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“Cold.” Su Zhan murmured involuntarily.

He wasn’t delirious yet.

His mind was still cursing the pig brain of the author.

What kind of person would have a drop in body temperature just by breaking their leg It’s truly a miracle that a person’s body temperature could drop to this level and yet still be alive.

On the other hand, Su Zhan’s body temperature still dropped to a strange temperature, which was definitely beyond what a normal human could ever bear.

Therefore, when his body lost control, he could only tremble.

Especially when he saw Xuanyuan Canye’s concerned eyes.

He was completely unable to control it.

His own defensive lines had collapsed.

After being stunned, Fu Yichen was also frightened by Leng Qianshang’s body temperature.

Originally, he was obsessed with making a fire just to prevent this.

But he didn’t expect that even after putting the person by the fire, they would still be unable to prevent it.

“Wait for me for a bit.” Fu Yichen took off his robe and covered him with it without saying a word.

Then he quickly divided the fire into three sections and placed them around Leng Qianshang.

He then leaned towards him and whispered, “I’ll go find some firewood, I’ll come back soon.”

Fu Yichen turned his head and got out of the cave after speaking.

He even forgot to refer to himself as ‘Zhen’.

This problem was more serious than he had expected.

Looking at the back that disappeared in the blink of an eye, Su Zhan opened his mouth to say something.

In the end, he couldn’t say anything.

But his hands unconsciously tightened on the robes that covered his body.

They weren’t very thick, but they gave Su Zhan an indescribable warmth that made his heart tremble slightly.

His eyes unconsciously kept looking at the direction of the entrance of the cave.

Not long after, the tall figure appeared in Su Zhan’s sight once more.

He was holding a large amount of dry wood that he had found in the dark.

As soon as Fu Yichen came in, he met with Leng Qianshang’s eyes which were half-lidded due to the pain.

But his face still held a look that Fu Yichen couldn’t understand.

The moment he hit Fu Yichen’s sight, Fu Yichen could clearly see that the eyes that were illuminated by the fire, flickered slightly.

“How is it” Fu Yichen put down the firewood and hurriedly walked to Leng Qianshang’s side, “Feeling better” He reached out and touched Leng Qianshang’s face, completely unaware of Leng Qianshang’s expression at the moment.

He then touched his hand.

“Hmm.” Su Zhan felt that his body was so cold that he began to doubt life.

The kind of pain that he was experiencing was so numbing and painful that when he lost consciousness, he was still unconsciously trembling.

Fortunately for him, he was still conscious for now.

Even with all of the things Fu Yichen did, his body was still cold.

Fu Yichen frowned.

Without waiting for Leng Qianshang to say anything more, he got up with a sullen face and added some more thick wood into the fire.

Fu Yichen patiently waited until the firewood was burnt into charcoal and no longer smoked before carefully moving the charcoal piles around Leng Qianshang.

During this period, Su Zhan just huddled himself in his robes and looked at him silently.

His eyes flickered continuously, just like the countless jumping flames around him.

It didn’t stop.

Fu Yichen worked hard for a long time.

His eyes were so smoked that he couldn’t open them.

His face was roasted and sweat ran down his face.

From time to time he would look back to check on Leng Qianshang’s situation.

During this period, the favorability prompt kept echoing in Fu Yichen’s mind intermittently.

Which to a certain extent, just helped Fu Yichen know that at least Leng Qianshang’s consciousness was still there and that he wasn’t delirious.

When several piles of fire were made, except for the stone wall where Leng Qianshang’s head was leaning against, he was almost surrounded by piles of fire.

Fu Yichen even carefully tidied up Leng Qianshang’s hair and placed it on him.

Checking his temperature from time to time, fearing that too much fire around him would make him uncomfortable.

“Feeling better” Fu Yichen asked for the Nth time1.

Each time Leng Qianshang would nod affirmatively or make a light hum.

But in actuality he didn’t feel any better.

But what Fu Yichen didn’t know was that whenever he turned around and asked, “Feeling better” in a soft tone, Su Zhan’s heart would warm up.

It didn’t really warm up his body, but it did alleviate a bit of his pain.

This kind of warmth was far more comfortable than his body being warmed.

At this time, Fu Yichen who was squatting by the fire, felt burning pain on his face and hot sweat drenched his clothes.

When he turned his head, he could see Leng Qianshang who was holding his arms, laying in a corner with several fire piles surrounding him, slightly trembling.

Fu Yichen’s face darkened once more, ‘What the hell was with this hard to break setting!’ When he touched Leng Qianshang’s body, he really wanted to strangle the author to death.

Could it be that the author gave Leng Qianshang some vacuum type clothing that prevented heat conduction Fu Yichen who had been squatting on the side was roasted to the point of being oily, but Leng Qianshang on the other hand, was still shivering.

