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Chapter 20: You Brainless Earthlings

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Soon, the abnormally intense battle between Chu Nan and Luo Jie ended and Zheng Yuanlin heaved a sigh of relief.

“How is it Did you see anything” Mu Yutong asked with a smile.

Zheng Yuanlin lowered his head and thought for a moment, and then he organized his thoughts in his heart before slowly answering, “Master, he… he seems to be able to improve in battle In the beginning, every punch he threw seemed to be slightly stiff and astringent, but later on, every punch was very natural. Moreover, if Im not wrong, his fist strength is increasing bit by bit. Look, this is the last punch…”

Zheng Yuanlin stretched out his finger, causing the recording on the big screen to stop at the moment when Chu Nan sent Luo Jie flying with his last punch.

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“Although Luo Jies Internal Breath must have been greatly exhausted at this moment, under the circumstances that he has defense, Chu Nans punch could actually send him flying and even injure him by spitting out blood. I speculate that… he must have used his Internal Breath in this punch. Otherwise, with his physical strength, its impossible for him to unleash such a powerful punch.”

“Its not bad that you can see this,” Mu Yutong nodded in approval. “But you havent seen the most important point.”

Mu Yutong pointed at Chu Nan on the virtual screen, “Watch his entire body.”

Zheng Yuanlin stared at it for a moment before shaking his head. “Master, forgive me for my poor vision.”

Mu Yutong shook his head lightly and sighed, “All of you will only pay attention to the cultivation of your Internal Breath, but you have forgotten the most basic elements of martial arts. Its to try your best to unleash your own strength. Look, Chu Nans posture can ensure that every inch of his muscles can erupt with a hundred percent physical strength. Compared to this, its not a big deal if he can use his Internal Breath to punch.”

“One hundred percent Thats impossible!” Zheng Yuanlin could not help but raise his voice. “Master, you once told us that its impossible for a person to unleash one hundred percent of their strength because it requires every inch of his body to be perfectly utilized. How old is Chu Nan Even if he has practiced this punch since he was young, its impossible for him to achieve this!”

“Thats the truth,” Mu Yutong said casually, “I cant explain how he did it, so I can only call it… talent.”

Zheng Yuanlin turned around and glanced at Chu Nan who was frozen on the screen. His expression changed and he asked, “Master, what you mean is…”

Mu Yutong narrowed his eyes and looked at Chu Nan on the screen before suddenly letting out a long sigh.

“If I could have met him ten years earlier, I could almost definitely have taught a true expert. Unfortunately…”

Zheng Yuanlin was silent.

His teacher had already mentioned this when he left West Cloud Academy last time. If he mentioned it again now, it was obvious that he felt pity for Chu Nan.

Mu Yutong was silent for a moment before suddenly instructing Zheng Yuanlin, “Yuanlin, go see him.”

Zheng Yuanlin looked at Mu Yutong in surprise and waited for him to explain further.

“Before we set off this time, President Lin once hoped that I could help him find a few good seedlings. Even though Chu Nan is old and his future achievements will definitely be limited, his talent is not bad and his combat awareness is especially outstanding. Its a good choice to poach him. No matter what, its much better than staying in this small West Cloud Academy.”

Zheng Yuanlin immediately understood Mu Yutongs meaning and nodded in agreement.

Mu Yutongs gaze shifted and landed on Luo Jie who was sent flying by Chu Nans punch. He sneered again.

“This Luo family has been tyrannizing the West Cloud Planet for so long. This time, theyve also rejected the new governance of the federation in every way possible. They wont cooperate, so theres no need to keep them anymore. After eliminating them, you know what to do next.”

“This disciple understands.”

Zheng Yuanlin naturally understood that after finding an excuse to eliminate the Luo family, the martial arts family with the greatest influence on West Cloud Planet, Mu Yutongs faction should naturally take over the matters on West Cloud Planet.

Although Mu Yutong was a Star-Grade Martial Artist, he and his disciples still had to eat.

