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“Miss, what are you doing” Cuier didnt understand, she watched helplessly as her attempts to help her tidy up her clothes were met with disapproval.

Dongfang Minghui waved her hand, “Its nothing.

You go out and guard, I wont call you, nor will you come in.” Cuier obediently backed out and closed the door.

Dongfang Minghui quickly replaced her normal attire with clothes akin to a servant girls, bundling her long hair and casually smearing powder on her face, “Cuier, this lady is hungry, go to the kitchen and see whats there to eat.

Bring this lady two desserts.”

“Yes, Miss.”

When Cuier left, Minghui looked through the cracks of the door and stealthily exited.

Once Dongfang Wan Yu left the household, she followed suit.

In order to prevent lady seven from noticing, she specifically disguised herself in mens clothing, her hair bundled high, a fan to cover her face.

She quietly followed the protagonist out.

“Theres a little tail behind your back.

Youre not afraid theyll get in our business” Wan Yu heard a cold male voice in her mind.

Wan Yu coldly hummed, “Would she now” She wanted to see what Minghui was up to.

In order to catch up with the heroine, Dongfang Minghui didnt dare to rest too much at night, afraid shell fall into a deep sleep.

In the daytime, she was fearful of resting for a moment.

After three days, grogginess and exhaustion took hold of her, yet the heroine was full of energy, as if it hadnt affected her at all.

“Not good, the dry food ran out, now what” Dongfang Minghui rummaged her bag, she brought enough money and lots of medicinal herbs, but her rations were lacking.

She thought training was exploring and sightseeing, staying in hotels, drinking and eating food.

She never expected to live in the forest, eating in the wind and being exposed to the cold, harsh elements trying to sleep.

After three days, she felt she couldnt handle it anymore.

Look, she bore several blisters on the soles of her feet, the pain was making her stay up all night.

The old blisters were bleeding and the new blisters were coming back.

“I cant handle another day like this.” Dongfang Minghui wanted to weep tearlessly, in this desolate wilderness, there was not even a single person she could complain to.

The next day, as the sun rose, the weeds in the wilderness shook dew from the leaves of the grass and mischievously scattered them all over Dongfang Minghui.

She smacked her lips and slept soundly.

“Get up, shes about to leave.”

“Lazy bum, shes leaving, once shes gone youll be finished.”

Dongfang Minghui flipped her body over, muttering, “Whos going”

“The mistress, shes already far away.” The blades of grass sighed, chattering in synch.


Dongfang Minghuis spirit ignited, she jumped up, looking around at the area Dongfang Wanyu was sleeping last night, not even half of her remains could be found.

“Holy **, thanks guys!” Dongfang Minghui hurriedly dressed herself, put on her boots and step by step, hurried forward.

“Shes catching up again, hey, your little sister has some skill.”

Dongfang Wanyu was not in the mood to respond to him, let alone putting on a soliloquy.

But the fact that Minghui could persist for so long was indeed out of her expectations.

After walking all morning, when she was about to enter the Purple Devil mountains, Dongfang Wanyu decided to take a break, choosing a place to rest.

Dongfang Minghui hid a fair distance away from her, scavenging her bag and unable to find a crumb of food, “Does this mean Ill starve to death”

She sat by the stump for some leisure, her stomach growling and rumbling from hunger.

Unexpectedly, she stood up and caught sight of a tiny white figure, “Hehe, theres food.”

Relying on her feeble spiritual powers, Dongfang Minghui managed to swiftly snatch the fat-looking rabbit.

Without much thought, she grabbed a branch and used it to roast over the fire.

As the rabbit baked, the scent naturally flew out, with drops of golden oil dripping onto the ground, causing Dongfang Minghui to drool uncontrollably.

In case the meat was not properly cooked, Dongfang Minghui made sure to roll over the meat twice, poking the flesh several times.

When the meat was soft and tender, Dongfang Minghui cut off one of the rabbits leg with a knife.

The rabbit leg was incredibly hot, she wrapped them in green leaves and took two mouthful of bites.

Without seasoning, the taste of rabbit meat was lacking.

Fortunately, it was baked over fire, the texture was crisp, it did enough to fill her stomach.

Once she finished, Dongfang Minghui was about cut off another leg, but noticed that opposite to where she was, there sat a squirrel-looking creature Full of fur with two ears that shook and shook.

A pair of grey eyes drooped down to her hands that held onto the meat.

Two paws were placed on its chest and a small tongue that licked and licked, appearing very gluttonous.

Its thick tail swished and swished on the grass.

Dongfang Minghuis first reaction towards it was,this little guy is adorable. She tried to bring the leg in front this adorable creature, “Hungry”

The little creatures ears twitched twice, its pink tongue licking its black nose.

Its pair of eyes stared at the rabbit leg.

“Since you look so cute, youll get a piece.” Dongfang Minghui very generously placed the rabbit leg in between its claws, regardless of whether or not the other party could hold it.

Its claws clasped onto the meat tightly and opened its mouth, exposing its sharp teeth to ravage its meal.

With aka ka ka, it managed to devour most of the flesh, quickly eating away the other half, leaving only bone.

Dongfang Minghui just turned away for a second before the whole rabbit disappeared.

She saw the creature lick his left paw, then his right.

It was still looking at her.

It seemed like it still wanted to eat

Dongfang Wanyu was still resting when she sniffed, catching scent of the meat and found sight of Dongfang Minghui and a little creature with big eyes.

