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Chapter 25: Theres Nothing to Teach

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Ten minutes later, in the virtual arena provided by Martial Soul.

Zheng Yuanlin slapped out with his palm. It seemed to be light, but it contained an extremely huge amount of Internal Breath, forcing Chu Nan to withdraw his right fist that was already half extended. He exerted force with his left leg and his body flew back.

Chu Nan was a little depressed. It had been five minutes since he started fighting Zheng Yuanlin, but he still could not gain the slightest advantage.

Ever since he obtained a powerful data collection, analysis, and processing ability in the virtual space, other than the first few battles, this was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

Before this, even when he was fighting with the powerful martial artist with the strength of the Internal Breath realm in the day, he had always suppressed the other party from the beginning to the end.

Of course, he also knew that although the person in the day was a powerful Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist, he was completely unqualified to challenge this extremely powerful Heaven Control martial artist, Zheng Yuanlin.

Novice, Overlord Body, Internal Breath, Void Break, and Heaven Control. There were two levels of difference between Internal Breath Martial Artists and Heaven Control martial artists.

Furthermore, the further one went, the harder it was to cultivate. From the moment one stepped into the Internal Breath realm, it was extremely difficult for any martial artist to obtain any advancement.

However, as long as he obtained any growth, this increase would be very obvious. Therefore, although the difference between an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist and a Heaven Control Realm Martial Artist seemed to be two levels, the difference in strength was more than hundreds of times.

Facing a martial artist like Zheng Yuanlin who was at the peak of the Heaven Control realm, it was undoubtedly impossible for Chu Nan to gain the upper hand.

However, Chu Nan was not convinced. From the beginning of this spar, Zheng Yuanlin had already stated that he would control the strength of his Internal Breath in battle and would not rely on his Internal Breath to suppress Chu Nan.

If he only relied on external help, Chu Nan did not believe that he would lose to anyone with the help of his powerful data ability.

Initially, Chu Nan felt that he still had hope, but after the battle began, he was surprised to discover that although Zheng Yuanlin had always controlled the strength of his Internal Breath to the extent of an Internal Breath Martial Artist, all his moves were extremely exquisite. Every move and style could vividly display his Internal Breath, and the power was far greater than those Internal Breath opponents he had faced in the past.

Although Chu Nan could use his data ability to clearly see the speed, angle, and strength of each of Zheng Yuanlins moves and clearly determine the trajectory of each move, every time he wanted to make a corresponding action, Zheng Yuanlin would change under almost impossible circumstances, causing his initial prediction to immediately fail.

If not for the fact that Chu Nans reaction time was infinitely close to zero, he would have been defeated by Zheng Yuanlin in the first move.

Ever since the battle began, Chu Nan seemed to have been led by the nose by Zheng Yuanlin.

This feeling of not being able to control the situation made Chu Nan very unhappy, but he could do nothing about it.

Even if the strength of his Internal Breath was reduced, a Heaven Control realm expert was indeed far from what an Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist like him could defeat.

Chu Nan did not know that the shock in Zheng Yuanlins heart was dozens of times greater than his.

Although Zheng Yuanlin had already confirmed that Chu Nans greatest advantage was in his reaction speed and accuracy when he watched the recording of the battle with Mu Yutong, before he truly sparred with him, although he admitted that Chu Nan was very talented in martial arts, he did not take him seriously.

If not for the order from Mu Yutong, who Zheng Yuanlin had always worshiped, he would definitely not have lowered himself to personally look for Chu Nan.

Moreover, even if his teacher had already given the order, he still could not help but test Chu Nan after seeing him.

If Chu Nans performance disappointed him, he would definitely report it to Mu Yutong and let him consider it.

As the eldest disciple who had followed Mu Yutong for 37 years, he had the authority.

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However, as soon as he fought Chu Nan, Zheng Yuanlin was immediately shocked.

From the recording, it could be seen that Chu Nans attacks were extremely precise. However, only after fighting him did Zheng Yuanlin realize that his attacks could no longer be described as simple and precise.

It was as if Chu Nan had the ability to predict the future. As long as Zheng Yuanlin moved, he would immediately react. Moreover, this reaction was definitely aimed at the flaw in his opponents technique.

With Zheng Yuanlins extremely powerful martial technique, even if there was a flaw in his move, it was still an extremely small flaw. It was a problem for other martial artists to see through it, let alone someone like Chu Nan who accurately grasped that fleeting opportunity to attack.

If not for the fact that the martial arts technique that Zheng Yuanlin practiced was much stronger than Chu Nans and his cultivation was countless times stronger, he would have been suppressed from the beginning.

Although Zheng Yuanlin had been suppressing Chu Nan until now, he did not feel proud at all.

Up until now, Zheng Yuanlin had completely abandoned the last bit of contempt he had for Chu Nan. The martial techniques he used now were the strongest martial techniques passed down by Mu Yutong.

His feet moved, and his body spun strangely.

This was the Wind Returning Dance Willow Movement Technique, an A-rank martial technique.

He took the opportunity to slap out with his palm. Although it seemed to be light and weak, it had already enveloped Chu Nans entire body. His palm rumbled like thunder.

This was an Eight Earth Palm Technique. It was also an A-rank martial technique.

Seeing that Chu Nan had dodged, Zheng Yuanlin raised his left hand and gently pointed at him. A stream of air shot towards him.

This was the Three Scorching Sun Finger Technique, an S-rank martial technique. If word got out, it would definitely make most martial artists go crazy!

When he saw Chu Nans body shrink and the force of his fingers brushed past his scalp, only breaking a few strands of his hair, Zheng Yuanlin suddenly smiled bitterly in his heart.

As the Eldest Disciple of Mu Yutong, a super expert standing at the peak of the Imperial Heaven Realm, it was simply a humiliation for him to use so many powerful martial techniques to deal with a mere Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist.

What was even more shameful was that after five minutes of fighting, he still could not do anything to Chu Nan.

Although Chu Nan had always been suppressed by Zheng Yuanlin, he was hundreds of times more slippery than a loach. When faced with Zheng Yuanlins exquisite moves, he could actually find the few flaws and even dodge them every time.

Seeing that he had once again dodged his sure-kill move, Zheng Yuanlin sighed in his heart and lowered his hands to stop attacking.

Chu Nan was continuously analyzing the various statistics of the battle in his mind in order to find Zheng Yuanlins weakness. When he suddenly saw the other party stop, he could not help but be stunned for a moment before he reacted and relaxed.

Chu Nan cupped his hands towards Zheng Yuanlin and said, “Thank you for your guidance, Senior Zheng.”

“Guidance I dont dare to teach anything.” Zheng Yuanlin smiled bitterly.

This was not flattery. He had actually fought with Chu Nan for a long time and had already determined that if he wanted to defeat Chu Nan, it was impossible for him to rely on ordinary moves unless he used some of the secret techniques from his master.

However, it was very difficult to use these killer moves under the circumstances of restricting the strength of his internal breath. Moreover, this went against his original intention. Therefore, although Zheng Yuanlin was a little unwilling, he could only admit that Chu Nans martial arts talent was too shocking and he really did not have anything to teach him.


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