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Chapter 19: Yuanlin, What Do You Think

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“This underground is too big. I almost got lost.”

“Lost Dont you know how to use your personal terminal to check the area map” Rose blinked her eyes and asked in surprise. She clearly felt that the explanation given by Chu Nan was unbelievable.

“You can even find this online” Chu Nan widened his eyes and pretended to be surprised.

“Of course, its very easy to find it on the Federations transportation network.” Rose looked at Chu Nan in disbelief, “Chu Nan, you dont even know this Dont tell me you dont usually go online.”

“I can prove this. This kid really doesnt go online often,” Dong Fang interrupted.

“Thats true. Youre also a martial artist. If you go online often, how can you not playMartial Soul” Speaking up to this point, Rose suddenly became excited, “Hey, Chu Nan, I heard from Dong Fang that you used to play Martial Soul with him. Why did you stop playing it later”

Chu Nan blinked, “Do you think IllI tell you that I stopped playing because I was beaten too many times”

Rose and Luo Lan were stunned, and then they could not help but chuckle.

“Ha… haha, its too fun. Chu Nan, youre really interesting.”

Rose held her stomach with one hand and burst out laughing while her other hand patted Chu Nans shoulder. Although she had only known Chu Nan for less than a day, they felt that they were already very familiar with him.

“Why dont… you come back and play now Dont worry, Dong Fang said that your martial technique has improved quite a bit compared to before. You wont be beaten so many times. Moreover, you dont know this, but there are many newbies in the Martial Soul now. There are even many entry-level fellows around. Even if your martial technique hasnt improved, you wont always be beaten like before.”

“Ill consider it.” Chu Nan touched his nose and smiled. He was about to say something when his gaze suddenly froze.

Sensing his abnormality, the three of them followed his gaze but saw nothing other than the bustling crowd.

“Whats wrong” Rose asked curiously.

“Its nothing. Its just that the person over there looks like an acquaintance of mine.” Chu Nan shook his head.

In fact, the figure he saw was one of the ten plus people who had just emerged from the ground.

However, he did not want to say this out loud and make the three of them worry for no reason.


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Rose and Luo Lan did not pay much attention to it, but Dong Fang frowned slightly.

As Chu Nans roommate for more than two years, his understanding of him was much deeper than others. With a glance, he could tell that Chu Nan was not lying.

However, since Chu Nan was unwilling to reveal it in front of Rose and Luo Lan, it was naturally inconvenient for him to ask.

After leaving the exchange, the four of them found a place to eat lunch together. In the afternoon, they walked around West Cloud City. Seeing that it was already late, because of the strict rules of West Cloud Academy and the exhortations of Rose and Luo Lans family, they did not eat dinner together anymore and bade farewell.

Before she left, Rose had already made an agreement with Chu Nan to let him return to Martial Soul so that it would be easier to contact him in the future.

Helpless, Chu Nan could only agree.

On the way back to West Cloud Academy, Chu Nan told Dong Fang everything that had happened in the underground space.

“What! They actually ambushed you” If they were not on the floating bus, Dong Fang would probably have jumped up in anxiety.

Even so, he could not suppress the agitation in his heart. He slapped his palm heavily on the chair. With his strength as a third-stage Overlord Body, this palm nearly pierced through the chair.

Fortunately, there were not many people on the floating bus at this moment, so it did not cause any commotion.

“Are you sure its someone from the Luo family” Dong Fang finally suppressed his anger and asked in a low voice.

Chu Nan shook his head slightly. “Im not sure. Im only guessing. The person Ive offended recently seems to be only Luo Li. Apart from the Luo family, its very difficult to find any faction on West Cloud Planet that has so many experts.”

Dong Fang naturally believed Chu Nans judgment and his expression immediately sank.

“The Luo family Hmph, do they really think they can do anything they want on the West Cloud Planet” Dong Fang lowered his head in thought for a moment before suddenly jumping up from the chair and patted Chu Nans shoulder, “It should not be dangerous to take the public transport back to the academy from here. Be careful when you return alone.”

Chu Nan was immediately stunned. “Where are you going”

Dong Fang did not answer and only waved his hand at Chu Nan before walking to the door.

Coincidentally, the bus arrived at the station and the door opened. Dong Fang waved at Chu Nan and jumped off the bus, instantly disappearing into the crowd.

Chu Nan could not help but feel puzzled. However, Dong Fang had already disappeared and there was no place for him to ask.

In the north of West Cloud City, a tall building towered into the clouds.

