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But Chelsea roared at the moment of climax.

She really heard the words that Chelsea had never said that he loved her.

To her surprise, Moussa initially thought that this rude beastman didn’t know what love was, and he knew and said it when she was about to leave him.


Although they said that the words of men in bed could not be trusted, at this moment, Moussa would like to believe that Chelsea really loved her.

This would make her feel better.

After all, she did not come to this other world for nothing; at least a man said he loved her.


“Baby, why are you crying Did I hurt you Did I hurt you” Chelsea was breathing heavily as he braced against Moussa when he suddenly saw her tears streaming down her face.

Although she cried loudly every time he f*cked her in bed, which turned him on the louder she screamed, she would stop shedding tears as soon as it was over.

In this case, she cried even more, when it was over.

Chelsea was flustered and at a loss for words as he wiped her tears and asked softly.


Fearing that Chelsea would see the signs, Moussa hurriedly collected her tears.

She shook her head and choked, “Husband, can you repeat what you just said”


Chelsea was slightly stunned, then smiled.

Then he pretended to be serious and recalled, “I said many things.

Which one do you want to hear Baby, you are so tight, this one”


Chelsea’s casual flirtation with her made Moussa blush and shyly turn her face away, whispering, “No, the last one.”


“The last sentence” Chelsea pretended to think seriously for a moment and then said, “So tight.

Relax, baby.

You want to strangle me This sentence”


Chelsea deliberately teased Moussa with the look of gasping for breath during the passion.

Moussa was shy and annoyed as she gave him a twist on the waist and yelled, “The sentence said at the time of climax.”


“Little thing, is it comfortable to be f*cked hard when you come That one” Chelsea responded in kind and then smacked her lips in the end, remembering the look.


“You,” Moussa was teased by him to the point of shame, annoyance, and anxiety, and her eyes were red again.


Chelsea then realized that he seemed to tease a little too much.

He hurriedly softly coaxed, “Baby, I love you.

I love you.

Don’t cry.

I’m wrong.

I won’t tease you, don’t cry.” While saying so, he kissed her brow and eyes affectionately.


“Hmm,” Moussa was kissed, coaxed, and caressed by him.

Her heart became more and more torn, and she forced herself to hold back her tears and said, “Repeat it.”


“Okay, I will repeat it as many times as you want.

I love you, I love you, baby, wife.” Chelsea didn’t dare to tease her this time and murmured softly in her ear.


“I love you too, husband,” Moussa answered with a choked sob, with tears spilling out of her eyes uncontrollably.


Chelsea was stunned, then kissed her head in ecstasy.

He fiercely pried her teeth open and pushed his tongue inside her mouth.

Chelsea was not satisfied with her slow movements.

He dragged out her soft, slippery tongue, bit the tip, and sucked hard.


Moussa relaxed her body and pressed herself against him, whimpering in response to the kneading efforts he was making on her body.


Chelsea was instantly hard again, and he let go of the panting Moussa.

He pulled his wet member out of her and guided all the fluid out of it.


Then he carried her to the bed and put her in a kneeling position.

He also put several animal skins under her stomach to raise her ass up high without any effort.


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