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Chapter 1.7

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Usually, unruly students are always placed at the end of the classroom and not at the same table as other students.

One is to prevent bad students from affecting other students and the other is to place them away from the podium so the teachers can’t see them and won’t be bothered by their antics.

However, the students of Xingyao Year 3 Class 1 are able to choose their seats as they like freely. 

Although it sounded ridiculous, in the original text, Shen Tianyu, the only grandson of the world’s richest man was initially set as a learning scumbag1.

On the other hand, the second male, Xia Houming, was a talented scholar who also hated studying.

However, he also sat at the end of the classroom.

It just so happens that both of their tables were side by side, each of them occupying their own desks. 

For the purpose of plot development, Su Susu, the heroine, naturally sat in front of Shen Tianyu.

Fu Yichen who sat next to him was able to watch the play from the best perspective.

‘After her self-introduction, she was laughed at by the whole class.

She then arrogantly despised the rich second generation as if she was courting death and wasn’t afraid to sit at the table in front of the school grass.

Shen Tianyu’s childish bullying game then began after that…’ Fu Yichen was expressionless, thinking about the author’s plot in his heart.

It’s no wonder that a lot of people were disgusted by this writing of adults in their third year of high school acting as naïve as elementary school students.

The speechless Fu Yichen then simply leaned back on his chair, his slender and straight legs resting on his desk.

He opened a textbook and used it to cover his face, blatantly and handsomely sleeping.

This is how Xia Houming would act as written in the original text.

He never listens or learns in class and never does his homework.

At this time, Fu Yichen finally had the time to calm down and figure out what he didn’t understand before.

Such as the favorability that was mentioned by the system and what the specific standards were.

Finally, the system that was blocked by him for a long time was released again. 

[The host actually blocked me…]

‘Block.’ Fu Yichen resolutely blocked the system again and didn’t release it until half an hour later.

Realizing that, the system was a bit more obedient this time, [Please speak, host.]

The corners of his mouth that were covered by the textbook inadvertently evoked a smile, ‘What is favorability’

[Favorability is the most intuitive feeling of a person towards another person.

0 is the benchmark.

Below 0 to -30 is hate and dislike.

Below -30 is hatred.

0 to 20  is no feeling.

20 to 50 is favorable.

50 to 80 is liking.

80 and above is strong liking or love.]  The system explained clearly to him and Fu Yichen was satisfied. 

‘Tell me the current favorability status.’

[Favorability between Female Lead and Male Lead: -10]

[Favorability between Female Lead and Second Male: 10]

[Favorability between Female Lead and Second Female: 0]

[Favorability between Male Lead and Female Lead: -5]

[Favorability between Male Lead and Second Female: 20]

[Favorability between Male Lead and Second Male: 30]

[Favorability between Second Female and Male Lead: 85]

[Favorability between Second Female and Second Male: 60]

[Favorability between Second Female and Female Lead: 0]

After hearing this, Fu Yichen frowned slightly.

In order to reverse the ending of the Mary Sue text, what he had to do was to keep the relationship between the Male and Female Protagonists from developing while making sure that the general direction of the plot remains unchanged.

Or make the both of them fall in love with someone else such as making the Male Lead fall in love with the Second Female.

However, currently, the favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Female wasn’t as good as his favorability towards the Second Male. 

In addition to that, the Second Female’s feelings towards the Male Lead and the Second Male were a bit strange.

It is not a wonder that she will turn into a green tea b!tch in the latter part of the text.

Fu Yichen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This task was a bit difficult to handle.

However, after thinking about it carefully, Fu Yichen realized that the story of the Campus Mary Sue ‘The Devilish School Grass wants to Chase Me’ that he had gotten from the system was a naïve and illogical first-person novel that was 90% described from the Female Lead’s point of view.

That is to say, except for the plot with the Female Lead and the few plots that were mentioned in the original text, Fu Yichen could freely play his own script and it will not affect the plot and cause the world to collapse. 

In this way, as long as he was able to stay outside the scope of the Female Lead’s perspective, it doesn’t count as him deviating from the plot.