“Poisonous Flower Lightning rat.”

The Lightning rat, a type of monster, was not highly ranked, but it was known to be as fast as lightning, bearing dangerous talons as its weapons.

It was said that a poisonous flower inhabited in the same environment with this rat for a long time.

This rat was also known as the Poisonous Flower Lightning Rat because of its long-term survival in search of food and being a companion to its toxins.

“How did you provoke it”

Dongfang Wanyu rushed over, one hand moving to grab a bag, the other reaching over for the soft whip around her waist.

As soon the as the lightning mouse would act, shed whip it enough to see colors.

As soon as the creature noticed her presence, the hairs on its body swiftly rose, glaring at her fiercely.

Dongfang Minghui shrugged her arms, “Seventh sister, I didnt provoke it, I guess it was just hungry, it came up to me by itself when I was roasting rabbit.

Look, it almost ate all of it.”

It ate one whole leg from a fat rabbit, almost everything entered into the stomach of this little thing.

It was so small, how could it eat so much.

It had already finished eating, but it gawked at her innocently, making her feel like not giving more food would be committing a crime.

“Come on, that fragrance of yours is too attractive.” Wan Yu urged.

Dongfang Minghuis eyes grew and thought, was the protagonist inviting her to come along Wow, so exciting! “Alright, lets go.”

As for the leftovers of the rabbit, Dongfang Minghui placed the rest in front of the Lightning mouse, “Here, you can have all of it.”

The Lightning mouse kept blinking at Dongfang Minghui, its tongue still licking.

“Seventh sister, dont you think it looks cute

As she trod along, Dongfang Minghui smiled, had the heroine not appeared, shed have planned to take the little cute thing with her, maybe it wouldve made things more fun.

“Cute Thats because you havent seen it killing people, with one light scrape from its poisonous claws, death would be instant.”

Dongfang Minghui choked on her saliva, throwing a wide-eyed stare at her.

Dongfang Wanyu threw back a complex look, questioning on the sincerity of her ignorance.

“Go, dont make fire if you cant fight fire in the Purple Devil mountains.” The female protagonist kindly reminded her.

Dongfang Minghui was still in the middle of processing the moments that almost cost her life, delaying a response before yelling, “The Purple Devil Mountains!”

Dongfang Wanyu looked at her strangely, not understanding the fuss.

“Seventh sister, didnt you say you wanted to go to the Royal Institute” Dongfang Minghui was surprised, no one who entered Purple Devil Mountains ever came out alive.

It was filled with demonic beasts with danger appearing at every step of the way.

Given how weak she was, it seemed to be a foregone conclusion shed be gobbled up by the demonic beasts.

Dongfang Wanyu smiled and said, “The Purple Devil Mountains is the only way to travel to the royal institution, whats so strange about it”

“Saying this, you still havent told me your reasons for tailing me”

It was good she didnt mention it, but when she did speak up, she suddenly recalled Minghuis departure.

Why did Dongfang Minghui leave and follow her

Eh, Dongfang Minghui lit a candle for herself.

“Last time my cousin visited my house, he said a lot of interesting things during his training, I was curious and wanted to join in as well.” She already prepared an excuse to be placed on the table.

Dongfang Wanyu rolled her eyes twice towards her, clicking her tongue, “Thats it Did your mother approve Did your father agree”

Dongfang Minghui hung her head low with a guilty conscience, muttering, “Not really.”

“Then how did you get out” Dongfang Wanyu repeated her question.

Dongfang Minghui made a clear account on how she disguised herself as a servant and sent away Cuier, as well as how she managed to evade the gaze of the guards as she escaped through a hole in a wall.

“Seventh sister, take me with you, I promise I wont cause trouble for you.”

Dongfang Wanyu had no time to refuse, she heard a loud noise from the groves.

“Seventh sister, take me with you, Ill be obedient.”

“Shush, be quiet.”

Dongfang Minghui covered her mouth, staring at the protagonist with widened eyes.

“Stay here and dont move, Ill go look.”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to come with her, but she was fearful the heroines expressions would ruthlessly flip, so the best option would just be to wait, “And, I dont know whats going on over there.”

In the middle of the night, it probably wasnt good.

“Little grass, little grass, can you tell me whats happening” Minghui fiddled with a blade of grass and whispered to it.

“Aiya, you wanna know~ Touch me more, then Ill tell you.” An especially tender voice appeared in Minghuis mind.

Dongfang Minghui reached out to touch and its leaves, dotting it back it forth with a tip of her finger, “If it isnt comfy, let me know.”

“Comfortable, touch there more.”

Dongfang Minghui could imagine the other party closing their eyes in pleasure.

It was laughable to the point where she couldnt help but aggravate the strength in her fingers, “Dont be naughty, lets talk.”

“Humans and evil bugs are fighting.”

Ah, so the reason why female protagonist ran over was to assist that young brother

TL rambles:

God have mercy on me, ive finally finished this chapter

毒花閃電鼠 = Dú huā shǎndiàn shǔ = Poisonous Flower Lightning rat

I wish theres a simplified way of saying it but the name is too literal to be simplified any further.

; w ;

Also, the part where she goes “Holy **!” literally in pinyin is “Aiyo ma ya!” just to note.

Edit: Ah ** i made a mistake in the last part, ok ok last part actually mentioned the monster,, a bug of some s ort


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