This was the most luxurious hotel on West Cloud Planet, the Vartz Hotel. It was usually the first choice for all the esteemed guests who came to West Cloud Planet from other planets.

The top floor of the building was the location of the most luxurious Presidential Suite in the entire hotel. Most of the powerful figures who were usually famous on West Cloud Planet would reserve a suite here for a long time as a backup. However, now, the entire floor was tightly sealed by the hotel and no one could approach.

This was because the entire floor was covered by someone.

Under normal circumstances, such a thing would definitely cause criticism, but now, no one dared to have any complaints.

This was because this floor was reserved by the West Cloud Planets government, and only two people lived on this floor.

These two people were the two Star-Grade Martial Artists, Norman and Mu Yutong.

In one of the rooms on the east side of the highest level, Mu Yutong sat steadily on the luxurious sofa in the middle of the living room. His eyes stared at the huge virtual screen not far away from him without blinking.

Beside him, a young man who looked to be in his early thirties stood with his hands by his side, his expression respectful.

This young man was Mu Yutongs eldest disciple, Zheng Yuanlin. He was actually 43 years old this year, but because his Internal Breath was deep, he looked to be only in his early 30s.

Zheng Yunlin had been practicing martial arts with Mu Yutong since he was six years old. It had been 37 years since then.

Zheng Yuanlins talent was not especially powerful and he was only an initial-stage Heaven Control Realm Martial Artist to date, so he was not the strongest among the 13 disciples of Mu Yutong. However, because he had followed Mu Yutong for the longest time, he had always been the most trusted. Most of the time, he was directly responsible for dealing with the matters under Mu Yutong.

“Yuanlin, what do you think” Mu Yutong suddenly asked.

Zheng Yuanlin glanced at the scene playing on the virtual screen and bowed. “Teacher, your judgment is indeed correct. This student called Chu Nans martial arts talent can definitely be considered top-notch among the people I know.”

The scene displayed on the large screen was the battle between Chu Nan and Luo Jie during the day.

Hearing Zheng Yuanlins answer, Mu Yutong nodded slightly and suddenly asked, “How is it compared to Tianyou”

Zheng Yuanlin was shocked.

Qi Tianyou was the youngest disciple of Mu Yutong. He had only followed Mu Yutong to cultivate martial arts at the age of 13. He had just passed 20 this year and was already a third-stage Void Break Martial Artist. He had always been praised as the most outstanding martial arts genius under Mu Yutong.

Teacher actually compared him to Chu Nan Wasnt he overestimating that kid called Chu Nan

Previously, when he was at West Cloud Academy, he had inadvertently seen the battle between Chu Nan and Luo Li. At that time, his performance had already attracted the teachers attention.

Today, when Zheng Yunlin obtained the information about the recent activities of the Luo family from other channels, his teacher focused most of his attention on this recording.

The reason why this recording was sent over was because it recorded the whereabouts of Luo Jie, who was reputed to be the top genius of the new generation of the Luo family. However, he did not expect that it happened to include the part where he fought with Chu Nan.

The teachers focus was not on Luo Jie, the genius of the Luo family, but on Chu Nan.

Of course, Zheng Yuanlin had to admit that through the scene playing on the screen, Chu Nan had indeed displayed astonishing strength.

With his mere Overlord Body level strength, he was actually able to continuously suppress a second-stage Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist like Luo Jie.

Just based on this point, it was not an exaggeration to call him a genius.

However, in Zheng Yuanlins heart, Chu Nan was still incomparable to Qi Tianyou.

“You must think that hes inferior to Qi Tianyou, right” As if seeing through Zheng Yuanlins thoughts, Mu Yutong exposed him.

“Yes, Master. Just from this battle, I feel that he has even more abundant combat experience, which is why he can keep suppressing the other party. Although Im very curious where he got such rich combat experience at such a young age, I dont think hes comparable to Little Junior Brother in terms of martial arts talent,” Zheng Yuanlin honestly stated his thoughts.

“Yuanlin, your perception is still a little lacking.” Mu Yutong sighed lightly and stretched out his finger to draw a line. The scene on the virtual screen quickly played backwards. He said, “Take a look again and pay attention to the difference in Chu Nans initial and final performance.”

Zheng Yuanlin frowned and looked at the virtual screen. Ever since he got this battle recording, he had watched it with his teacher nearly ten times. What else had he failed to notice

“Watch his punch carefully,” Mu Yutong reminded.

After receiving Mu Yutongs reminder, Zheng Yuanlin hurriedly focused his gaze and seriously observed Chu Nans every punch on the screen.

With a closer look, Zheng Yuanlin immediately saw something.


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