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Chelsea was in some pain, but more indescribable pleasure, at this time.

At this point, he did not want to go out.

His hands rubbed Moussa’s buttocks, and the force of his thrusts did not lessen but became more brutal and rough.

At each stroke, he pounded deep into the uterus, forcing its opening to take the huge glans in its entirety.

“Not going out, want to go in.

Go in.

Opening your inside a little more.

Little thing, is it comfortable to be f*cked hard during orgasm”




Ah! No! Ooooo! Please, Chelsea.

Ah!” Unspeakable tingling and sore comfort swept over Moussa at the same time, causing her to let out a moan that seemed like pain and pleasure.

She instinctively twisted her waist, rising and falling in response to Chelsea’s thrusting speed.


Hearing her delicate pleas for mercy should have been pitiful.

Still, Chelsea saw her lying naked beneath him with her black hair scattered on the snow-white animal skin that was drenched with sweat and stuck to her neck and lips.

Her mouth was slightly open, and she was screaming, with her beautiful face flushed with lust.

She was covered with old and new hickeys and bite marks, and her lower part, which could not be stretched, was flowing with sticky white transparent fluid along the inside of her thighs.

He continued to go in and out of her, but she also shook unconsciously.

The gesture became more and more provocative.

Watching her being pumped by him was pitiful but unusually charming, making his animal blood boil, and he wanted to make more effort to f*ck her to death.


“Aaaah!” The long and thick member pounded viciously and fiercely into Moussa’s cervix at every turn.

The painful and tingling sensation tightened and tensed Moussa’s heart, and with his several violent rushes, the string snapped.

Moussa screamed and grabbed the animal skin underneath her, raising her waist high, and her whole body trembled violently.

“So tight.

Relax, baby.

Do you want to strangle me Hmm” Chelsea did not give Moussa the slightest time to catch her breath and forcefully spread her legs and charged hard savagely as she came in the middle of her orgasm.




Ah!” Moussa began to ache as he mashed her and had her legs torn apart by his vigorous efforts.


She now began to regret that she shouldn’t have provoked him.

He was wild enough in this sexual matter in the past, and now that he has been provoked by her, he became a complete beast.

The speed and force were simply not something she could bear.

More so, she also promised to let him do it for one night, and also in the form of a beast, she was really asking for death.


“Baby, I love you.

Love you.

Roar,” after an unknown time, just when Moussa was about to faint from his wild rampage, Chelsea roared.

He pressed down hard, holding tightly against Moussa’s buttocks, shaking violently and then shooting all the hot essence into Moussa’s aching womb.


“Ah!” Moussa was burned by him and screamed and came with him.


After the climax, Moussa panted and fell limp on the bed, too tired to move.


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