Thinking of this, the corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

He will have a lot of time to do things, such as preventing the blackening of the Second Female before she gradually turns into a green tea b!tch because of her jealousy towards the Female Lead.

Possibly matching the Second Female with the Male Lead.

As Fu Yichen was thinking about it, he suddenly heard an abrupt roar, “You are insane!”

The whole classroom was silent for a moment and then there was laughter.

Fu Yichen lifted the textbook that was covering his face, turned his head to look at the source of the sound and saw the short gourd-like girl who was blushing and glaring at Shen Tianyu.

At this time, except for the stunned teacher who was standing on the podium, she was the only one in class who was standing.

When she stood up, she happened to fully display the three words attached to her back in front of the whole class.

At this time, Shen Tianyu who was glaring at her leaned back on his chair with both hands and placed one foot on the table.

It was completely impossible to see that it was his foot that was kicking the girl several times before.

It caused the girl to stand up and glare at him but the smug look on his face was clearly visible. 

Fu Yichen was completely speechless, thinking to himself that elementary school students were probably more mature than this.

What Fu Yichen didn’t know at this time was that Su Zhan’s heart was almost twisted.

He simply admired his own dedication.

He, a 27-year-old man, was doing actions that were as childish as a primary school student.

Even his expression was in place that clearly showed that he was the culprit.

[The favorability of the Female Lead towards Male lead -5] The system prompt sounded at the right time, [The favorability of the Female Lead to Male Lead is -15.

All Mary Sue should go die! Male…]

‘You’re being noisy again’ Fu Yichen said lightly, in a threatening tone.

[The host is so scary!] Although the fear of the mechanical voice of the system couldn’t be discerned, Fu Yichen could somehow feel the resentment of this thing towards himself and wanted to laugh a little.

He reminded it coldly. 

‘If you didn’t try to talk any nonsense, will I block you’

[Ying ying ying2…]


[… The Male Lead’s favorability towards the Female Lead 1, total favorability is -4] The system didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore, probably because he could see his male god.

Fu Yichen frowned, the favorability increased by 1 The Male Lead’s psychological feelings after bullying the Female Lead probably went like, ‘It’s interesting to bully this dead girl.’

“Student Su Susu.” Su Susu’s face turned even redder after the whole class burst into laughter.

She didn’t even know what the others were laughing at.

Just when she opened her mouth to get angry at the culprit, the teacher standing on the podium finally said, “Come out with me.”

The face of Shen Tianyu turned into one of mockery at watching a good show.

Especially the corners of his mouth which were more dazzling in the girl’s eyes, so she threw out the sentence, “You wait for me.” and left the classroom with a sad face.

Before leaving, the short girl deliberately took a peek at Fu Yichen and it happened that Fu Yichen’s eyes were on her.

Fu Yichen could see the girl’s expression flash. 

[Favorability of the Female Lead towards the Second Male 2, the total favorability points is 12]

Fu Yichen’s brows raised again, the girl’s mind was quite strange.

At this moment, Shen Tianyu’s cell phone suddenly rang and the noisy classroom immediately quieted down. 

Fu Yichen turned his head and saw that the moment he answered the phone, Shen Tianyu’s face became gloomy.

Especially his eyes that were staring at his desk, which made people shudder. 

“Hmph,” Shen Tianyu sneered, “I’ll go!” Then he hung up the phone and threw it on the table, immediately causing the people around him to tremble.

“What’s wrong” Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Hmph! That idiot Ouyang Qi.” Shen Tianyu snorted coldly, his expression showing contempt towards the person he referred to.

Fu Yichen’s heart skipped, Ouyang Qi Wasn’t that the cannon fodder Third Male in the text The youngest son of the mayor of the city, another rich second-generation who was spoiled and studying in another noble middle school.

He didn’t know where so many noble schools came from.

In the original text, he and Shen Tianyu were enemies.

That is to say, they hate each other.

“Looking for trouble again” Fu Yichen’s face turned cold, clearly showing Xia Houming’s contempt towards the person.

