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Chapter 21: Fist Technique, Mobilizing Internal Breath

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Chu Nan suddenly sneezed.

He reached out to rub his nose and looked left and right in confusion. He thought to himself that although there was occasionally a chill in the early summer night, with his current body strength, he could not feel it at all. How could he still sneeze

Shaking his head to throw away his doubts, Chu Nans knees sank and he threw a punch. It was the first move of the first stance of the Hong Clans Long Fist, Sitting Horse Rush Fist.

As he threw this punch, Chu Nan clearly felt an internal breath flowing out from his dantian and towards his right arm.

With the enhancement of the Internal Breath, the strength of this punch immediately increased greatly. When it was thrown, a muffled bang sounded in the black space under the night sky.

After the battle during the day, Chu Nan discovered another benefit of the Hong Clans Long Fist. It could mobilize his Internal Breath with the fist technique and greatly increase the power of the fist technique.

This discovery surprised Chu Nan.

To martial artists, being able to mobilize their Internal Breath to complement their moves was something that only Internal Breath Martial Artists who had reached a certain level could do.

If ones Internal Breath was not strong enough, if they rashly did this, it was very likely that they would lose control of their Internal Breath because it was insufficient. If it was serious, it would even cause chaotic Internal Breath flow and it was very easy to injure their meridians. Therefore, under normal circumstances, only Internal Breath Martial Artists would do this.

Of course, if Overlord Body Martial Artists were not worried about their meridians being injured, they could forcefully do this.

Chu Nan was very clear about the various statistics of his body. His current physical strength could only reach the level of a third-stage Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist. Although his Internal Breath was thicker because he had been cultivating the Nine Revolutions Technique for a long time and his Internal Breath had greatly increased after being modified by the data, it was very difficult for him to easily mobilize his Internal Breath to complement his moves.

He did not expect that he would be able to mobilize his Internal Breath to increase the power of the fist technique when he used the Hong Clans Long Fist Technique. It was truly beyond Chu Nans expectations.

After returning to the academy, Chu Nan went to a quiet corner and started practicing alone.

With his experience in battle with Luo Jie, when Chu Nan used the three stances and twelve moves of the Hong Clans Long Fist, every move could be perfectly executed. Therefore, every move and stance could automatically mobilize the Internal Breath in his dantian.

With every punch, his Internal Breath flowed from his dantian to his left and right arms before flowing back to his arms. Chu Nan discovered that the strength in his arms was getting stronger and the Internal Breath in his dantian was also getting stronger.

This fist technique could not only be used to defend against enemies, it could even be used to regulate ones breathing!

Feeling the strengthening of the Internal Breath in his dantian, Chu Nan admired the martial artist who created this fist technique greatly.

This Hong Clans Long Fist was clearly an external martial technique, but it was able to automatically mobilize internal breath and even harmonize internal breath. What kind of martial arts genius was the martial artist who created this fist technique!

If he had not unintentionally obtained this fist technique, even if he could defeat that person in the end, he would have to pay a painful price.

Sitting Horse Rush Fist, Retreating Horse Stab Fist, Shooting Horse Hook Fist…

As his Internal Breath circulated in his dantian, Chu Nans movement technique became more and more smooth and natural. Gradually, he had perfectly fused the three stances and twelve moves together. With every punch, he naturally followed up with another punch without any stiffness.

As the saying went: If the intent is there, the fist will be there. If the intent moves, the fist will move.

Unknowingly, Chu Nans Internal Breath not only flowed from his dantian to his arms, but also to his legs, waist, and back…

Gradually, his Internal Breath began to flow through his entire body. It seemed to have no purpose, but as long as he needed strength, it would instantly flow to anywhere.

Chu Nan only felt that his entire body seemed to have become boundless in strength and energy.


There was suddenly the sound of a tree branch breaking behind him.

At this moment, Chu Nan was immersed in an extremely happy state. When he heard the sound, he quickly determined the exact location through the various statistics of the sound. He stepped on the ground with his left foot and used it as the center of the circle. He twisted his waist to the left and drew an almost perfect semicircle with his right fist in front of the right foot pagoda before throwing a punch in the direction of the sound.

It was the third stance and the fourth move of the Hong Clans Long Fist, Shooting Horse Cup Fist.

“Good timing!” A soft shout sounded, and then a strong wind assaulted him.


Chu Nans fist collided with something, but it emitted a muffled sound as if it had hit a dead tree.

He was shocked.

Due to the fact that he had Internal Breath on his fist, the force behind it was as high as 713.43898 kilograms. Although it could not compare to the last punch when he was ambushed in the underground parking lot, it was still shocking enough.

However, the other party easily received it. Moreover, it was as if his fist had struck a piece of tattered leather. He did not feel any pressure at all, and his fist could not unleash its full power.

After the strike, Chu Nan immediately took two steps back and assumed a posture as he sized up the other party.

Standing opposite him was a thin young man who was half a head taller than Chu Nan. Therefore, he looked like a bamboo pole.

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When he saw Chu Nan looking over, he raised his hand and smiled as he greeted him.

“Heh, youre a student of our academy Why didnt I have any impression of you in the past”

Seeing that the other party did not seem to have any hostility, Chu Nan was slightly relieved. He sized up the other party and realized that he seemed to have some impression of him.

If he did not remember wrongly, this person seemed to be a rather famous senior in the higher grades of the academy. He did not know why he had come to the dormitory area of the lower grades.

“Im only an ordinary student. Its normal for Senior to not have any impression of me,” Chu Nan replied indifferently.

“Ordinary student” The other party shook his head, “Impossible. From the way you were cultivating just now, Im certain that your martial arts technique will definitely be ranked at the top among the low-grade students of the academy. However, youre not two annoying fellows, Luo Li and Feng Xiao. Who exactly are you”

When he heard this person evaluate Luo Li and Feng Xiao asannoying fellows, Chu Nans guard against him involuntarily relaxed again. He thought for a moment and smiled. “My name is Chu Nan. I believe you must have never heard of me before.”

“Chu Nan” That person frowned and shook his head, “Ive never heard of you. Could it be that youre really not famous Thats impossible… Youre clearly very strong…”

Hearing him admit that he had never heard of his name, Chu Nan felt a little strange.

Logically speaking, he had defeated Luo Li in public and severely injured him, causing a considerable commotion in the academy. Not to mention the lower grade students, even the higher grade students should have heard of it.

However, this was not important. Since Chu Nans cultivation had been interrupted, he was unwilling to continue in front of outsiders. He smiled and nodded at that person before turning around to leave.

“Hey, I finally met a good opponent. How can I let you leave like this Take this!”

Unexpectedly, he had just taken a step when the person behind him cried out softly again, and a strong wind assaulted him from behind.

Chu Nan could not help but frown. He turned around again and used Shooting Horse Cup Fist before accurately receiving the palm strike.

This time, when their fists collided, Chu Nans body shook violently and he was forced to take a few steps back.


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