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Fu Yichen finally felt how much of a pain in the ass the brain-dead setting of the author was.

At that moment, it was really hopeless for both of them.

Even calling for help from Heaven and Earth was impossible.

Shen Tianyu’s worldwide limited edition mobile phone was soaked in soapy water.

It lived long enough for him to call Fu Yichen for help but then broke down completely.

Then it was Fu Yichen’s turn.

His mobile phone, which was also a worldwide limited edition sent by Shen Tianyu, fell when he had rushed to the women’s toilet.

This was originally a brainless setting by the author in order to keep the Male and Female Leads trapped in the school and logically let them spend the night together.

However, right now there were two big men trapped in this situation.

Fu Yichen could see Shen Tianyu’s stiff and motionless body.

Although the other person was wearing his coat, his face was still slightly purple from the cold.

His lips were especially white and his unfocused eyes were clear to see.

At this time, the night became even darker, so much that it was outrageous.

Fu Yichen couldn’t help but have the urge to laugh when he thought of the whole situation.

However, he couldn’t bear to face Shen Tianyu’s reaction.

“Let’s go back to the classroom first.” Fu Yichen suddenly stepped forward and hugged Shen Tianyu’s shoulders.

He couldn’t just let the other person stand there.

They were unable to get out anyways and it was already cold enough.

Shen Tianyu’s clothes and pants were still wet.

Thanks to this problem, the eldest young master couldn’t say anything.

The heights of the two were almost the same.

But probably because Su Zhan felt too embarrassed, he felt that the person behind him was taller than him.

The aggrieved feeling in his chest lessened a little.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male 1] 

Fu Yichen’s face didn’t change.

At this time, he was almost used to the strange favorability of the Male Lead.

As expected, the door of the classroom is unreasonably unlocked.

Additionally, a world-famous authoritative aristocratic middle school has no thermostat.

Fu Yichen could only laugh at this setting.

Su Zhan felt very uncomfortable with his wet clothes.

His body was almost frozen.

His hands and feet were a little stiff.

But he had to pretend to be stoic all the way.

As soon as he sat on a seat, his face twisted from the pain.

He had fallen on his butt previously.

But he was afraid of being discovered, so he had to grit his teeth and hold on.

Fu Yichen followed him and sat down on his own seat.

Looking at Shen Tianyu whose lips were pale, he was a little worried in his heart.

Not to mention the cold temperature at night, even if he was covered in wet clothes and all wrapped up in them during the daytime, it would still feel very uncomfortable and unpleasant.

“You should take off your wet clothes.

It’ll be very uncomfortable for you to be staying here all night wearing such wet clothes.

You’ll definitely get sick tomorrow.” Fu Yichen was really worried about him.

After all, although the other person is an NPC, Fu Yichen felt that he was actually not bad.

Compared to the other characters made by the author’s pen, Shen Tianyu was more like an independent person and unexpectedly, even a little pleasant to be around.

Su Zhan, who received concern from the other person, felt a warm feeling in his heart.

But at this time, besides covering up his embarrassment with a cold face, what else could he do “And leave me naked” Even if Xia Houming wasn’t there with him, he couldn’t do such a shameful thing as expose himself in an empty classroom.

Before Fu Yichen had arrived at the school, he had already suspected that Shen Tianyu might have suffered some kind of problem.

After all, he could hear the other person’s voice trembling from his call.

But he had no idea that the plot involving the Male and Female Leads would be transferred to the two of them.

After he arrived, the school gate was locked and there was no guard on duty at night, which was completely out of his expectations.

Looking around, Fu Yichen’s eyes fell on the two large curtains in the classroom.

He suddenly had an idea.

After all, they were in a so-called noble middle school.

It was also a classroom made by the author that writes about Mary Sue.

So it was inevitable that there were two irrationally new, clean, large, and good-quality curtains.

“Wait a minute.”

“Huh” Su Zhan was a little puzzled.

But before he could ask about anything, Fu Yichen had already walked to the curtain and ripped it off from the curtain hanger.

It was clean and brand new, thick and of good quality.

“Well, put this on.” Fu Yichen directly threw the large curtain at Shen Tianyu, covering the other person’s face.

The corners of Su Zhan’s mouth twitched.

He pulled off the curtain on his head, “This… this” Wouldn’t this be degrading for him Especially in front of this person.

He is the only grandson of the richest man.

Was it really good to be this embarrassed

Fu Yichen nodded at him in affirmation, “Don’t worry, it’s very clean.

It’s very thick and definitely warm.” After seeing that Shen Tianyu still looked hesitant, Fu Yichen added, “Be wronged for a bit, your clothes should be dry by tomorrow morning.”

Su Zhan was extremely reluctant, mainly because he had already lost face from his situation.

He didn’t really want to embarrass himself even more in front of this person.

However, at this moment, he seemed to have no choice.

The feeling of wet clothes sticking to his body was so uncomfortable.


Fu Yichen saw Shen Tianyu coughing in embarrassment while holding the curtain with both hands.

He didn’t move, as if he was reluctant to use the curtain to cover himself.

He couldn’t help but laugh on the inside at the reaction of the young master.

So he urged him, “Take them off, aren’t you uncomfortable”

‘Take off…’ Su Zhan glanced to one side and was inexplicably embarrassed.

Why does the other person’s sincere look make him so embarrassed

What Su Zhan didn’t know was that from Fu Yichen’s point of view, this was a normal thing.

After all, can taking off clothes affect a big man

Su Zhan finally gritted his teeth and pretended that nothing important was happening.

He took off his shirt and threw it on the table.

Su Zhan couldn’t help shivering when the cold air hit his body.

But it was so much better than wearing wet clothes.

Then it came to removing his pants.

Su Zhan paused slightly.

