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After that day, Fu Yichen hadn’t seen Shen Tianyu for around half a month.

Although the blood on the other person’s face had returned and even made his face look more rosy, it still looked different from before.

His right arm was still bandaged.

Fu Yichen couldn’t help but have some doubts.

What surprised Fu Yichen was that the Female Protagonist, Su Susu appeared simultaneously before Shen Tianyu.

Looking at the delicate atmosphere between the two of them, it was obvious that they had contact outside of school during Shen Tianyu’s absence.

Fu Yichen’s heart skipped a beat.

All he could think of was that his preventions failed and the plot that shouldn’t have happened, did happen.

But how and when did it happen Fu Yichen didn’t know.

Although Shen Tianyu wasn’t at school during this time, Fu Yichen knew about his general situation.

Furthermore, with the disparity of their identities, there was no way for the heroine to have a chance to contact Shen Tianyu outside of school.

Fu Yichen couldn’t help but ponder about it for a while.

At that moment, Fu Yichen could clearly feel the sight of the person who had just entered the room.

As soon as he looked up, he could see Shen Tianyu walking toward him with a smile on the corner of his mouth, looking very happy.

Su Susu behind him gave him an eye roll while staring at the back of his head and followed behind him.

Shen Tianyu walked straight toward Fu Yichen’s table and placed a well-packaged box on Fu Yichen’s table under Fu Yichen’s doubtful eyes, “Here, this is for you.” The raised corners of his mouth showed his happy mood.

Compared to Fu Yichen’s impression of the item, it could be seen that he is very satisfied with it.

Fu Yichen glanced at it, then turned it upside down in his hand, “A Mobile Phone” He then remembered the night when the two fought with the killing matt, his mobile phone had fallen.

“Yes.” Shen Tianyu grinned and leaned back in a cool and handsome posture, raising his legs on the table, “Limited edition, payback.” 

Fu Yichen blinked.

With Xia Houming’s background, there were no shortages of such things.

But it’s a heartfelt gift from the other person.

If he doesn’t accept, it wouldn’t be good.

So of course he accepted it with a laugh.


[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male 1] 

[Total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male is 71]

The system that had been shielded suddenly gave out two prompts and Fu Yichen felt as if he was struck by lightning. 

‘Fuck! What’s going on with this 71 Wasn’t it 60’ 

As soon as the system’s prompt fell, Fu Yichen was shocked by the number 71 until his head was buzzing.

He even turned his head to look at Shen Tianyu who was sitting beside him on his right.

He found out, however, that the other person’s interest was entirely on the heroine and was pulling on the other person’s hair at this time. 

Fu Yichen immediately gritted his teeth, ‘You better give me a reasonable explanation!’

[Not seeing each other for one day is like three autumns.

Distance creates beauty, lovesickness, long-term love, thoughts day and night… or something like that.]

The system muttered a bunch of words in a weak voice, apparently using its brain to think of reasons.

Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched.

Did he ask about this

‘Do you dare (to) say that it’s not your system’s bug’

[*Ying**Ying**Ying*, Mary Sue Reversal System is a perfect system, there are no bugs.

Please don’t question the system, host.

Please… *Ying**Ying**Ying*] 

The system sounded aggrieved.

Obviously, it had been trained by Fu Yichen to be well-behaved. 

Fu Yichen immediately took a deep breath, feeling a headache coming.

The Male Protagonist was a little out of control.

He didn’t follow his expectations at all and was even acting a little weird.

He was obviously showing interest in the Female Protagonist but his favorability for him rose at the same time.

Regardless if it was a system bug or not, Fu Yichen had more important matters to solve.

It wasn’t until class started that Fu Yichen began to close his eyes to check for the changes in favorability. 

‘Quickly show me the favorability.’

 Fu Yichen found out that the system requires a certain distance to perceive favorability.

Once that distance is reached, the system isn’t able to perceive the character’s favorability.

For example, during this period of time, Shen Tianyu’s favorability change couldn’t be sensed by the system.

[*Ying**Ying**Ying*, I can finally see the Male God again, Male God Zhan Zhan.]

The first thing the system did when it was released was to be a nympho.

Fu Yichen was obviously used to it by now but he still urged it impatiently. ‘Hurry up.’ Currently, he has to figure out what was going on.

If that day’s block was completely useless, then he could only think of other solutions.

[Total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Female Lead is 10]

[Total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Female is 20]

[Total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male is 71]

Hearing such nonsense-like favorability points, the corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch again.

The Male Lead’s favorability towards him and the Female Lead was definitely switched.

The system doesn’t even want to admit it.

After Fu Yichen recovered, he said lightly, ‘Continue.’

[Total favorability of the Female Lead towards the Male Lead is 10]

Fu Yichen frowned.

What could make the Female Protagonist’s favorability for the Male Protagonist soar from -25 to 10 Fu Yichen must find out what happened. 

[Total favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male is 35]

Regarding the Female Lead’s favorability to the Second Male, it was Fu Yichen’s deliberate arrangements while the Male Lead was away.

Although he felt a little guilty in his heart, as long as he viewed the whole Mary Sue world as a realistic holographic game, he felt a lot better.

After all, it would be a more direct and effective way to break the relationship between the Male and Female Protagonists from the side of the Female Protagonist.

[Total favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Female is -5]

[Total favorability of the Second Female towards the Female Lead is -15]

Could this be a woman’s sixth sense

[Total favorability of the Second Female towards the Male Lead is 87]

[Total favorability of the Second Female towards the Second Male is 66]

Not to mention the unreasonable favorability rating of the Male Protagonist for the Second Male, in general, his favorability for the two Females can be said to have not changed much.

However, the Female Lead’s favorability towards him has increased a lot, which is something worth looking into. 

