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Chapter 13: Martial Artist Exchange

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In the rehabilitation data center at night, one of the rooms was still brightly lit.

There was only a bed in the room. Lying on it was Luo Li, who was currently in a coma and his lower body was tightly wrapped.

The three of them stood beside the bed and looked down at Luo Li, their expressions ugly.

One of them was West Cloud Academys Martial Arts Branch Head, Luo Yuntong.

He glanced at Luo Li, raised his head, and turned to the other middle-aged man who was slightly older than him. He said in a low voice, “Big Brother, you dont have to worry. Our academys rehabilitation center is the best medical center on West Cloud Planet. Lier will be fine. Hell recover to his original state in a few days.”

The middle-aged man called Big Brother by Luo Yuntong had a dignified appearance, and it was obvious that he was a person who had been in a high position for a long time.

His name was Luo Guangfu, and he was the current Patriarch of the famous martial arts family on West Cloud Planet.

When he heard Luo Yuntongs words, Luo Guangfu nodded lightly and glanced at Luo Yuntong, and a trace of anger flashed past his eyes.

“Tell me, who did this to him”

An awkward expression flashed across Luo Yuntongs face as he respectfully replied, “Its a classmate of Liers.”

“Classmate I remember that no one in Liers classmate has the ability to hurt him, right” Luo Guangfu asked in surprise.

“This… Actually, Im not too sure whats going on, because this student was only an initial-stage Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist in the past.” Luo Yuntong recalled the scene he saw on the large screen and could not help but reveal a trace of doubt.

“Initial-stage Overlord Body How can he injure Lier like this” Luo Guangfu was even more stunned, “Third Brother, is there a problem”

“I dont think so. This student has been in our academy for two years already. He doesnt have any background.”

Luo Guangfu pondered for a moment before suddenly frowning, “Is this student called Chu Nan”

Luo Yuntong was stunned, “Big Brother, how did you know”

Luo Guangfu narrowed his eyes, “I heard that after Mu Yutong left this morning, he sent someone to inquire about a student called Chu Nan.”

“Could it be that Mu Yutong…”

“No.” Luo Guangfu waved his hand, “Although our Luo family has some influence on West Cloud Planet, were nothing in the eyes of a Star-Grade Martial Artist like Mu Yutong. He wont specially come to deal with us. This should be a coincidence.”

“Uncle, could it be that Mu Yutong has taken a fancy to that Chu Nan” The young man who had been silent behind the two of them suddenly interrupted.

Luo Guangfu and Luo Yuntong looked at each other and nodded in unison.

“Very likely.” Luo Guangfu frowned and thought for a moment before suddenly sneering, “Luo Jie!”

“Yes!” The young man immediately straightened his body.

“I dont care what method you use, cripple this student called Chu Nan before the sun sets tomorrow. I want everyone to know that its best not to offend our Luo family on West Cloud Planet!”


Seeing the young man turn around and leave, Luo Yuntong frowned and hesitantly said, “Big Brother, since Mu Yutong has taken a fancy to this Chu Nan, if we attack him and anger him…”

Luo Guangfu shook his head, “Dont worry. If Mu Yutong has already taken Chu Nan as his disciple, I would have to be wary. However, hes only observing now. Even if we touch him, he wont say anything.”

Although Luo Yuntong was feeling a little uneasy, since Luo Guangfu had already made his decision, he would not voice any objections.

Turning around to look at the still unconscious Luo Li, Luo Yuntong immediately felt that Luo Guangfus decision was indeed very correct.

When he thought of this, Luo Yuntong could not help but smile, “Brother, isnt it a little too wasteful to send Jieer to deal with that Chu Nan Hes a second-stage Internal Breath Martial Artist.”

Luo Guangfu smiled slightly, “Even a lion does its best to hunt a rabbit.”

The next day was a rare day of rest for West Cloud Academy. Chu Nan was pulled out of bed by Dong Fang early in the morning and left the school early to head towards the center of West Cloud City.

“Dong Fang, I still dont understand why youre so interested in shopping. Are you a woman”

Chu Nan helplessly looked at Dong Fang who was tidying up his appearance in the small mirror in his hand. If he had not stayed in the same dormitory as this guy for two years and seen his bare bottom countless times, he would really think that he was a woman.

