seeing Miss Camilles face.

“Its been a while, father.” Miss Camille said with a calm expression on her face.

“W-What Did she just call the Chairmanfather” One of the guards there muttered.

“You didnt know Chairman Gerards full name is Gerard Light. Hes Saintess Lights father.”


“You better have a good reason for your actions, Camille. Even if youre my daughter, you have assaulted the Adventurers Bureau today.” Chairman Gerard narrowed his eyes on her.

“Allow me to repeat those words to you. Even if you are my father, your Adventurers Bureau nearly got my friend killed. If I dont receive a proper explanation, I will tear this whole place down.”


The entire place was dead silent as this father and daughter pair stared daggers at each other.

After a moment of silence, Chairman Gerard sighed, “Follow me. Lets talk in my office.”-

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