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Chapter 8: Not Necessarily a Good Thing

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After calmly looking at Luo Li, Chu Nan smiled and replied, “Luo Li, arent you a virgin”

“Of course not…” Luo Li suddenly stopped.

This was because he suddenly thought of what Yu Wanqing would think if he admitted that he was not a virgin.

In this era, peoples minds were already much more open. However, if Luo Li admitted to Yu Wanqing that he was not a virgin, he would definitely be despised by her.

However, if he said that he was a virgin… not to mention Luo Li, who would believe such an obvious lie

Chu Nans simple question immediately pushed Luo Li into a dilemma.

Seeing the uncertainty on Luo Lis face, Chu Nan smiled and walked past him.

“Kid, stop there!” How could Luo Li let him go so easily He raised his left hand and clawed at Chu Nans shoulder.

He had already used his Internal Breath in this grabbing action. As long as he grabbed firmly, although it would not be as exaggerated as breaking a few of Chu Nans bones, according to Luo Lis estimation, it would definitely make him cry out in pain.

Unexpectedly, Chu Nans shoulder suddenly sank and his body swayed. His grab missed.

Luo Li was stunned, but Chu Nan had already walked far away with Dong Fang.

“Eh How did he dodge” Looking at Chu Nan who had already sat down in the distance, Luo Li frowned.

However, at this moment, the instructor-in-charge had already walked into the arena. Luo Li could only put down the doubts in his mind and find a place to sit down.

“Students, I gathered everyone together to announce a piece of good news.”

The instructor for the second grade was called Torriman. He was of Germanic descent in the Earth Federation. He was 43 years old this year and was a powerful third-stage Void Break Martial Artist. His personality was very straightforward.

As soon as he walked into the arena, he spoke directly, “The good news is that our West Cloud Academy has obtained a total of fifteen spots in the upcoming martial arts competition. For these fifteen spots, our West Cloud Academy will hold a qualification competition internally. Every grade will obtain three spots. The students who obtain the top three positions in the qualification competition will obtain one of these spots.”

“Teacher Torriman, what about the remaining three spots” a student suddenly asked loudly.

The West Cloud Academy had a total of four grades. If each grade had three spots, there would naturally be three left.

“Good question. These three spots are specially recommended by the academy. They are prepared for those students who still show excellent martial arts talent even though they did not obtain the top three in the qualifiers. In other words, even if your strength is not the best, as long as you can show your outstanding martial arts talent, you will still be recommended to the martial arts competition.”

As soon as Torriman finished speaking, the students in the field immediately became noisy.

If they were only taking the top three positions in the qualifiers, because this group of students had interacted with each other for nearly two years, they had long known the other partys strength. Almost in an instant, they could determine if they were qualified to fight for the top three positions. Therefore, many students who were not qualified to govern themselves were completely indifferent to this news.

However, when they heard Torrimans last sentence, all the students were tempted.

In terms of talent, who would admit to being inferior to others

Unlike the noise of most students, a few students immediately exchanged a few sparks in their eyes.

These few students were the most outstanding students in the second grade. If nothing unexpected happened, the top three would definitely be among them.

Among them, Luo Li was the calmest.

As a fifth-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist, Luo Li could be said to be a crane in a flock of chickens among the second-year students of the West Cloud Academy. His strength was outstanding. Others might be worried about being able to obtain the top three, but he had long taken the first place to be his.

“In addition, I have to reveal a piece of good news to everyone. Just yesterday, Martial Artist Mu Yutong came to our academy to take a look. He once revealed to the dean that if a student of the West Cloud Academy performed well in the martial arts competition, he would prioritize taking him in as his disciple.”

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Torrimans words caused the noisy arena to fall silent for a moment, and then there was a much louder commotion than before.

“What! Martial Artist Mu Yutong came to our academy”

“Oh my god! I actually missed my idol!”

“I must pass the qualifiers! I must become a disciple of the Martial Artist Mu Yutong!”

“Tsk, you It must be me!”


This time, even Luo Li could not help but tremble slightly in excitement.

Even if everyone called him a martial arts genius, becoming the disciple of a Star-Grade Martial Artist was still his dream!

In the entire venue, only two people did not react to these two pieces of news.

One of them was Dong Fang.

Dong Fang was not excited because he actually did not have a particularly strong interest in martial arts. His family had forcefully sent him to the West Cloud Academys Martial Arts Branch just to force him to train and lose weight. Therefore, he did not care if he became a disciple of a Star-Grade Martial Artist.

However, when he turned around, he discovered that Chu Nan was also very indifferent to these two messages.

This made Dong Fang feel a little strange. According to Chu Nans personality in the past, even if he did not have any confidence in passing the qualifiers, he should not be so calm.

“Hey, Chu Nan, are you not interested in becoming a disciple of a Star-Grade Martial Artist” Dong Fang could not help but ask.

“About that…” Chu Nan thought for a moment and shook his head, “Of course Im interested, but… Im not that interested.”

Dong Fang widened his eyes and looked at Chu Nan in surprise.

“Chu Nan, why do I feel that youre different from before”

“Different Whats different”

“Look, you were so afraid of Luo Li when you saw him in the past, but you actually dared to attack him in his face just now. This is very different. In addition, youre actually not interested in becoming a disciple of a Star-Grade Martial Artist. This is too… too terrifying! You definitely wouldnt have had such a reaction in the past!”

“How should I react”

“At the very least… you should be very excited, right”

“Whats there to be excited about” Chu Nan spread out his hands, “Not to mention that its impossible for me to become the disciple of this martial artist, even if I really become his disciple, it might not be a good thing.”

Dong Fang blinked his small eyes and looked at Chu Nan in disbelief. He shouted in shock, “You… you actually said that becoming the disciple of a Star-Grade Martial Artist might not be a good thing!”

Dong Fangs words were a little too loud, and it immediately attracted the attention of all the students.

Everyone looked at Dong Fang in surprise, thinking to themselves that although this guy was a little chubby, he had never been stupid in the past. They did not expect that he would actually say that becoming the disciple of a Star-Grade Martial Artist might not be a good thing.

Was he crazy!

Dong Fang shrunk his neck and lowered his head to ruthlessly glance at Chu Nan.

Chu Nan was expressionless. He looked straight ahead with an innocent expression.

In fact, these words were not nonsense. According to his understanding in that virtual space, if he wanted to become a martial arts expert, stepping on the path of his predecessors was the simplest method. However, this was equivalent to constantly following the path of his predecessors. It would be extremely difficult to surpass them in the future.

If he wanted to become a genuine super martial arts expert, the only way was to walk his own path!


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