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Chapter 89: Fruit of Magic Awakening

“Why dont you accept her help I dont think youre ready to wander the Wilderness for a whole month by yourself. Shes a witch and can use dark magic as well. I think shell be a good addition.” Lilith said to Leo as he pondered Ninas offer.

After pondering for a few moments, Leo nodded, “Alright, fine, Ill make you my teammate.”

“Okay. Lets go tell a teacher to form our team.”

pᴀɴdᴀ Leo nodded, “Lets speak with my teacher since its on the way to the Headmistress office.”

The two of them entered the school building. A few minutes later, they arrived at Leos classroom.

Inside, a few students could be seen talking to Jasmine.

When Leo entered the classroom with Nina, the students there stopped talking to stare at them with wide eyes.

“Do you need something, Leo” Jasmine asked him.

“Yes, Id like to form a team with Nina here for the Wilderness Training Course.”

“A team with Nina Wraith” Jasmines eyes also widened after hearing such words, as they were a pair that nobody couldve expected.

Nina Wraith was known for being antisocial and weird, not to mention the unpleasant rumors surrounding her. She was someone who would never team up with another student, so it was shocking that she would agree to partner up with Leo, who was the opposite of her.

After snapping out of her daze, Jasmine handed them a piece of paper and said, “Just put your names on here and sign beside it.”

After signing their names, Leo handed the paper back to Jasmine.

“I will submit this at the end of the day. If you decide to change your mind, you have another three hours.” Jasmine said to them.

“I understand.”

Leo and Nina left the room shortly after.

“Thank you. I will do my best to assist you.” Nina said to him afterward. “Here is my phone number. Call me if you need anything. I will see you tomorrow then.”

After giving her phone number to Leo, Nina disappeared from the school building.

As for Leo, he made his way to the Headmistress office.

“Whats up with Leo and Nina Since when were they friends” The students in the classroom mumbled to each other about the bizarre scene theyd just witnessed.

“Do you think hell let us into his group now”

“I dont think I can be with Nina for too long. She gives me the shivers…”

“Right Shes a cursed child with a dark magic affinity, after all.”

Meanwhile, Leo knocked on the door to the Headmistress office.

However, nobody answered.

‘Itll probably be a while before she returns since she was also at the auditorium… Leo sighed inwardly.

However, to his surprise, the Headmistress showed up only five minutes later, and walking beside her was Camille.

“Miss Camille Youre here too What is this about” Leo asked with a raised eyebrow.

But she didnt respond to him and entered the office with Eve.

Once they were inside the office, Headmistress Eve retrieved a weird device and placed it on the table before them.

She then activated it using her mana, creating a barrier around the room.

“This room is now soundproof.” Eve said to them.

And she turned to look at Leo before continuing to speak, “Leo, youre from another world, arent you”

“Huh” Leos eyes widened with shock after hearing such words, and he turned to look at Camille, who had a bittersweet smile on her face.

“I had suspected that you were not the Leo I knew even before she told me the truth, and my suspicions were confirmed recently after training with you.” Eve suddenly said.

“How…” Leo mumbled in a dazed voice.

“Youre a hundred years too young to try to fool me, Leo. Anyways, tell me, Leo from another world, how did you end up in this world”

“I dont know. I went to sleep one night and then woke up already in this world.”

Eve narrowed her eyes, “Do you have any idea what your existence means for our world”

“Every time someone comes to our world from the outside, the world is tossed into mayhem, mostly due to these individuals that have tried to dominate the entire world. In other words, you guys have a really bad reputation, and if people learn that you are from another world, they will most likely try to kill you before you can become strong enough to threaten the world.”

Leo was left speechless by her words.

“There have been other people besides me who came from another world” Leo asked after snapping out of his daze.

“Yes, six people— at least six that we know of.” Camille said.

“And all of them attempted world domination…” Leo raised his eyebrows.

“Thats right.”

“Unbelievable…” Leo was once again speechless.

“This is another reason why you should never reveal the fact that you came from another world. The entire world would come together to kill you if its revealed.” Camille said to him.

“As long as we cover for him, his secret will remain safe.” Eve said.

And she continued, “Lets continue onto another topic. Leo, I heard that youre quite talented in magic. Not only do you have S-Rank dark magic affinity, but you also have a magic affinity for wind magic as well.”

“Yes, what about it”

“I know that youre hiding your magic talents on purpose and your reason for doing so, but I want you to use magic openly.” Eve suddenly said.

“What!” Both Leo and Camille exclaimed.

“You know it would raise suspicions if Leo can suddenly use magic! Why do you even want him to use magic” Camille said with a frown.

“Why not If he has the talents for it, he should utilize it properly. Although the old Leo cannot use magic, we have a way around that.” Eve said.

“What way” Leo asked with great curiosity.

“Have you ever heard of the Fruit of Magic Awakening” A profound smile appeared on Eves face.

“Y-You dont mean…” Camilles eyes widened with realization.

“Thats right. Leos going to eat one. This way, nobody will suspect him even if he uses magic.” Eve nodded.

“Fruit of Magic Awakening” Leo mumbled in a low voice.-

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