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First Encounter

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


“Phew, it’s heavy.” Tian Xin panted as she looked up and down at the large golden-haired lion.

It seemed to be breathing, but she didn’t know whether it was injured or old and dying.

But looking at the blood on the corner of its mouth, most likely, it was injured.


Tian Xin was in trouble with how she should handle it.

Whether to kill it while it was still unconscious, then skin it for clothes, and then save some meat for food, or save it Perhaps it would be grateful to her and then willing to be her guard.

The TV said that animals were very spiritual, but she did not know if it was true or not.


Food vs.

guard Tian Xin considered it for a while and finally decided to save it.

After all, if she met any fierce beasts again in this deep forest, her life would not be safe, and it would be much safer to have a lion as a guard.


The first thing she did was take out a bundle of rope from her backpack and tie the golden-haired lion in a knot.

Then she got the only piece of chocolate left from her bag, broke off half of it, and stuffed it into its mouth.


Although she wanted to save it, she could only do this.

Didn’t they say that beast has a strong ability to heal itself or that it probably fainted from starvation The only food ration she had left was half of it, and if it still didn’t survive, it wasn’t her fault.


After feeding it, Tian Xin sat down next to it and played with its shiny fur.

She expressed a tsk-tsk sound of admiration, “Wow, this fur is excellent.

Peeling off its skin and taking it back will definitely sell for a high price when it dies.

Tsk ……”


But if Ryan was not injured, coupled with several days without water and rice, not to mention the exhaustion of physical strength, hearing her words would also have him fainted.


“Hmm,” After a while, the half piece of chocolate in Ryan’s mouth all melted to finally play a role, allowing the unconscious Ryan to wake up.


When Tian Xin saw that the lion had opened its eyes, she immediately patted its head excitedly and made it look at her.

Then she took a step back to make sure it couldn’t bite her before she said superiorly, “Hey, big lion, I saved you.

I’m your benefactor, and you must repay me, you know”


Ryan’s sanity gradually became clear.

He saw that the female in front of him was not Moussa.

Although she was about the same size as Moussa, even her smell was similar, but she was not her.

Their voices were different, and Moussa’s hair was long, while she had short hair and her skin was darker than Moussa’s.


Yes, how could it be Moussa At the moment, she was staying by Chelsea’s side, waiting for a baby to be born, so how could she remember him, the bastard who tried to hurt her


Tian Xin only saw the golden-haired lion glance at her for a moment and then seemed disappointed.

It bowed its head and slumped to the ground.


It was not willing to take care of her.

This realization made Tian Xin froze for a moment that it looked down at her.

Could it be that she was too thin so that this big lion did not even have the desire to eat her


“Bah!” She wasn’t hoping that it would desire to eat her, but it was annoying that it was so dismissive of her.


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