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Moussa hadn’t completely relaxed when Chelsea couldn’t hold back a bit.

Heavy panting mixed with hot air puffed from his nostrils straight to the back of Moussa’s neck, causing her to tremble lightly and tighten herself a few more times.


“Roar,” Chelsea could not hold back any longer.

He leaned down and rammed in hard.


“Ahhhhh!” The entire passage was stretched out hard, and the indescribable sharp pain made Moussa blackout and almost faint.


Chelsea in beast form was not only much larger than in human form, but the surface of the meat stick was not as smooth as it was in human form.

It was filled with countless small protrusions, much like a smaller version of a mace.


“Ah! Gently.


Don’t go in anymore.

It hurts.

Ah!” Moussa took a breather.

She felt the fierce weapon inside her had reached the cervix and was still trying to push inside.

She twisted her waist in fear and tried to avoid it.


“Roar,” Chelsea, no, at this moment should be called more appropriate a white lion.

After several times without fully penetrating his sex weapon, he was impatient.

He roared low, leaned down his upper body, pressed his entire body against Moussa so that she could not move, and then thrust forward immediately.


“Ah!” Moussa was pierced completely, and her cervix was forced to open up and tremble as she gulped his huge member.


The white lion’s huge member went into Moussa’s, and the extreme tightness made the last trace of his sanity as a human being disappear.

The beast’s instinct became dominant, and the huge member slammed into Moussa’s body roughly and ferociously.


“Ah! Ooo! Aaah! Pain.

Ah! Stop! I’m going to.



Aaaah!” Moussa’s hole and even the delicate cervix were stretched by the white lion’s huge member to nearly split open.

With every entry, the inner walls twitched, bringing unparalleled pleasure to the violent white lion.

Moussa felt that her internal organs would vomit out of her mouth as he worked.


The numerous small protrusions on his member were violently rubbing against her delicate inner walls.

They seemed to have broken the skin, and the whole passage was hot and sore, bringing her even more intense stimulation and making her cry out in a frenzy.




Huffing,” The white lion, who was all over Moussa, was panting heavily while using his thick member to thrust wildly inside Moussa’s, which was so tight and slippery that he couldn’t stop and just wanted more.


“Ahhh!” Moussa was shaking from the huge impact behind her with the white lion, and she felt a blackness in front of her eyes.

She opened her mouth wide to breathe hard, occasionally letting out meaningless grunts.


Gradually, the intense pain was replaced by numbness, and Moussa’s sanity became confused.

She was secretly glad that she could finally pass out.

Only when she was awake again, the ‘mace’ inside her continue to maul her.

This made Moussa wonder if she hadn’t passed out at all but had only briefly blinked.


“Ah! Hurry up.

Hurry up and get out.

I’m dying.

Ah!” Moussa’s voice was already hoarse from crying, but the white lion was still pounding ferociously.

Moussa didn’t know how much longer she could take it, and the increasingly dizzying feeling made her feel like she was about to die.


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