Is this even… scientific

Does it really have to be skin-to-skin contact between two people Somehow, this thought flew into Fu Yichen’s mind.

Looking at Leng Qianshang who was still shivering, Fu Yichen finally sat down beside Leng Qianshang.

“Still feeling cold” Fu Yichen whispered.

“Hmm.” Su Zhan didn’t even have the strength to speak.

“I’ll hold you.” Fu Yichen simply picked up his robes and put them on his lap.

At this moment, Fu Yichen was obviously very irritable.

But this irritability wasn’t towards Leng Qianshang, but towards his two hours of hard but useless work.

He felt even more irritable towards the author, who he felt was mentally ill.

“No, wait…” Su Zhan’s eyes widened as he was suddenly picked up.

Although he couldn’t control his body, he was still conscious.

Before he could finish speaking, he was already shamefully sitting on someone’s lap.

His body was completely leaning in his arms and even his head was pressed against the other person’s chest.

So a trace of blood finally appeared on that pale face.

Sitting like this, even if his body felt numb, his heart was greatly satisfied.

Just… Su Zhan’s heart felt a bit shameful.

Granted that it was probably the welfare he deserved for going through such suffering.

Fu Yichen could hold the other person’s whole body in his arms when he sat on his lap.

Because of Leng Qianshang’s curled body, his upper body completely shrunk into Fu Yichen’s arms.

Although Fu Yichen had been roasted to the point where he was drenched in sweat, he still hugged the other person in his arms without any hesitation, “Feeling a bit better now” Fu Yichen’s voice was very soft when he spoke as he lowered his head slightly.

He brought his lips close to Leng Qianshang’s ear.

His deep voice seemed to carry some kind of magic.

“Yeah.” Su Zhan, who was leaning on Fu Yichen’s arms, only felt an ich coming from his ears.

Suddenly his nose was sore.

He felt that at this moment, warmth spread from his heart to every part of his body.

The gentle voice coming from the person holding him was far more warming than the five or six piles of fire around him.

Su Zhan was actually at a loss for words.

He wanted to ask the heavens why this sort of thing was happening to him.

He didn’t know why he encountered such a strange thing and suffered such a situation in a novel.

But when he thought of the person holding him, he somehow felt that it was worth it.

It really messed him up and made him think about several things.

Such as the development of the plot, his parents, his doting elder brother, his trusted agent… He had mixed feelings for a while and his eyes uncontrollably turned red.

“Don’t worry, it’ll get better soon.” Fu Yichen obviously felt the sinking mood of the person in his arms, so he couldn’t help but comfort him softly.

In fact, he was sweating from the fire on his back, but it felt like he was holding a large ice cube on his chest.

He didn’t expect that Su Zhan would be on the verge of emotional collapse at this moment.

Hearing such a warm voice, tears rolled down his face as he tried to control his tears for a while.

Except for necessary scenes when filming, Su Zhan seldomly cried.

He didn’t ever think that he would cry over such a matter, but now he couldn’t help it.

Probably because the body that was holding him was very warm or because his own body was in extreme pain.

It would make some people vulnerable.

It was embarrassing, humiliating, but he couldn’t control it.

Su Zhan couldn’t help but arch hard into the man’s arms, burying his face in his chest.

He didn’t want the other person to see him so embarrassed and humiliated.

But how could Fu Yichen, who was holding him, not feel that something was wrong with the person in his arms As soon as Fu Yichen lowered his head, he saw Leng Qianshang burying his entire face in his arms.

He could only see the other person’s loose silver hair covering his entire back down to his legs.

Fu Yichen couldn’t help but reach out and pull his hair behind his ears.

Only to see the exposed corners of the other person’s eyes were a little wet.

Fu Yichen’s heart immediately moved.

Was he…crying The hand that was still holding up the hair suddenly moved and stopped behind the other person’s head.

With a little force, Leng Qianshang’s head was lifted by him.

When he really met with Leng Qianshang’s wet eyes, Fu Yichen was completely astounded.

Fu Yichen never denied that Su Zhan’s face was delicate.

The face of the person in front of him at this moment was a little pale but because of his tears, it brought a little bit of rosiness to his face.

His blue eyes normally looked enchanting.

But with tears in his eyes, they were even more charming.

An inexplicable urge hit his heart once more.

It was different from the deliberate concealed look that the other person normally used to avoid uncomfortable situations.

This time Leng Qianshang was probably feeling really uncomfortable.

So much so that he didn’t have the strength to put on a disguise anymore.

So he directly looked at Fu Yichen without anything mixed in his gaze.

With a look of dependence that he wasn’t even aware of and his undisguised grievances.