“No, no, no. Im not interested in shopping, but if there are beauties accompanying me, Im very interested.” Dong Fang shook his thick fingers and looked at Chu Nan with a gaze filled with disdain.

“Beauty Where is it Why dont I see it” Chu Nan placed a hand on his forehead and looked into the distance.

“Idiot, Ive long made an appointment with a beauty. Ill meet you downtown in a while. Right, Ive arranged to meet two beauties today and specially prepared one for you. Dont say that Im not good enough.”

Chu Nan glanced at Dong Fang from head to toe and sneered bluntly. “Come on, with your personality, how beautiful can a beauty like you be”

“Damn, you dare to look down on me” Dong Fang was furious, “Arent you afraid that Ill scare you to death When Im at home, the beauties who ask me out to shop every day can line up from here all the way to the academy!”

“Is that why you were so frightened that you fled to our lousy academy”

“I…” Dong Fang was stunned, and then he immediately softened like a deflated balloon. His thick back leaned on the back chair of the floating bus, and he sighed, “Sigh, I originally thought that if I ate until I became a fat pig, those girls would never look for me again. I didnt expect them to be the same as before.”

“Nonsense, those women are not interested in you as a person.” Chu Nan hit the nail on the head.

“Thats right…” Dong Fang said dejectedly, but then he became excited, “But let me tell you, I finally hooked up these two beauties from theMartial Soul game today. They dont know anything about my familys wealth, so they shouldnt be like those women.”

“Is that so Then I find it strange. What do they fancy about you”

“You dont understand, right This is because Im funny, humorous, and considerate…” Dong Fang spoke a bunch of beautiful adjectives non-stop. He suddenly paused and glanced at Chu Nan, “After talking for so long, youre the weirdest today. In the past, you were unwilling to go shopping with me, so why did you agree today”

“Im not here to shop with beauties. Today is the opening day of the Martial Artist Exchange. I want to go there and see if there are any suitable martial techniques.”

“A suitable martial technique” Dong Fang was stunned, “Doesnt our academy have many martial techniques for you to choose”

He suddenly reacted and suddenly jumped up, shouting, “You said you want to choose a martial technique Did I hear wrongly”

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With Dong Fangs weight, the sudden jump caused the floating shuttle to sway. Coupled with his loud shout, it immediately attracted the gazes of everyone in the carriage.

“Why are you so agitated” Chu Nan hurriedly pulled him down.

Dong Fang rubbed his chubby face and asked in a low voice, “Chu Nan, you said you want to choose a martial skill. Do you mean that… youve finally broken through the second level of the Nine Revolutions Technique”

Seeing Chu Nan nod, Dong Fangs eyes immediately lit up. He grabbed Chu Nans shoulder and shook him.

“Thats great! I knew that you would definitely be able to do it! Now, you can finally start officially cultivating martial techniques!”

Looking at the joyous expression on Dong Fangs chubby face, a trace of warmth flashed through Chu Nans heart. He smiled and said, “Ive seen all the martial arts in the academy. Theyre not suitable for me, so I want to see if there are any other choices.”

“Thats true. The publicized martial techniques in the academy are all trash. The best are only D-rank, so whats the use However, its very difficult to have good things in the martial arts exchange. Martial techniques of C-rank or above are rarely used by martial artists to exchange.”

“The martial skill level is not important. Whats important is that it suits me.” Chu Nan shook his head.

“Thats true. Even if I throw you an A-rank or even S-rank martial technique now, you wont be able to learn it.” Dong Fang thought for a moment, then slapped his thigh and said, “Alright, after meeting those two beauties, well go to the martial arts exchange to take a look. In any case, theyre all players in the Martial Soul game, so theyre very interested in martial arts.”

“Martial Soul” Chu Nan muttered to himself as the scene of him being pulled into this game when he first met Dong Fang flashed through his mind.

It was an extremely painful memory for him.

As soon as Chu Nan, who only had the strength of an initial-stage Overlord Body, entered this combat game produced by the Noctem Chamber of Commerce, he was tortured nearly a hundred times. In his anger, he directly left and never logged on again.

He did not expect Dong Fang to be so skilled at this game. He could actually rely on the game to hook two beauties.


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