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Eating The Love Fruit By Mistake

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada






Ryan could not help himself anymore.

He let out a low growl, took his human form, rolled over, and pinned her underneath him.

He went down and kissed her lips hungrily.


Tian Xin’s confused mind did not notice this strange scene at that time, and all she felt was the unbearable heat of her body.

When something cold suddenly entered her mouth, carrying a slight coolness that made her moan in comfort, it was then that she took it hard and sucked it desperately.


Sensing her passion, Ryan’s hands wrapped around her waist and began to work her body without restraint.

What was left of Tian Xin’s clothes was torn off.

The two hot bodies were naked and pressed together, rubbing against each other.


Ryan’s hand gradually went down and squeezed between her legs.

Feeling that the mysterious place had been wet enough, his fingers immediately entered and were surrounded by warm liquid, “Mmm.

” Tian Xin’s itching was slightly relieved.

She sighed softly in comfort and swayed her waist with the movements of his thrusting fingers.


But not long after, the itching in Tian Xin’s body came back again, especially down there.

It was not only itchy but also very empty.

She wanted to have a thicker and bigger thing plugged in.


“Mmmm,” Tian Xin squirmed impatiently underneath Ryan.

The sound of her voice was charming, and her little tongue kept licking his lips, pleading softly, “I want.

To give me.

To give me.” What did she want Who should give her She couldn’t tell.


Ryan could not hold back any longer and did not care if it would hurt her.

He put her legs on his shoulders and then held his big rod and rushed in.


“Ahhhhh!” The pain of being torn open with a hard-on snapped Tian Xin out of her lust a little.

She saw a handsome naked blond man pressed against her, and a huge thing that didn’t seem to belong to her expanding deeper and deeper inside her womanhood.


Tian Xin was stunned, but she soon defined this incredible scene as a spring dream.

In other words, how else would a handsome blonde suddenly pop up in the uninhabited deep forest It must be that God saw her too lonely, so he gave her an erotic dream to make her happy.


“Oh,” Ryan finally reached the deepest part of her.

Although there was still a part left outside, the tight and slippery feeling inside was enough to drive him crazy.

He pushed up his hair and let out a satisfied moan.


She was so tight that he couldn’t be bothered to take pity on her.

With his big hands on her hips, he started pumping in and out like crazy.


“Uh! Hurts.


I order.

You to stop.

Ah!” Tian Xin was slammed so hard without mercy by his big rod that her newly experienced canal was in pain.

She wanted him to stop, but the handsome blonde in her dream wouldn’t listen to her orders, making her annoyed.

She slapped him on the chest constantly.



So tight.

So hot.

I can’t stop.

Be a good girl and endure it.

The pain will stop in a minute.” Because of her command, Ryan did not slow down his movements but compassionately leaned down to kiss her forehead.

His fingers reached the place of their union and kneaded the trembling petals in an attempt to ease her pain.


“Ah! Change.

I want another one.

Oooh!” Tian Xin frowned at the pain she still felt.

She didn’t want the handsome man hurting her and screamed for a new one.


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