Therefore the first thing Fu Yichen has to do now is to find out what had happened between Shen Tianyu and Su Susu in the past two days and the other is to improve the favorable impression of the Female Lead towards the Second Male to try and see if he could break the relationship between the Male and Female Lead from the Female Lead’s side.

However, he believed that the first thing that he should do instead was to solve the problem of the Second Female.

Women are naturally more delicate and sensitive and they are probably able to feel the changes in the relationship between the Male and Female Protagonists more clearly, especially the difference in the attitude of Shen Tianyu towards Su Susu.

It can be seen that Qi Ya’er has a possibility of blackening and her favorability rating towards Su Susu has dropped to -15, showing her jealousy.

The change in relationship is the catalyst that made her blacken. 

Since Fu Yichen intends to let the Male Lead fall in love with the Second Female in order to prevent the Mary Sue Female Lead from getting in a relationship with the Male Lead, he must make sure that the Second Female doesn’t blacken.

After all, based on his understanding of Shen Tianyu and his character, such a woman shouldn’t be his type. 

In the next few days, Shen Tianyu was like a child who hadn’t grown up.

He was always happily bullying the Female Lead with various childish methods, or with a childish expression of ‘I like you, so I will bully you hard’.

Similar to the author’s chapter title ‘The Devilish School Grass is very unruly’ in the original text.

But what’s surprising is that this time, no matter how badly Shen Tianyu treats Su Susu, the other person is very patient.

However, this type of behavior makes the nympho group even more unsatisfied with Su Susu. 

Fu Yichen had also finally figured out the whole story in the past few days.

In fact, the situation wasn’t as complicated as he had thought.

When Shen Tianyu was still injured, he was ordered to stay at home until he was able to move properly.

The first thing he did was to clean up Ouyang Qi.

Ouyang Qi’s mayor father was also implicated and the whole family disappeared. 

What Shen Tianyu had done, Fu Yichen could probably guess.

However, these things are not important.

The important thing is that on the first day of their return to school, Shen Tianyu ran into Su Susu who was being robbed when he was on his way to the hospital for a re-examination of his injuries.

He ignored the fact that he wasn’t fully healed, stepped forward and successfully subdued the gangster with his skills that were better than well-trained bodyguards.

He looked very heroic and handsome when he took back and returned the life-saving money that the Female Lead needed for her mother.

So the plot unexpectedly returned back to the right track.

The Female Lead saw the other side of the Male Lead and the Male Lead also looked at the Female Lead with admiration.

In the process, Shen Tianyu’s wounds had split due to strenuous exercise, so the Female Lead was both grateful and guilty towards him, taking care of him in return.

Therefore, the Devilish School Grass naturally forcibly kept Su Susu by his side on the grounds of taking care of a disabled person.

In the eyes of the Female Lead, this is naturally the willful behavior of the Devilish School Grass.

But because of guilt and gratitude, she chose to endure.

Fu Yichen was also rendered speechless about this matter.

Shen Tianyu’s personality is very naïve, no, to be exact, everyone in this world is naïve.

But he has to admit, what the system said was right.

The plot is the key that keeps the world running.

The plot is indeed powerful.

After going a whole circle, it is back on track.

As far as the current situation is concerned, it was as if the Ouyang Qi incident hadn’t affected the development of the Male and Female Lead’s relationship.

In the original plot, Su Susu had saved Shen Tianyu and changed his mind about her, especially the rescued Shen Tianyu had appreciation towards Su Susu.

In an awkward way to repay her, he hired Su Susu as a maid to help her earn enough money for her mother to see a doctor.

Wasn’t this the way the plot is moving now 

Fu Yichen found it painful that after so much effort he had put into changing the plot, it seems that nothing has changed other than the fact that the Male Lead’s favorability rating had strangely risen to over 70.

This matter made him simply… speechless. 

However, compared to Fu Yichen’s misery, Su Zhan’s heart in the past few days can be described as… bubbling.

His body and mind are at ease.

There was no other reason.

First, the plot that was unexpectedly changed had turned back to the right track by his wit.

Second, his heart which was forcibly closed for more than ten years has been a bit restless recently.

Although he knew that the relationship between them was impossible, it didn’t make him want to stop since the feeling was pleasant.

Especially when he found out that the other person’s eyes were always silently falling on him.

Su Zhan was very… restless.

In reality, Fu Yichen was actually very frustrated, but he wasn’t a person who gave up easily.

Complaining and frustration couldn’t help him with anything.

Considering the strength of the plot and that it was Fu Yichen’s first time trying to change it, and with a positive mentality, he wasn’t too disappointed.

After all, this campus Mary Sue text is very long. 

The calm lasted until this morning when Qi Ya’er, who was the school flower from the class next door, appeared at the door of their classroom with a loving lunch box.

The description of this scene in the original text unconsciously passed through Fu Yichen’s mind.

It’s very obvious who the school flower is looking for.

However, the person who she has taken the initiative to look for didn’t care about her at all.

Especially since the other person is tired of her frequent behavior recently.

Even the classroom door is shut.

The school grass is too lazy to go out and instead competed with the Female Lead for an unpalatable but nutritious lunch.

Fu Yichen’s heart moved, he got up when Qi Ya’er’s eyes fell on him, greeting him as if nothing had happened.

As how the Mary Sue author had written, in the beginning, the green tea Second Female always secretly used the Second Male’s feelings for her to try and get the Male Lead.

The Second Male was also willing to be used.

“Brother Xiahou.” Qi Ya’er greeted him with a sweet smile. 

“Ya’er, you…”

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -1] 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Female -2] 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -1] 

Fu Yichen hadn’t even finished his words when he heard a series of favorability prompts.

Immediately Fu Yichen’s temple jumped.

The Male Lead’s heart is too fickle.

Why does he keep hindering his actions


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