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Moussa felt as if she was paralyzed.

Should she really live like this for ten months Oh God, it had only been a few days, and Moussa was going crazy.

She really wanted to die if she had to live like that for ten months.


Chelsea finished cleaning the house and climbed to bed to lie down next to her.

His big hands habitually went inside her clothes and caressed her belly.


Moussa turned around and wrapped her arms around his waist, and said, “Chelsea, I’m bored.

Can you take me out for a walk”


“Where do you want to go” Chelsea asked casually, but his mind was not on it at all.

While saying that, he moved to take her earlobe and nibble on it, and his hands covered the softness of her breasts quietly.


“Stop it.

I am serious now.” Moussa squeezed his hands that kept kneading her breasts.

She pushed them a few times and still couldn’t budge them.


“I am also serious too.

The baby is hungry, and it is time for me to feed him.” Chelsea said seriously, not stopping the movement of his hands.


“You,” Moussa was angry that this lion used this excuse to bully her every day.

She was too embarrassed to ask Ivy to confirm whether it was true or not.


“Be good.

Which will you use today, your little mouth above or your little mouth behind Hmm” Chelsea kissed her on the lips and asked the question in his low voice.

After she knew she was pregnant, Moussa wouldn’t let him do her front, and she would always use her mouth or her behind for him to come and then shoot straight in.

Although he missed the incredible taste of her womanhood.

He was a little afraid of really knocking the baby out, so he had to put up with it.


“Behind,” Moussa hammered him on the chest and said helplessly.

He was full of thoughts of that kind of thing now, and he could not listen to anything she had to say, so she had to satisfy him first before talking to him.


Chelsea immediately stripped her clothes, pulled her legs apart, and leaned down to lick her womanhood.

He slowly poked his finger behind her when she had her nectar flowing.


The place was tighter than the front, so she was not relaxed, and he had to do enough foreplay to get in.

Otherwise, it would hurt too much, and he would be like a spiteful wild beast.


“Mmm,” Moussa half-squinted her eyes, enjoying his service.

Her body was more sensitive because of her pregnancy.

He only needed to touch her lightly, and she was tingling all over.


Chelsea sucked her to climax once, making it possible to insert three fingers in her chrysanthemum.

Feeling almost done, he looked up and saw her weakly spread out on the bed, panting lightly, with her mouth slightly open and her breasts undulating with her breathing.

The sight made his beast’s blood boil.

He quickly stroked his big stick and thrust it in hard.


“Mmm, slowly.

Slow down,” Moussa got hurt when he went right into the place where it was not supposed to be.

Although he patiently worked to keep it stretched and was also entered several times, it hurt every time he went in that she wanted to cry.

Moussa forced herself to relax her body, but her inner walls were stretching hard to the extreme.

It was like aware and started to contract to strangle the thickness placed in it.


“Hiss! Baby, relax.

You relax.

You are going to cut me off.” Chelsea was in pain, but he was afraid of causing her more pain.

He tried to stop his desire to penetrate her in one go.

He licked and sucked at the base of her ear and rubbed her bum for her to relax.


Moussa trembled lightly and slowly secreted some fluid from her chrysanthemum.

Chelsea groaned and pushed the big rod into her deepest part with this lubrication.


“Ah! Chelsea, gently.

Please, gently.” Moussa gripped his body, pleading words spilling out of her mouth intermittently.

These soft words made Chelsea’s heart itch even more.


Chelsea couldn’t resist any longer.

His thick and long rod was strangled by her.

He grabbed one of her breasts and vigorously kneaded it, and his lower body began to work through her with savage speed.


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