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Just as the waves shattered, they were blasted apart by the spiritual light.

In the sky, on the riverbank, countless people watched as the Heaven Realm demon was surrounded and killed by water-element cultivators!


This was heaven-defying!

But so what

Today, in the Western Frontier, they could really see thousands of low-level cultivators surrounding and killing a Heaven Realm expert.

This scene made everyones blood boil.

They wished they could join them.



At the bottom of the river, the water light collided again, causing the river to tremble.

The river bank shattered, and the surrounding mountains and rivers collapsed.

The world within a thousand miles rumbled.

A Heaven Realm cultivator was really powerful.

In the next moment, Han Muye, who was sitting on the dragon boat, smiled.

When a Heaven Realm cultivator severed the river, it triggered the response of the world.

The original max-level water affinity power sensed the call from Jialing River.

With a chuckle, Han Muyes voice sounded underwater.

“Attack with all your might.”

Attack with all your might.

This was the voice of a sword immortal!

The first to attack was the Cloud Dragon Sword.

The sword light transformed into a dragon and struck down with its claw.

Blazing Sun Palaces Palace Guarding Sword Technique, Heavenly Dragon.

The sword turned into a dragon and triggered the power of the water lineage.

At this moment, Han Muye whispered.

This voice seemed to be a secret signal to communicate with Jialing River.

As his voice fell, the dragon formed by the Cloud Dragon Sword suddenly became 100,000 feet tall, and the strength of its body reached 10 million tons!

This was the augmentation of the power of the water lineage in the Jialing River.

The great demon, Wu Zitong, who landed in the river, trembled and fell to the bottom of the river.

As soon as he landed at the bottom of the river, an extremely oppressive weight pressed down on him.

It was as if the entire Jialing River was weighing down on his shoulders.

A crazy power surged into his feet.

It was the power of the earth lineage.

This power interweaved with the power of the water lineage and pushed Wu Zitong to the bottom of the river.

At this moment, Han Muyes smile widened.

He hadnt expected that a great demon wreaking havoc in Jialing River would arouse the disgust of the world.

At this moment, the power of heaven and earth used his affinity as a catalyst to give the demon direct pressure.

A great demon at the second level of the Nascent Soul Realm was forcefully suppressed at the bottom of the river.

This scene shocked Gu Yuanlong and the others.

Then they were overjoyed.

Without any hesitation, everyone bent over and rushed down.

All the sword light and spiritual light blasted down.

If they did not torture a Heaven Realm expert now, they would regret it for the rest of their lives!


Everyone roared and the spiritual light in their hands turned into sharp spells that stabbed at him.

Wu Zitong gritted his teeth and roared.

His body turned into a ferocious fish with 3,000 feet of black scales.


Countless beams of spiritual light and sword light collided with the black armor and shattered.

The shattered power intertwined with the power of the water lineage.

Then the Cloud Dragon Sword struck.


The Cloud Dragon Sword slashed down and shattered two large fish scales.

Beneath the fish scales was bright red flesh and blood that glowed with a faint spiritual light.

Without any warning, everyones swords and spells struck the open wound.

Streaks of sword light and spiritual light collided with the opening, instantly tearing off a piece of flesh.

The black fish screamed as the pain contorted his body in the river, but he was suppressed by the power of heaven and earth and could not escape at all.

His mangled flesh was being torn apart, and the blood qi that filled the air churned in the water.

It was as if the surrounding river water was about to boil.

Traces of golden blood essence power were washed out by the power of the water lineage.

This was good stuff!

Every trace of qi and blood power in the body of a Heaven Realm demon had been condensed.

To cultivators who had not reached the Heaven Realm, it was an incomparably precious treasure.

When this bloodline power fused into their bodies, they would comprehend Heaven Realm power in advance!

Gu Yuanlong reached out and summoned a wisp of golden blood in his hand, slapping it directly on his chest.

Vigorous blood qi and spiritual qi rose from his body.

His cultivation realm was temporarily raised.

In the water, Gu Yuanlong let out a soundless roar.

The comprehension of water lineage affinity at the maximum level and the devouring of the blood qi of a great demon were opportunities that were hard to come by in a thousand years!

The others did not stand on ceremony.

They grabbed the bloodline power and attacked again.

The demon that was suppressed underwater was full of treasures!



Cracks appeared on his 3,000-foot-tall body.

With a flash of the Cloud Dragon Sword, a hole appeared.

The great demon that was suppressed by the power of heaven and earth was completely powerless to resist.

Panic flashed across the demons face as his blood qi dissipated.

He yelled, he roared, but it was useless.

The power of heaven and earth that was suppressing it became heavier and heavier, as if the entire world was pressing down on him.

He could not wait any longer.

If he waited any longer, he would only die.

The 3,000-foot black-armored fish demons body trembled, and all his flesh and blood power condensed together.


With a loud bang, a 10-foot-long jade-colored bone wrapped around a 10-foot-long fish demon baby that glided through the waves and escaped.

The Heaven Realm demon gave up on his physical body and fled.

It was not until the demon baby wrapped in the jade bone disappeared that everyone reacted.

The demon soul left and his physical body collapsed.

Although the demon was not dead, he was completely defeated!

Today, everyone surrounded and killed a Heaven Realm demon!


Using thousands of low-level cultivators to kill a Heaven Realm expert!

Such a grand feat was completed with their own hands!

Standing quietly at the bottom of the water, everyone wished they could roar.

The Cloud Dragon Sword spread out and the sword light exploded.

After the sword light passed, without the support of the jade bones and the demon soul, the body of the great demon was cut into pieces.

The binding power of the world dissipated.

The power of water affinity also disappeared.

Pieces of the demons body floated towards the surface of the water.

This body was a priceless treasure.

All the water cultivators flew up and chased after the body of the great demon.

Under the water, everything was churning.

The power of the water lineage dissipated, and whether on the riverbank or from the clouds, Han Muye could sense the situation in the water with his divine sense.

There was no need to use his divine sense.

The pieces of flesh floating on the surface of the water and the water cultivators chasing them had already caused a splash within a radius of 10 miles.

Slaying a Heaven Realm

Was that Heaven Realm demon really killed

A Heaven Realm expert had fallen at the hands of a group of water cultivators!

This was defying the heavens!

At this moment, everyone on the shore was silent.

However, in this silence, there was a strange power surging and sprouting.

The Heaven Realm did not seem so unattainable.

Everyone watched quietly as the water-lineage cultivators happily collected the huge pieces of his body.

“500,000, no, 800,000 spiritual rocks per piece.

My Jin Family Trading Company offers 800,000 spiritual rocks.” On the river bank, Jin Jialin rubbed his hands and shouted excitedly.

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