Just when he was hesitating if he should take it off or not, Fu Yichen suddenly walked over and picked up his wet shirt.

“What are you doing” People that are tensed up are always prone to making a fuss at little actions.

Fu Yichen didn’t give him a second look, “Help you dry it.” While saying that, he had walked to the window.

He then hung Shen Tianyu’s wet clothes outside the window with the Math teacher’s tools, “Don’t worry, just leave it overnight to dry.

It should be done by tomorrow.” But then again, Fu Yichen was secretly glad in his heart.

Fortunately, the group of nymphos had used clean water.

After all, the author couldn’t have made the Mary Sue Female Lead so miserable.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male 1]

Su Zhan felt warmed up by his actions.

So in the next second, he suddenly pulled the curtain to cover himself, quickly took off his trousers with lightning speed, wrapped himself up with the curtain, and acted as if nothing had happened.

So, when Fu Yichen turned around, he saw Shen Tianyu who had wrapped himself into a dumpling with the curtain.

That…fast “Pants…”

“Took it off.” Su Zhan said quickly and calmly, then gestured to the table with his eyes.

Fu Yichen blinked, holding back a smile.

This eldest young master is too thin-skinned.

After Fu Yichen hung his trousers, he turned around and looked at Shen Tianyu who was wrapped in a large curtain, sitting on the desk with his arms over his chest.

He looked like a great grandfather with his posture, only showing his messy head.

Looking at such a Young Master Shen, he felt inexplicably happy.

Fu Yichen couldn’t help but laugh.

After noticing someone’s eyes, he suppressed his smile and touched his nose in embarrassment.

He sat down on his own desk.

The desks of the two of them were side by side, but Shen Tianyu’s table was relatively close to the wall.

“We can talk now.” Fu Yichen crossed his arms and looked at the big blue dumpling in front of him.

He still wanted to laugh.

Maybe because he knew what was going on

He could see Shen Tianyu glaring at him angrily.

But from Fu Yichen’s point of view, it seemed that Shen Tianyu was rolling his eyes, which was completely inconsistent with the settings.

So Fu Yichen couldn’t help but grin again.

Admittedly, Su Zhan was stunned by that grin.

Even if he was full of anger before, it had lessened now.

The most important thing is that although he had mistakenly replaced the Female Lead’s situation, he had to admit the fact that if it hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t have had the chance to have such an experience with this person.

Let alone experience being taken care of, he couldn’t even mention experiencing the grin the other person had.

So even though Su Zhan’s face was vicious, he was able to explain the whole story clearly and finally added with gritted teeth, “Those idiots, I’m going to teach them a lesson.”

“*Cough~*” Fu Yichen considered for three seconds and then said, “Su Susu was originally supposed to stay overtime at school.

But I had needed her help for something, so I called her away.” When he had mentioned this, Fu Yichen was obviously a little guilty.

Sure enough, Shen Tianyu’s face turned black when he heard it.

To Fu Yichen’s surprise, Shen Tianyu didn’t blame him for Su Susu’s sake but instead thanked him sullenly.

“Thank you very much for tonight, Xiahou.” Su Zhan said suddenly.

In fact, his heart was a little sad.

This ‘thank you’ was not only from Shen Tianyu but also from himself.

Some doubts flashed in Fu Yichen’s eyes.

As a hard-working actor, he is good at observing the changes in emotions and expressions of the people around him.

He could see Shen Tianyu’s momentary slump.

Guilt unexpectedly flashed in his heart again.

Although it was a fake world for him, however, their time together was real.

He had stolen Su Susu who should have belonged to the other person.

A young master who had been pampered since childhood was embarrassed.

It could also be said that it was caused by him.

Moreover, before leaving this world, the situations he experienced were also real for Fu Yichen.

Not to mention, compared to the Female Lead or any other imaginary character, he had spent most of his time with Shen Tianyu and the other person had also impacted him the most.

He almost thought that the other person was a completely independent person and not an NPC.

Fu Yichen suddenly felt a sense of guilt.

This guilt was not because he deceived the Mary Sue Female Lead, but because of Shen Tianyu in front of him.

“My apologies Tianyu.” Fu Yichen stood up suddenly, then turned and sat beside Shen Tianyu, looking at him with sincerity in his eyes, “I…” Fu Yichen wanted to apologize for Su Susu’s matter.

But when it came time to say it, he felt that no matter what he said, it would be shameless to even mention it.

After all, the other person was Su Susu’s nominal boyfriend.

He didn’t know that the more he acted like this, the sadder Su Zhan’s heart was.

But fortunately, Su Zhan was an absolutely excellent actor.

He was able to hide his emotions perfectly.

“Why are you talking about this Isn’t this a fair competition” Su Zhan glanced at him, silently mourning for himself from the bottom of his heart.

But he gave off an expression as if he didn’t care about it, “Aren’t we friends”

Fu Yichen was stunned, he then smiled, “Yes.

We are friends.” If he could meet such a person in reality, he would definitely become friends with him.

Fu Yichen immediately looked around the empty classroom, “The question now is, what should we do tonight”

Su Zhan froze, wasn’t he going to sit on his desk all night wrapped in a curtain

Fu Yichen suddenly got up and pulled down the other curtain.

He folded it up, spread it directly on the back corner of the classroom, and then patted Shen Tianyu, “Sit here and sleep against the wall.”

Su Zhan blinked.

It seems to be fine, but, “What about you” There were only two curtains in the classroom.

One was wrapping him up and the other was folded on the ground, wide enough for two people to sit on.

Fu Yichen took the situation for granted, “I’ll be with you.” Could it be that the other person thought he was going to sleep on the ground

Su Zhan: I’m going to sleep on the wall using curtains1. 


Sleep while sitting on a curtain with his back against the wall


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