Fu Yichen seemed to be hooked to the point that he was unable to take his eyes off of him.

So the hand that Fu Yichen had on the back of his head, slowly slid forward to his earlobe.

After rubbing it twice, he gently touched Su Zhan’s cheek.

His thumb slid under Su Zhan’s eyes, gently wiping away the moisture, and then the tip of his nose, his cheek… He rubbed it back and forth.

Fu Yichen looked at Leng Qianshang as if he was stunned and couldn’t recover.

At this moment, Leng Qianshang was sitting on his lap, letting him rub all over his face.

Fu Yichen could see that Leng Qianshang was frozen and motionless.

As stiff as always, like a little hamster pretending to be dead with all four feet up in the sky.

Only when someone pokes its belly with his fingers, will its short legs move twice in a conditioned reflex.

Just like the Leng Qianshang in front of him.

Only when Fu Yichen’s thumb crossed the corner of his eyes that his stunned eyes would flash twice in a conditioned reflex.

From the initial look of being in panic and at a loss, followed by hesitation, distraction, confusion and then back to being stunned.

It was as if his reactions were speaking for him.

It was simply too cute.

So, Fu Yichen couldn’t help but kiss those pair of blue eyes.

The lips that he had been staring at suddenly approached him.

Su Zhan, who was once again in a trance, widened his eyes for a moment.

Then he immediately closed his eyes the moment Fu Yichen touched his eyelashes.

At that moment, Su Zhan’s heart almost jumped out of his body.

His only sanity seemed to want to throw away his last remaining armour.

Su Zhan only felt warmth coming from his eyelids, as if being submerged in warm water.

He was somewhat disappointed and a bit hopeful.

At the same time, he was so nervous that he forgot the pain in his body.

Su Zhan simply closed his eyes and pretended to be dead.

But at this moment, he felt softness coming from his lips.

“Wu~” Su Zhan’s remaining sanity left his body and he completely abandoned his armour.

Fu Yichen had also lost his control over his behaviour at this moment.

The previous kiss on the eye was just following his heart.

But he didn’t expect that he would lose control when his lips finally landed on the other person’s eyelid.

Fu Yichen always thought that he was a straight man, the kind that was as straight as steel.

Although he didn’t reject or dislike homosexuals, it was another matter if it involved himself.

He absolutely couldn’t accept it if he was to be with a man.

He never had any homosexuals close to him by his side.

So until now, he didn’t know a single thing about his preferences.

But one thing he was sure of was that he was indeed a straight man.

But for the person in front of him, he seemed to be unable to resist and even wanted to entangle himself in his life.

The other man’s lips, or to be more precise Leng Qianshang’s lips, were unexpectedly soft with a bit of icy coldness.

As if there was some kind of magic power, Fu Yichen chased the other person’s lips like he was enchanted.

Holding onto them again and again, biting them lightly in his mouth.

He couldn’t stop even if he didn’t delve deeper.

After opening his eyes for a bit, Leng Qianshang immediately closed them tightly once more.

But his pale face became red.

It was obvious that he was no longer tense.

It was shown by his trembling eyelashes and hands that were uncontrollably clenched on his clothes.

Fu Yichen unconsciously raised the corners of his lips.

Whether it was cold or hot, it didn’t matter anymore.

All the senses in his body were concentrated on Leng Qianshang.

Unconsciously, Fu Yichen’s hand clasped Su Zhan’s lower jaw lightly, opening his mouth slightly with a little force.

The next second, Fu Yichen delved in deeper, relying entirely on his instinct.

He drove straight in the warm and soft place.

As if he had tasted the most exquisite food that suited his appetite by chance.

So he was completely addicted to the taste and couldn’t extricate himself.

“Wu~……” An uncontrollable murmur came from the place where the two mouths were connected.

Fu Yichen only felt that a certain nerve in his body was suddenly broken.

A strange feeling in his heart surged like a flood and some impulsive thoughts went out of control.

So he couldn’t help it.

Fu Yichen grabbed the back of the other person’s head, completely holding him close, as if he hadn’t kissed him enough.

Until the breathing of the person in his arms became more and more rapid, and the hands that were holding onto his clothes became tighter and tighter.

Fu Yichen seemed as if he was drugged and didn’t want to let go of the other person’s lips.

Then at this moment, the damned Laji system took off.

Being blocked won’t prevent it from reporting the favorability points.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male 3.]

[The total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male is 91.]

Fu Yichen’s heart moved and his reason returned a little.

He then finally let go of Leng Qianshang, who was gasping for breath.

91, Fu Yichen looked at a certain someone whose eyes still dared not open and then at those slightly parted lips that still held traces of himself on them and suddenly grinned.

Translator Note:

It’s a double update today~ Please check the previous chapter if you haven’t seen it~

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