After discussing for a while, Zheng Yuanlin bowed respectfully to Mu Yutong and left the room.

As soon as he went out, he had only taken two steps when the door of a room in front of him suddenly opened. Someone came out and walked towards Zheng Yuanlin.

Zheng Yuanlin hurriedly stopped in his tracks and bowed respectfully to the other party from afar.

“Senior Norman.”

The person was tall, had a rough face, and an extremely strong physique. On his head was a natural green hair that was the signature trait of the Phezzan Federation. It was the other Star-Grade Martial Artist, Norman, who had come to West Cloud Planet with Mu Yutong.

After seeing Zheng Yuanlin, he opened his mouth and let out a rough laugh.

“Ha, Kid Zheng, your teacher has already been on West Cloud Planet for a few days. Help me ask him if he has encountered any good fellows”

Chu Nans appearance flashed past Zheng Yuanlins mind. He bowed slightly and replied, “My master is busy with work these few days and has no time to pay attention to private matters.”

“Busy” Norman smiled, “Finding a suitable disciple is also very important business. Its only a few years until the next invitation from the royal family of Declan. Isnt he anxious”

Zheng Yuanlin was silent for a moment before saying indifferently, “The martial arts of the Earth Federation is flourishing and there are many geniuses. I believe we can always find a suitable candidate.”

“Oh” Norman raised his eyebrows and suddenly raised his hand to slap Zheng Yuanlin.

Zheng Yuanlin was shocked. The first thought in his mind was to dodge, but he immediately suppressed it and remained motionless.

Normans hand instantly arrived at an extremely fast speed, but in the end, it lightly patted Zheng Yuanlins shoulder.

“Not bad, not bad.” Norman gently patted Zheng Yuanlins shoulder twice, his tone filled with praise. “Mu Yutong is indeed capable of teaching a disciple like you. However, Kid Zheng, your Earth Federation is only a remote small place. What do you mean by martial arts flourishing and geniuses being abundant Be careful not to get treated as a joke by others.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Senior, but since Ive said this, Im not afraid that others will hear me,” Zheng Yuanlin replied calmly.

“Alright, I like arrogant kids like you.” Normam laughed again, this time slapping Zheng Yuanlins shoulder twice, “If Mu Yutong doesnt want you anymore one day, you can join me. I welcome you at any time.”

“A teacher for a day is a father for life. Since I have already entered the sect, how can I transfer to another teacher Senior Norman, I urge you to take back this sentence,” Zheng Yuanlin said seriously.

“You people from the Earth Federation are so stubborn.” Norman shook his head and walked past Zheng Yuanlin. In a short while, he disappeared from the corner of the corridor of the hotel.

Zheng Yuanlin turned around and looked at his back, feeling puzzled.

Did this Star-Grade Martial Artist suddenly appear in front of him just to say this nonsense

“Yuanlin.” A voice suddenly sounded beside Zheng Yuanlins ear.

Zheng Yuanlins heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly replied in a low voice, “Teacher, you heard that”

The air that could vibrate with sound waves could also be gathered into a line and sent into the designated location without any disorder. It could still be heard clearly. This was something that only martial artists with extremely fine control of their internal breath could do. Generally speaking, only martial artists who had reached the Heaven Control realm could do this.

Of course, this was not a problem for Mu Yutong and Zheng Yuanlin.

“This guy is just saying it for me to hear. How can I not hear it” Mu Yutongs tone was still calm. One could not sense any reaction to what he had just said.

“Then what does he mean…”

“Ignore him and do what you need to do.”

“Yes.” Zheng Yuanlin composed himself and quickly left.

In the room, Mu Yutong slowly opened his eyes. His gaze passed through the side of the bed and looked in the direction where Norman had left. A strange smile appeared on his face.

“Youre saying that Im anxious You actually came to West Cloud Planet with me this time. Arent you even more anxious than me”


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