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Acceptance Of Happiness In The Form Of A Beast

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



Moussa allowed him to do it, but her heart was drumming.

Was he going to use the beast form She licked her lips nervously and said in a delicate voice, “Husband, I’m so tired.

Let me take a break.” Although she agreed to use the beast form, she was still scared at the thought of the size and wondered if Chelsea would agree to it if she reneged now.


Chelsea slapped her on her little raised bottom and mocked softly, “What, little thing are you trying to cheat again Hmm”


“No, I’m not cheating, and I’m just tired.

Let me rest for a while, okay” Moussa sat up and leaned back against him, shaking his arm and pouting at him.


“Be good and lie down.

I’ll let you sleep this time.

be good.” Chelsea coaxed her to lie down.

However, his hand was inside her, and he worked on it.


Hearing him say this, Moussa was even more sure that he would use the beast form this time.

In her heart, she kept hypnotizing herself not to be nervous.

However, she was still nervous, and even her flower was gradually drying up.


“Baby, why is your hole getting dryer and dryer We need to get some water out of it, or you’re going to get hurt.” Chelsea pulled his fingers out of her and covered her from behind.

His hands went around to the front to play with the softness of her breasts and asked tentatively, “What’s wrong, are you scared”


Moussa shook her head and whispered, “No, I’m just a little nervous.” After a pause, she still couldn’t help but instruct, “Later, you have to be gentle.

Don’t penetrate too deep, and it will hurt if it’s too deep.”


Chelsea was very touched to see her like this.

The little thing was obviously terrified but held on to not say.

At the moment, he wanted to stop without making her afraid of the shape of the beast.

However, once he thought of what the elders were doing recently, he had to be ruthless.

At best, he could use it once a year, and according to his ability, once should be enough to make her conceive.


Thinking of this, Chelsea kissed her on the cheek.

Softly he said comfortingly, “Okay, I will be gentle, and I will not penetrate too deep.

You relax, don’t be nervous.

Feel me well.

I love you.” Chelsea said as he moved down, lying between her legs and licking her slit.


Chelsea was very patient this time.

He did foreplay, lips, and fingers in turn and stimulated Moussa to have another orgasm.

She lay on her back on the animal skin with her eyes closed and humming weakly as she became wet.


Chelsea thought it was time.

While Moussa was still intoxicated, he hurriedly transformed into his beast form.

His entire body covered her, and Chelsea held up his member, several turns larger than his human form.

He squeezed the huge head in with a lot of force.


“Ah! It hurts,” Moussa was unprepared.

Her entrance to her cave was so hard to open up, and the intense pain made her scream.


Seeing Moussa crying out terribly, the beast-shaped Chelsea with only remaining reason to hold on to the desire to thrust to the end, inserted in her body still.

Waiting for her to adapt, he stuck out his long tongue, which had a thin barb, licking her snowy neck gently one by one, trying to make her relax.



Moussa whimpered, resisting the urge to flee.

She tried to relax and adapt to the enormity behind her.

Moussa kept hypnotizing that Chelsea was behind her, not a white lion.

Chelsea loved her, and she had to relax her body and let him in.

It wouldn’t hurt if he came all the way in, and he wouldn’t hurt her


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