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“Ah!” Moussa could not help but exclaim when her breast was suddenly grabbed.

But when she opened her mouth, Ryan’s tongue took the opportunity to enter and poked around in her small mouth.


Moussa only felt a slippery thing in her mouth.

She knew it was Ryan’s tongue, but it didn’t taste like Chelsea’s, making her feel disgusted.

She tried to bite it, but he was always nimble enough to avoid it.

Moussa stuck out her tongue to push him away, but he caught it again and dragged it into his mouth, and sucked it vigorously.


Moussa wanted to pull her tongue back, but he sucked it firmly that she could not pull back.

He sucked her tongue to numbness, and Moussa’s tears fell down.


Ryan was trapped in an uncontrollable surge of lust and could not see Moussa’s struggles or her tears.

Instead, the soft and elastic under his hands and the sweet taste between his lips drove him crazy.

God knows that he waited for this moment.

Now that he got what he wanted, how could he not go crazy


The big hand rubbing on her breasts gradually went down and pushed hard between her legs to feel for the mysterious entrance he had been thinking about for so long.


At the same time, he let go of her mouth, which was a bit red and swollen from his kisses and made his way down along with his lips.

He nibbled twice on her collarbone, then came to her chest, and couldn’t help but take the red tassel of her breast into his mouth and carefully lick them.


“No, Ryan.

You wake up, wake up.

Let go of me, let go of me!” Moussa cried as loudly as she could as soon as her lips were released.


The man on top of her was not moved in the least.

His large hand squeezed between her legs, finally touching the entrance of her womanhood, and shoved one long and thick finger in there in excitement.


“Ah!” The humiliation of being raped made Moussa unable to move at all, and her flower was still not wet at all.

He squeezed in hard like this, causing Moussa to scream out loud in pain.


“Do not.

Ryan, do not! Oooo! Chelsea, help me, help me!” Moussa continued to be ravaged by Ryan’s fingers down there.

Still, although it was rational to resist his entry, she was involuntarily secreting nectar to adapt to the invasion of the foreign object.


The softness of her breasts was nibbled by him, and the pain and numbness rose, so her body gradually lost the strength to struggle.

Moussa felt she was about to lose her grip and cried helplessly, praying that Chelsea would suddenly appear to save her.


“Chelsea, help me, help me…” Why, why things would turn out this way The most gentle Ryan, the most considerate Ryan, how could he do this to her Was the man pressing down on her at the moment and inflicting violence really Ryan Moussa still couldn’t believe it at the moment.


Chelsea never showed up, but Ryan pulled his fingers out of her, ripped off his animal skin skirt, and felt her with his rock-hard rod jabbing at her entrance.


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