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Moussa was in a good mood today.

She slept well, hummed a song, got up from bed, showered, washed clothes, and cleaned up the house.

Although her body was still very sore, Moussa couldn’t help but feel good.

She ate the slices of fruits that Chelsea had left for her in a hurry, took care of herself, and went to the back of the house with a small bucket to water the seedlings one by one.

While watering, she looked up and saw Ryan approaching from a distance.

Moussa smiled at him when he came closer and said, “Ryan, good morning.”

Ryan gave her an exaggerated smile and said, “How could it be early It’s almost noon.”

Moussa blushed at that.

Chelsea tired her early in the morning, causing her to get up late.

But Ryan quickly changed the subject and asked, “Do you want to go out to pick wild fruits and seedlings today I’m free to go with you.”

“Sure.” Moussa readily agreed and went back to the house to get a basket and set off with him.

The two had a good time talking and laughing all the way.

Moussa also had a good yield, picking many wild fruits and also found seedlings that looked like corns.

Somehow, the day had gotten dark before the two realized.

Both of them hurriedly went to the village.

Fortunately, Ryan did not dare to lead her too far away.

The two people soon returned to the village and saw a vague figure walking around at the village entrance from afar.

As they were walking toward the village, Moussa recognized Chelsea and rushed to him quickly.

She ran to his side and pulled his arm with excitement, and said, “Chelsea, look, look! I dug corn, oh! If I grow it alive, we will have corn to eat in the autumn.

Roasted corn and boiled corn are very delicious.”

Seeing her excited little flushed face and shining eyes like the stars in the sky, Chelsea’s worry and anger of not seeing her after returning home suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Patting her hand, he also smiled.

But after his eyes fell on the slowly approaching Ryan, his smile dimmed.

Looking at his still hoisted arm, he spoke with apparent disinterest, “Ryan, thank you for protecting my partner for me.

Also, how is the wound on your arm”

Ryan grinned and said, “It’s almost healed.”

“Oh.” Chelsea nodded and said, “Then you can take everyone out hunting starting tomorrow.

I will take a few days off to show Moussa the territory.”

Ryan’s eyes darkened and then nodded in agreement.

Chelsea saw him agree and dropped the sentence, “Then we are leaving, you also go back to rest early.” After saying that, he took Moussa’s small hand and walked in their house’s direction.

After returning to their house, Moussa noticed that Chelsea seemed angry.

After their relationship improved somewhat, she was not so afraid of him anymore.

She did not want to give up on her work like that.

So she gathered her courage, hugged his waist from behind, and asked softly, “Chelsea, are you angry”


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