“Hmph, looking for trouble with me He’s clearly looking for death.” Shen Tianyu obviously didn’t care about the other party at all, “He’s looking for a duel with me this Friday.”

[The Male God is so handsome! Male…]

A certain system obviously forgot but this time it was more conscious and it quickly shut up before Fu Yichen could speak.

Shen Tianyu looked confident and Fu Yichen quickly understood what he meant.

The so-called duel in his mouth didn’t mean fighting literally, but a one-on-one basketball game with self-determined rules.

The most important thing is that this one-on-one incident directly led to a subtle development of the relationship between the Male and Female Leads which was a critical plot in the original text, so Fu Yichen had to intervene. 

“I’ll go with you.” Fu Yichen said in an unquestionable tone.

Shen Tianyu was obviously stunned, Su Zhan was stunned, to be exact.

Before, he was puzzled by Xia Houming’s response to the heroine and now he’s unconsciously making assumptions.

In the original text, Xia Houming didn’t respond to the Female Lead nor did he ask much about the basketball game, let alone propose to go together.

That is to say, the plot has changed.

From this, Su Zhan couldn’t help but speculate that the reason why he had appeared here was because of the plot deviation and his purpose was to correct the plot.

In this case, the complete novel plot in his mind could be explained.

Don’t blame him for thinking of this, his mind was also poisoned by the various novels he had read before.

After thinking of this, Su Zhan wanted to confirm further and couldn’t help but have an idea in his heart. 

“No.” Shen Tianyu said disdainfully, “Can’t I deal with that kind of stuff” 

Fu Yichen frowned, “It’s because it’s that kind of stuff that one has to guard against it.”

Seeing Fu Yichen’s insistence, Shen Tianyu nodded, “Then on Friday, let’s go together at five.”


[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -1, total favorability is 29]

‘What the hell’ Fu Yichen was puzzled for a while.

The duel was going to be held on Friday evening, which was three days later.

All that time, Fu Yichen silently endured the torture of watching the childishness of the Male Lead.

Like stickering, duct-taping hair, putting a bucket at the door… those kinds of old-fashioned childish games.

To sum it up, the Female Lead was treated very badly.

The Female Lead’s favorability for the Male Lead dropped directly to -25, while Shen Tianyu’s attitude towards the Female Lead actually soared to 5.

Sure enough, no matter what happens in a Mary Sue novel, nothing can stop the Male Lead from falling in love with the Female Lead.

On Friday, around 4:30 in the afternoon, the two stood up from their seats, directly ignoring the teacher and students and going directly to the school basketball team’s locker room.

The agreed time of the duel was 5:00 pm. 

Both of them were the main strength of the school basketball team, there were special lockers for them in the locker room.

Shen Tianyu went to change his jersey and Fu Yichen was there to accompany him.

The lounge of the school basketball team was the locker room.

They don’t have a separate compartment like the female students.

Of course, there weren’t many concerns between men since they were men that sweat together.

However, Fu Yichen felt that Young Master Shen was acting a bit strange.

Fu Yichen was only there to accompany Shen Tianyu so there was no need to change his jersey.

So he sat on the sofa and waited.

It just so happened that he sat in front of Shen Tianyu’s locker.

The other person was acting as if he was walking on pins and needles, making the scene awkward. 

Fu Yichen felt a bit baffled.

He didn’t intend to see a man change his clothes but the scene was right in front of him.

When he was watching, he could see Shen Tianyu hesitating for a while.

Especially when he was taking off his shirt to reveal his thin upper body.

The scene felt even more strange.

Fu Yichen had a strange feeling that Shen Tianyu, who had his back turned towards him, seemed a bit shy.

At this moment, the system that had been blocked by Fu Yichen suddenly sounded a series of prompts in his mind.

[Favorability of the Male Lead to Second Male -1]

[Favorability of the Male Lead to Second Male -2]

[Favorability of the Male Lead to Second Male 1]

[Favorability of the Male Lead to Second Male -1]

Fu Yichen was stunned.

What happened Didn’t he just look at him taking off his clothes Why was the change in favorability endless


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