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The woman’s eyes were closed for a long time, but he still couldn’t sleep.

Seeing that it was almost daylight, Chelsea couldn’t help but roll over and pin Moussa below him.

He reached out and explored the wetness of her vag and held himself slowly inside.

Knowing that she was swollen, he didn’t dare to enter the whole thing.

He stopped at the deepest part and started to pull out and push in on a smaller level.


“Mmm.” Moussa woke up in a daze and saw clearly that the person pressing her was Chelsea.

She felt her p*ssy being pushed up to the maximum, and then he slowly pulled out.

It was accompanied by a tingling wave of electricity that stimulated her to twist her waist and clamp him involuntarily.


Seeing her awake, Chelsea pounded her roguishly.

Each time he pulled out, only the head was left.

On the other hand, when he entered, he suddenly plunged heavily inside her cervix.


“Ah! Gently,” the intense stimulation caused Moussa to scream and raise her waist, contracting herself to clamp him hard.


“Mmmm.” Chelsea muffled a grunt caused by her clamping.

He withdrew himself and pumped lightly at her entrance.


When Moussa stopped being so tight, Chelsea suddenly pushed himself hard into her entrance.


“Uh!” Moussa got tormented by him in such a way that she was going crazy, desperately twisting herself, not knowing whether to tighten or loosen.


Chelsea watched her so helpless and crazy.

He seemed to enjoy playing and always hit her hard when she was not expecting it.


After a few times of the successive hard ins and outs, Moussa kept screaming and shaking.

Her mouth opened slightly, and she let out a long moan and came.


Chelsea also could not hold back and come deep inside her.

Pressing her down, Chelsea checked the sky.

He had to get up for breakfast and get ready to go hunting.


He was not finished with her.

He kissed and kneaded her for a while before he whispered, “I’m going out hunting.

You sleep again.

When you wake up, get up and eat your meal.

I’ll put it on the table for you.”


Achieving his desire, he grew talkative.


Moussa opened her sleepy eyes and listened to his instructions.

She felt warm in her heart.

Turning to him, she kissed him again on the lips and whispered, “Be safe.”


After thinking about it and shyly turning around, she softly added, “Come back early.” That seemed to be the first time she wanted him to come back early.


Chelsea’s heart warmed at her words.

He suddenly felt that having such a partner did not seem so bad.


He calmed down and tugged the animal skin next to him, and put it over her.

He was afraid that if he didn’t get out of bed, he wouldn’t be able to leave the house today.


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