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The white lion seemed to feel the breath of the little person beneath him weakening and hurriedly accelerated again to send dozens of strokes.

Only then did the head of the fierce weapon withdraw slightly to the mouth of the womb, and then came a powerful blast.


“Ah!” Excessive burning essence filled Moussa’s womb, making her moan a long time, and then fell soft, unconscious.


The white lion was shocked to find that the little person beneath him seemed to be not breathing and hurriedly pulled himself out and turned her over with his front paws.

He stuck his long and thick tongue into her mouth, trying to give her air, and put his front paws on her chest to check if she still had a heartbeat.


Fortunately, there was a heartbeat.

Moussa was only tossed by him and did not come up for air.

With this breath, she woke up.


The white lion saw her wake up and calm down.

Chelsea looked at her with a smile on his face, his tongue kept stirring in her mouth, and his front paws pressed gently on the softness of her chest.


“No,” Moussa turned her head to the side, refusing to let a lion stick its tongue into her mouth.

Somewhat disgusted, she reached out and pushed his hand against her chest, trying to push him away from her body.


Earlier, he had been behind her back.

She had also had her eyes closed and hypnotized herself that the person behind her was Chelsea in human form.

Therefore, although it hurt, it was not as shocking as it was at the moment.


The white lion was slightly annoyed at her aversion.

Chelsea lifted his front paws and pressed down on her two hands, then stuck out his tongue on her pursed lips and kept licking them, with the attitude that he would not stop until she opened her mouth.


Moussa’s lips were a little sore from his licking, so she had no choice but to open her mouth, let his big tongue in, and then obediently suck.


The white lion was comfortable in her sucking.

At the end, when Chelsea saw that Moussa’s eyes were red again, he pulled his tongue out and hurriedly took on his human form.

He covered her again, kissed her red and swollen mouth, and softly coaxed her, “Baby, don’t cry, don’t cry.

Look at you.

You’re made of water, and you’re in tears.

Hmm, do not cry.

Your hole is very sore, right I will help you wipe and then apply for medicine.



Moussa did not want to leave him the impression that she was a crybaby on their last night, so she sniffled and nodded.


When Chelsea saw that she was not crying, he got up and got some hot water, then soaked the animal skin and helped her wipe her lower body, which he had ravaged.





You be careful,” Moussa bit her lower lip, tensing her body to endure the unbearable pain at the point where she was touched.



I am going to be gentle.

Go gentle.” Chelsea’s soft voice reassured.

The side of the hole that mixed with blood and white liquid was gently wiped clean.

He carefully examined the next and found that several minor splits had opened and were seeping out with blood.

Chelsea was heartbroken and regretted it.

He hurriedly took the pain and swelling ointment to carefully apply it in layers.


The cooling sensation between her legs was no longer so uncomfortable, and Moussa gradually relaxed and fell asleep from exhaustion.


When Chelsea finished cleaning up, Moussa had been sleeping for a long time.

Chelsea gently laid down on her side, kissed her forehead dotingly, and took her into his arms.

The corners of his mouth were curled in satisfaction as he slept.


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