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After the lightning mouse ate its fill, it disappeared just as quietly as it came.

Once Dongfang Minghui was done serving the little one, she had to wait upon the big one as well.

Fortunately, a joyous event was about to take place, so the female lord didnt have time to give her any disapproving looks.

Nevertheless, Dongfang Minghui still put her heart and soul into roasting the rabbit; it could serve as both a wedding banquet and a regular meal.

“Since you are getting married, you must wear red wedding clothes.

Even though we are in humble surroundings, a red dress for the bride is still necessary.

Luckily, my seventh sister has a set.” Dongfang Minghui threw a package over to the female lord and signaled for her to look through it.

This bodys original owner liked wearing red, so before she left the house, she not only packed several sets of menswear, but also brought a set of womens clothing.

Mu Qings face turned red with shame, “Miss, you saved Fifth Brothers life.

How can I take your clothes now”

Dongfang Wanyu opened the bundle and took out a festive, red silk skirt.

“Its not a big deal.

You two are getting married, but I dont have any presents prepared for you.

If you dont dislike it, then you can think of this red outfit as your wedding gift.”

Dongfang Minghui turned a blind eye.

This was a case of presenting Buddha with borrowed flowers.1 Unexpectedly, the female lord spoke with an extremely righteous tone.

Dongfang Wanyu noticed her reaction out of the corner of her eye and couldnt help but smile.

“Say no more.

Just try it on and let us see how beautiful the bride is.”

Mu Qing nodded and went with Dongfang Wanyu to the inner part of the cave so she could change her clothes.

Dongfang Minghui was dressed as a man, so she naturally went over to help out Wang Fei.2 Although his life was saved, he was still very weak, so Zhao Sanqi had to change his clothes.

The cave was quite bare, so they moved a few large stones over to use as stools.

Of course, they had no grand hall with a high ceiling to use as their wedding venue.

After both Mu Qing and Wang Fei were ready, Dongfang Minghui acted as master of ceremonies, shouting with a smile on her face, “First bow to Heaven and Earth.”

“Second bow to the parents.”

Both were orphans without a mother and father, and since Zhao Sanqi was the closest thing they had to a family, they naturally gave this bow to him.

“Third bow between husband and wife.”

Mu Qings eyes were smiling, and Wang Feis eyes were also filled with joy.

They looked at each other affectionately.

In this moment, their eyes only saw each other, unable to see anyone else.

As soon as the ceremony was complete, the final step was to enter the bridal chamber.

The three people gave up the cave to the newlyweds and sat around a campfire outside.

“This rabbit meat is delicious.

Come, try a piece.”

Today was a wedding day, a day to rejoice.

“Seventh sister, you can eat this big rabbit leg.

I roasted it specially for you.” Dongfang Minghui didnt forget to flatter the female lord.

Zhao Sanqi noticed her diligent actions and couldnt help praising, “Seventh miss, your ninth brother is so good to you.”

Dongfang Wanyu took a bite of rabbit meat and remained silent.

She had learned early on how good her ninth brother was to her.

Dongfang Minghui laughed, “Brother Zhao, we are leaving tomorrow.

What are your plans”

All good things must come to an end.

As soon as the topic of separation came up, the previous festive atmosphere completely disappeared.

Zhao Sanqi stared at the bonfire before abruptly asking, “Where are Seventh miss and Ninth son going”

Dongfang Minghui looked over at the female lord.

“I plan to take Ninth brother to the Purple Devil Mountain Range to gain experience for a period of time.” Dongfang Wanyu directly finished off the rabbit meat in her hand.

“Gain experience, ah.” Zhao Sanqi sighed deeply, “Once Fifth brothers injury is better, I will bring them back to the White Moon Empire.”

Dongfang Minghui gave him a sympathetic look.

Since the atmosphere turned a bit sorrowful, towards the end of the day everyone avoided mentioning the imminent separation as each person went about doing their own thing.

The next morning, Dongfang Minghui and Dongfang Wanyu departed.

“Lets go.”

Before they left, Dongfang Minghui took one last look at Zhao Sanqi who was still sleeping against a big tree.

“Seventh sister, where are we going this time”

“Going deeper, we may encounter magic beasts that are rank 4 and above.”

Dongfang Minghuis expression immediately turned bitter.

She couldnt even cope with rank 1 magic beasts, let alone magic beasts with ranks higher than her own.

“Seventh sister is mighty.”

This is the so-calledflattery will get you everywhere, Dongfang Minghui boasted in her heart.

Dongfang Wanyu gave her a profound look.

She had a plan in mind.

They ascended a high peak and found a cave nearby.

There was a rotten smell inside that was particularly strong.

However, they couldnt see anything in the dark.

“Seventh sister, be careful.”

Dongfang Minghui followed close behind, step by step, afraid that something would suddenly pop out.

Dongfang Wanyu lit a torch and got a clear look at the caves environment.

Aside from some rotten meat which was emitting the terrible stench, there was also a pile of white bones that appeared to be animal skeletons.

“Looks like no one is using this cave right now.

Lets clean it up.” Dongfang Wanyu stuck the torch in the center of a rock, put down her bag, and got to work.

Dongfang Minghui resisted her nausea and threw the carrion and bones out of the cave.

After a simple cleaning session, they treated the cave as a temporary residence.

“Im in charge of hunting, youre in charge of cooking.” Dongfang Wanyu succinctly divided their responsibilities.

