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Chapter 15: Successful Transaction

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At first glance, the positions of the two diagrams did not look strange, but in Chu Nans eyes, they immediately transformed into a large pile of relevant data.

According to the data in his mind and the powerful experience he had obtained from tens of thousands of battles, he was surprised to discover that these two seemingly ordinary positions were compatible with the small person in the diagram. He was actually able to unleash the highest strength in this position.

“It seems that this thing is not to fool people.” Chu Nan flipped through the introduction and realized that there was only the first move on it. He could only raise his head and ask the stall owner, “Is there a complete version of this”

The stall owner was a middle-aged man who was more than 40 years old. He had a shrewd expression and looked more like a businessman than a martial artist. When he saw that Chu Nan seemed to be interested in this “Hong Clans Long Fist”, he immediately revealed a brilliant smile.

“Of course there is. How can there be an incomplete sale item in my, Hong Changzhis, stall Little brother, are you interested”

Chu Nan nodded and asked, “Can you show me the full version”

Hong Changzhi revealed a trace of surprise, “Little brother, this is your first time here, right You dont know that this martial technique is different from other things. You wont show the complete version when trading.”

Chu Nan was slightly stunned, but he immediately understood. The focus of martial techniques was the content. If the complete version was seen, then it was very likely that he would directly learn it secretly.

He lowered his head and flipped through the first move of the “Hong Clans Long Fist”. Chu Nan hesitated for a moment before asking, “How much is this”

“There are two methods to transact. One is for you to exchange another martial technique as long as I think its suitable. The other method is simple. You can pay directly.”

“I dont have any martial techniques. How much is this” Chu Nan asked directly.

Hong Changzhi glanced at Chu Nan and estimated in his mind before extending five fingers.

“50,000 federation coins.”

“What 50,000” Chu Nan was immediately shocked. He had never expected that this mereHong Clans Long Fist would be sold for such a high price.

Although Chu Nan did not see the complete version, from just the first move, if this skill was evaluated, it would at most be rated as a D-rank.

Currently, Chu Nan only had a mere 30,000 federation coins that he had saved up from spending frugally. He was still far from being able to afford this.

“Its too expensive. Can it be cheaper” Chu Nan tried to bargain.

“Little brother, this is a fist technique passed down by our Hong Clans ancestors. If I didnt really have trouble waiting for the money to be used, I wouldnt have taken it out at all.” Hong Changzhi did not give in.

Chu Nan glanced at the obviously expensive clothes on Hong Changzhi and the golden ring on his finger. He thought to himself,Youre just using your nonsense to fool children.

Rolling his eyes, Chu Nan sighed and put down the introduction. He put on a regretful expression and shook his head, “Then its a pity. Forget it, Ill go take a look elsewhere.”

Hong Changzhi did not expect that Chu Nan would give up after just putting on a show. This was beyond his expectations. When he saw that Chu Nan was about to leave, he hurriedly raised his voice, “Little brother, little brother, dont leave quickly. We can still discuss, we can discuss…”

Chu Nan continued to shake his head, “No, I only have 10,000 federation coins on me. The difference is too great.” After saying that, he turned around and left.

This time, Hong Changzhi became even more anxious. He actually walked out from behind the stall and reached out to stop Chu Nan.

“Little brother, dont be anxious. Its rare to see a martial technique you like, so you cant just give up. You also know how difficult it is for us martial artists to choose a martial technique thats suitable for us. If you miss it this time, who knows when the next opportunity will be”

“But I dont have that much money.”

Hong Changzhi frowned and suddenly sighed. He put on a pained expression and waved his hand, “Forget it, forget it. Since Little Brother likes it, I can only give it up. Alright, 10,000 it is. Ill make a small loss and treat it as making a friend.”

Unexpectedly, Chu Nan also frowned and said with a troubled expression, “But Im meeting a girl today and I have to save some money to accompany her for shopping…”

Hong Changzhis face twitched, “This… Alright, 8,000, no less! Little brother, this is a ridiculously low price.”

Chu Nan turned around and looked at the stall. He lowered his head and pondered for a moment before sighing and shaking his head, “Forget it. Its her birthday today, and I have to give her a birthday gift.” After saying that, he pushed Hong Changzhi away and left.

Seeing that Chu Nan was about to enter the crowd, Hong Changzhi darted forward and stopped him again. He stretched out five fingers.

“Alright, 5,000! 5,000 then! This cant be any lower!”

A smile appeared on Chu Nans face before he suppressed it and pretended to hesitate. In the end, he nodded firmly as if he had made up his mind.

“Alright, at most, Ill eat porridge every day next month!”

How could Hong Changzhi not see the smile on Chu Nans face When he heard his words, he could not help but roll his eyes. He thought to himself: Since youre so cunning, why would you have to eat porridge

However, since the price had already been sold, he could not go back on his words.

Immediately, Chu Nan used his personal terminal to transfer 5,000 federation coins to Hong Changzhis account.

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When he saw that there was an additional 5,000 in his personal account, Hong Changzhi took out a tattered book from his bosom with a smile and handed it to Chu Nan.

“Little brother, this is the true product passed down by our ancestors. Not to mention the martial technique inside, just this book can be considered a cultural relic of ancient text. Its worth a lot of money.”

Chu Nan nodded. With such advanced technology, paper records had basically been eliminated.

However, to call this “Hong Clans Long Fist” an ancient artifact was simply an exaggeration.

After taking the book and flipping through it, Chu Nan immediately confirmed that the remaining eleven moves were indeed similar to the first one. They were the best posture to unleash ones strength.

“Little brother, arent you going to take a look at the other martial arts techniques I still have two types of sword techniques, three types of saber techniques, one spear technique, and a decent leg technique. What do you think” Seeing that Chu Nan had put away theHong Clans Long Fist, Hong Changzhi tried his best to promote his goods.

Chu Nan did not stand on ceremony and started to read them one by one.

However, other than the “Hong Clans Long Fist”, Chu Nan could tell at a glance that the other martial arts techniques were all trash with the data in his mind.

The most laughable thing was one of the leg techniques. There were several positions that were problematic. According to the data in Chu Nans mind, if he practiced these positions, the muscles in his legs would collapse due to excessive burden. In the end, his legs would be crippled.

After sweeping through these martial arts techniques, Chu Nan shook his head and bade farewell to Hong Changzhi without any hesitation.

As he watched Chu Nan disappear into the crowd, Hong Changzhi finally could not hold back the ecstasy in his heart and laughed.

“Ha, this fool. I casually took out a lousy book from my houses attic, and hes actually willing to spend 5,000 coins to buy it. Haha…”


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