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Foreign invasion

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada






“Ah ah ah! Don’t! Ah ah!” Moussa couldn’t bear it.

She cried as she shook her head.

Her long disheveled hair was swinging along with the chaotic dance.


“Please, ah!”



You are so good.

So strong.

Oooh! Spare me, ah!”


“So deep, ah! So much, no!”



Gently, ah! Slow down, please.


Ah ah ah ah!”


Moussa whimpered and cried.

She shouted all the words she could think of at the moment, but it still didn’t work.

Chelsea couldn’t stop the force and pounded her fast and hard.

She was so bent and wet, dripping with juice.


Eventually, Moussa had no choice but to reach down and grab Chelsea’s lower body, rubbing it gently.


Chelsea really did not resist her trick and ruthlessly impaled a few times and came.


He then laid Moussa on her back and panted roughly on top of her.

When he got over his breath, he then bit Moussa hard on her shoulders.

He glared at her fiercely and said through gritted teeth, “You little devil, you made me come so quickly again.”


Moussa’s eyes glittered with tears.

She turned her head away and ignored him, but in her heart, she complained.

“That’ s what you call fast If you had been slower, I would have been killed by you.” There was no clock here, so she didn’t know precisely how long it took him.


However, she knew based on the feeling that it would never be less than an hour.

Besides, Chelsea was very impatient to do foreplay.

Occasionally, on a whim, he would tease her to beg him to enter.

However, the rest of the time, he would not do a few minutes of foreplay, and then he would take the gun.


Moussa felt that she was being tossed around by him every day, yet she was still healthy and alive.

It was a miracle.


Chelsea pressed Moussa and kissed her for a while, then helped her put her clothes back on and carried her out.

Although he wanted to do it again, this place was really too cold.

He was worried about Moussa’s weak body and afraid that she could not stand it, so he had to give up.


Moussa comfortably nestled in Chelsea’s arms and let him carry her all the way home.

She was not lazy and didn’t want to walk, but she was too weak to do it.


When she got home, Chelsea was afraid that Moussa would get cold and boiled water for her to take a hot bath.

He also made hot soup and coaxed her to drink a big bowl of it.


Moussa was angry with him for forcing her into the cold room despite her wishes.

Although she cooperated, at most half-heartedly, she was uncomfortable and did not want to be pretentious.

Who let him retaliate that strong Not only was he making love at home, he asked her to have her head down and look.

She refused to look, so he tried to torment her.


Chelsea saw Moussa’s face was not good and knew that she was upset again.

However, he still enjoyed her minor irritation occasionally.

So with a smile on his face, he kneaded her body here and there.

Moussa closed her eyes in comfort and grunted.

Not long after, her breathing gradually stabilized, and she fell asleep.


Chelsea was a bit dumbfounded.

He was trying to please her so much and wanted to f*ck her hard a few times when she was not upset anymore.

He did not expect her to fall asleep so soon.


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