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Chelsea was so annoyed by her crying that he pulled out his hot rod and fingers buried inside her.

He grabbed the animal skin skirt by the bed and put it around him.

He helped Moussa put on her clothes and picked her up, then walked out.


Moussa did not know where he was going to take her.

Anyway, as long as Chelsea didn’t toss her on the bed.

But it was already dark outside, and you could clearly hear the roar of wild animals.

Moussa clung to Chelsea’s neck in fear.

Is he tired of her and wanted to throw her out


“Chelsea, I.”

Moussa was just about to beg him not to throw her away when he covered her mouth to keep her from making a sound.


Moussa then noticed that he had taken her outside the window of someone’s house.

Since the window was not closed, they could clearly hear the people’s noise inside the room.

“Ah give me! Give me more attention! Ah so good! Come again, dear! Yes, eat me and tear me!”


Moussa was shocked to hear a hoarse male voice shouting frantically.

She didn’t have to look to know what was going on in the room.

She never thought Chelsea would bring her to eavesdrop on someone else’s business.


Following that were familiar sounds of banging bodies with ambiguous gasps.

There was also the sound of climax.


Moussa blushed at the sounds.

She struggled in his arms and wanted him to take her away.


Chelsea’s hands tighten around her waist to stop her from struggling and forced her to listen further.


“Baby, do you want to cut me off You’re so tight.

Relax, relax, relax.

Do you feel good, baby Do you feel good when I bang you like this Do you want me to do it more”


After a while, another more wild sound came from inside the room.


“Sander, Ah! Faster and harder! Bang all of me! You are so intense! I love you so much.



Moussa could not listen to it anymore.

She covered her ears with her hands.


Chelsea got so fired up himself that he picked up Moussa and left as quickly as he could.

They just stepped into their house.

Before they could return to the bed, Chelsea held her against the door.

He ripped off his animal skin skirt, pulled her clothes up, snug between her legs, and pushed in hard.


“Mmm,” Moussa muffled a moan.

It was good that she was still wet enough from his previous entry.

He then went in so hard that it did not hurt her too much.

Perhaps she was already used to such pain.


This never-before-tried position stimulated Chelsea’s beast.

He kissed her almost like a bite while riding her legs, relentlessly pushing in, pulling out, and pushing in again.


The door behind Moussa slammed back against her and made a loud rattling sound.

Moussa’s back rubbed with the rough door, but a strange feeling of pleasure rose.

Moussa’s heart tightened.

Could she be a legendary masochist After being treated by him like this, she could still experience a strange feeling of pleasure after getting used to it.


“Ah!” Chelsea’s fierce upward thrusts brought her back to her senses.


“Beg me to go harder! Beg me to rip you apart and eat you.

Say that.”

Chelsea quenched his thirst a little and forced her to say what other females would tell if they had been submissive.


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