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After Winter, Spring Comes

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada








” Moussa’s moan was broken into parts.

Her fingertips almost sank into his flesh, and her face was virtually dripping with sweat.

She opened her eyes in ecstasy and shivered incessantly, constantly arching her waist upward to bring her closer to Chelsea’s groin.

The kitten-like flirtatious cries stimulated Chelsea to be more unrestrained.

It took him a lot of effort to pull out and then ruthlessly bang again and again.


His fingers also probed down, pinching, rubbing, rotating, and finally flicking hard the tiny pearl of her womanhood.


“Ah! No!” The intense stimulation caused Moussa to arch her body like being electrocuted.

Sharp pain and pleasure ran from her lower abdomen to her limbs, and her flower and chrysanthemum contracted violently at the same time, and she climaxed.


“Ah! Baby, sweetheart.

Mmm.” Chelsea was having a hard time at the moment.

Moussa appeared in pain but panting with pleasure.

The long thick rod pounded madly into her chrysanthemum, and it was hitting her fiercely with the force and speed that was going to break her.


It was not known how long he had been f*cking her, but Moussa’s voice was hoarse, and her flower was burning like hell because of his beast-like attacks.

Moussa tensed up and tried to squeeze him out.

Chelsea knew she was about to come when her waist was so tense that he hurriedly pulled out and then poked her in the front to shoot.


“Mmm,” a powerful blast of hot cum spurted into the depths of Moussa, who shivered with the intensity and climaxed with it.


After the passion, Chelsea wrapped his arms around Moussa and kissed her tenderly.

He kissed her eyes lovingly, and his heart was overwhelmed with an uncontrollable tenderness.

It seemed that he could not get enough of her and wanted to incorporate her into his body.


Moussa took a breather, and while he was in a good mood, she softly called out, “Chelsea.”


Chelsea felt good and was completely at ease when he heard her call him.

He said, “Hmm”


“You have to go get Ryan back tomorrow, okay It’s freezing cold, and it’s dangerous for him to be out there alone.” Moussa grabbed his arm and softly begged.


When Chelsea heard her mention Ryan again, he got irritated.

He tightened his grip on her and said in a muffled voice, “No, I’m not going.”


Moussa drew back from his arms and wrapped her hands around his waist to rub his back gently.

Then she looked up and licked his adam’s apple and softly begged, “Go, please.

He is out there all alone and miserable.

Let him come back.

He was just momentarily confused and will never do it again.”


Chelsea got hot again when she rubbed and licked his body.

But looking at her rare enthusiasm for Ryan, he was very annoyed.

Chelsea rolled over, pinned her underneath him, lowered his head, and fiercely blocked her small mouth.

He nipped at her lips with his teeth, took her warm and soft tongue, and slurped it hard.


“Mmmmm,” Moussa struggled for a couple of times but failed to break away, so she complied and let him kiss her.


After a long time, he finally let go of her.

Moussa left her mouth open to greedily breathe the air.

After calming down her breathing a little, she remembered the topic just now.

So, she went over again and pulled his arm and rubbed it, “Chelsea, husband, it’s best for you to find him back, OK Please.”


Chelsea got annoyed at her.

He frowned and yelled, “Why should he come back To see us enjoying each other and feel bad After a while, he’ll calm down and come back on his own.” Chelsea didn’t know if he would come back on his own, but he was annoyed that the little thing underneath him was always hanging on to Ryan.

So he gave her a reason to be at ease and not always think about that bastard.


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