Dongfang Minghui lamented that, this time, she really had become a cook.

Since then, Dongfang Wanyu would go out every day and come back in the evening with an enormous dead magic beast.

The female lord also acquired multiple different injuries.

Dongfang Minghui guessed that the magic beasts had all been killed by the female lord.

The first time she saw one, she had been shocked.

Sometimes, the female lord would even ignore her own wounds and directly start cultivating.

Since it was her life that was at risk, Dongfang Minghui was too timid to speak out.

Dongfang Minghuis daily task was to figure out the best way to dismember the magic beasts, so that she could use the bones to make wild vegetable stew and cook the meat to a tender consistency, making the best of whatever they had.

Over time, her craftsmanship improved and she gained a certain level of understanding about the magic beasts body structures.

On this day, after waiting for the female lord to leave the cave, Dongfang Minghui quietly went outside to see if she could find any fruit on the trees nearby.

Eating only magic beast meat everyday could cause indigestion.

But after circling around the area, she didnt find any fruit and only saw a few herbs.

Worried that she had missed something, she went up to the herbs and asked them about the situation.

“Ill help you move to a different location.”

Dongfang Minghui used her weak spiritual power to chat with this bunch of herbs before finally transplanting them next to the door of their mountain dwelling.

“You can be reassured.

I will help water you and add fertilizer every day so that you can grow stronger.”

When the herbs heard her words, they nodded their heads in agreement and comfortably settled outside the cave.

She regularly watered them and loosened the soil according to their agreement.

Sometimes, she would accompany them to chat, and their days passed, easy and comfortably.

However, every time she went out, she would return with some more herbs to transplant.

Over time, the caves exterior was overtaken by the silhouettes of these countless herbs.

This continued until one day, Dongfang Wanyu returned to the cave with an injury and saw Dongfang Minghui watering the herbs in the sunset, promising them, “Well, you know, if it rains tomorrow, Ill use something to cover you.”

“Who are you talking to”

When Dongfang Minghui turned around and found the female lord behind her, she was startled.

“Seventh sister, youre back.”

“What are you doing”

Dongfang Minghui pointed at the vast expanse of herbs outside the cave, “I am watering them.

It will rain tomorrow, so I plan to set up a tent to cover them.”

The tent was very crude.

She tied animal skin together with some rope made out of hay and erected two straight tree trunks outside.

Dongfang Wanyu looked at the night sky, dazzling with starlight and a moon that was unusually bright.

Just by looking at the clear horizon, she could tell that tomorrow would be a fine, sunny day.

She was too lazy to try to understand Dongfang Minghuis nonsense.

“Seventh sister, you should take off your clothes so I can help you apply some medicine.”

Dongfang Minghui placed the animal skin tents to the side and picked up a stone stick, grinding down herb leaves until juice was released.

She packed the medicine into a few bottles.

“What is this” Dongfang Wanyu frowned.

Dongfang Minghui used torn up pieces of clothes as cotton swabs, dipping some into the medicine before gently applying it to the wound on Dongfang Wanyus arm.

“This is living star grass which can be used to stop bleeding and eliminate bruises.

Your body has so many scars.

In case any scars are left behind, its better to remove them if possible.”

For a girl from any family, none wanted to be covered in scars.

As for the female lords experience in the Purple Devil Mountains, it must be related to her spiritual power awakening.

She didnt dare ask for additional information, afraid that the female lord would doubt her motives.

Dongfang Wanyu looked at Dongfang Minghui with sarcasm.

“Didnt you always want me to die Now youre suddenly worried about whether or not scars will be left on my body.”

Mentioning these old matters, did this count as squaring accounts after an autumn harvest3

Dongfang Minghuis face didnt change color as she continued to wipe the wound, extremely patient.

“Seventh sister, dont be angry with me.

Before, I was used by Fourth sister and often committed brainless acts.

In my heart, I now know I was wrong.

If you still cannot put down your hatred, then why dont you take the things I did to you before and do the same to me”

If this would allow her past wrongs to be written off, then Dongfang Minghui was anxious for the female lord take her revenge right away.

Dongfang Wanyu remained silent, impassive.

“Seventh sister, dont you think that your wound feels cool and is less painful” Dongfang Minghui tentatively asked.

After Dongfang Minghui said this, she didnt know if it was her imagination, but Dongfang Wanyu really felt that the wounds on her body seemed much better.

She even sensed that some parts of her body felt a bit itchy.

“It doesnt hurt that much, but this area feels a bit itchy.” Dongfang Wanyu pointed the place on her back where a magic beast had scratched her with its sharp claws.

Dongfang Minghui took a look and after seeing that the wound had turned red, she immediately applied some medicine.

“This area might heal a bit faster, so be careful not to scratch it.

Wait overnight, and I will take a look at it tomorrow.”

After she finished the treatment, Dongfang Minghui went to squat in a corner, recording the medicinal properties of the living star grass.

Without a pen and paper, she instead used a rock to directly engrave her notes on the stone wall.

She used to study medicine, but after coming to this world, she realized that a lot of herbs looked different from the ones in her memory.

They all recognized her, but she didnt recognize them.

Fortunately, her half-wasted spiritual power gave her the ability to communicate with the flora in bits and pieces.

Though she could only speak with lower-level plants, this was still a golden finger for her.

If I dont use it well, Ill have to apologize to myself.


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