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Translated by Ada

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Chelsea looked back at him sharply and said, “Yes, she already has my child in her belly.

I just planted the seed, and she was forced to leave before I could tell her.”


The five elders were shocked at his words.

The black-haired elder grasped the point from his words and asked further, “You just planted the seed In that case, she has not been pregnant because you have not planted the seed” He was shocked that he had not planted the seed after being so anxious to get Moussa pregnant.


Chelsea frankly admitted, “Yes, I have never laid the seed.

In the beginning, I was willing to listen to you and became partners with Moussa because I respected you and did not want to go against your wishes.

But you should not make the mistake of thinking that you can manipulate everything about me.

When to lay the seed is my business, and you do not need to tell me what to do.

Besides, since she is already my partner, she will be for the rest of my life.

The only thing I will recognize in my life is that she is my partner, and I will only lay the seed on her, so … hum!”


Chelsea did not continue.

He believed his meaning had been clearly conveyed to the elders, so they should help him get Moussa back only if they were terrified of the white lion’s extinction.

Chelsea did not want to pursue the who was responsible now, and he now wanted to get Moussa back as soon as possible.

Since the purpose had been achieved, Chelsea turned around and went out.

Next, he would talk to Ryan, hoping to find Moussa’s clues from him.


Chelsea broke through the door when Ryan was still pretending to sleep.

At the sound of the loud bang, Ryan’s heart cackled! He knew the time had finally come.


Pretending to be surprised, he jumped up from the bed and looked warily at the door.

When he saw that it was Chelsea, he frowned and asked, “Chelsea What’s wrong with you this early in the morning”


Chelsea stared at him coldly and sharply and said word for word, “Moussa is missing.

Where did you hide her”


Ryan froze for a moment.

He didn’t expect Chelsea to ask him so bluntly and was a bit overwhelmed to react.


After that, he composed his mind.

Immediately, the expression on his face was first shocked, then disbelief, then anxiety.

He jumped straight to Chelsea’s side and grabbed him tightly by the shoulder with a single movement.

His fingernails almost sank into his flesh, and he asked sternly, “What exactly did you do to her, and why did she leave you”


Chelsea took a step back and swatted his hand away as hard as possible.

Instead of talking to him, he warned, “If you’re the one who’s hiding her, I suggest you send her back right now.

I just seeded her.

You should know what happens to a pregnant female without the nourishment provided by a male.”


“You seeded her She’s pregnant” Ryan froze for a moment and finally found his tongue and asked in a shaky voice.


“Yes, she’s pregnant.” Chelsea couldn’t be sure if Moussa was pregnant either, but he had to tell him so.


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