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Chapter 80.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada




I… should have not misunderstood you.

I … ” Moussa was tapped by him.

Her body was hot, and she could not help but become wet.

She shyly twisted her waist and tried to avoid it, but she was pressed to his arms and could not move.


“Misunderstand me what Hmm” Chelsea leaned on for a moment on the soft skin of her neck.

He gently nibbled on it, and his fingertips teasingly stroked the sensitive little ball of flesh between her legs, bringing her a burst of tingling.


“Hmm …… is a misunderstanding.” Moussa began to speak.

She could not just say that she misunderstood his old relationship with Philo and had a fling.

Her brain ran fast and finally found his fault.

She blurted out, “You had to patrol outside all night last night.

Why didn’t you come back and tell me, making me scared.”


“Were you scared I don’t see it.” Chelsea stared at her somewhat sadly.

Then said, “As soon as I returned to the village yesterday, I was called by the elders to discuss countermeasures.

It was not until dark that I was released.

I wanted to come back to tell you, but a certain little heartless had gone to bed.

Not only did she not go out to look for me, but she did not even wait for me.

And you say whose fault is this, eh ”


Moussa was speechless.

She seemed to be angry yesterday and went to bed early with the torch out.

Did she really overthink She was wrong.


So thinking about it, her temper weakened.

Murmuring, “Then you can ……”


Before Moussa could finish, she was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Chelsea, you go check it out.

Philo has been shivering since she woke up and refuses to eat.

No one can talk her out of it.”


Chelsea froze for a moment, then came back to his senses.

He answered loudly at the door, “Yes, I know.

You go back first.

I’ll be right there.”


Moussa heard him say that he was going to see Philo and was very upset.

She turned her head and bit Chelsea hard on the nose.


Chelsea hissed in pain.

But for fear of hurting her, he did not dare to struggle and let her bite.


Moussa did not release until she tasted the salty taste of blood and then pushed him away.

Sitting expressionlessly on the bed, she looked askance at him and said, “You go ahead.”


Chelsea touched his nose, which still stung a bit, and said dotingly, “Wife, you’re really violent.

You have bitten a hole.”


Moussa glared at him and gloated, “Serves you right.”


Chelsea pretended to be annoyed and pounced on her.

He gave her a deep kiss, then let her go when she was panting and said soothingly, “Wife, I’m going to check on her.

I’ll be back soon.

You stay at home and don’t go anywhere.

The village is not very safe these days.”


“If you want to go, then hurry up and go.

Why so much nonsense.” Moussa snapped and snarled.


“Little thing, you are really irritating.

See how I come back to clean you up.” Chelsea said fiercely and did not relent and bit her on the lips.

On hearing her cry out in pain, he let her go.

He turned over and got out of bed, and walked out slowly.


Moussa lay on her back.

Looking at his departing back, her small hand stroked the cooling animal skin beside her.

She felt uneasy.

It was not that she did not trust Chelsea, but she was afraid.

She was scared that he was also like her ex-boyfriend, who could not resist the temptation to do something wrong.


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