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The Taste of Ecstasy

Translated by Translated by Ada

Edited by Edited by Ada


Ryan was unsure and thought she wanted to change positions, so he picked her up off the floor and sat her facing each other on his lap.

With this position, the entrance of her uterus was put under more pressure, and it was forced to open its small opening, sucking the tip of his rod.


“Ah! Pain.

Don’t.” Tian Xin cried in pain, and it caused her entrance to contract even more violently as the intense pressure was felt.


Ryan felt his rod wrapped tightly around her womanhood, with the tip of his glans having a small mouth sucking on it all at once.

It felt incredibly delicious.


Ryan excitedly lifted her up and then repeatedly sat her down as he tried to insert his rod as far as it would go.

The large glans wanted to fully penetrate inside her and let it suck.


“Ahhhhh!” Tian Xin screamed.

She couldn’t help but cry from the pain of having her entrance to her womb penetrated, and it really hurt too much.

Oooh, she didn’t want to have a wet dream, and it wasn’t comfortable at all.



So comfortable.

So tight.

” Ryan felt the entire head penetrated inside.

The whole rod was tightly sucked and wrapped, and her inner walls were writhing and sucking inward as if they wanted to swallow the entire stick.

That kind of excellent soul-crushing taste made him unable to resist guiding her up and down, making the tight and slippery canal quickly gobble up his rod.


“Mmm,” Tian Xin was in too much pain to scream anymore.

She looked upward, mouth wide open, and her half-length hair tracing a beautiful curve behind her.


Ryan took a mouthful of her bouncing breasts and nibbled on the red tips.

At the same time, his lower body kept pounding heavily inside her tightness.

The glans rubbed hard against her delicate inner walls after he had entered.


“Mmmm,” Tian Xin felt that the pain was gradually replaced by numbness.

The tingling sensation inside her that had been hit hard seemed to come back, one wave stronger than the other.

It made her tighten her legs around his waist and scream.


Ryan’s hands squeezed her arse hard, wildly pushing her upwards like a beast.

Each hit penetrated her, and he felt the involuntary convulsions and sucking of her insides.


“Ah! So deep.

So much.



Out a little.

Ah! No! Ah!” Tian Xin’s delicate womanhood was slammed by him like a brute bull.

The rising soreness and swelling made her squirm to get away.


Ryan’s impact changed angle due to her squirming, ramming hard into the most sensitive point inside her.


“Ahh!” Tian Xin screamed as she couldn’t help it.

The feeling of soreness, numbness, and pain rushed through her as if it would overwhelm her.


Seeing her tilting her head back and screaming at the top of her lungs while her down there shuddered pitifully from his pounding, Ryan was very pleased with himself and hit that bit harder.

This caused her to shake even more violently and let out another long moan as her body spasmed and a stream of hot fluid shot out of her hole.


However, the woman’s inner walls, convulsing in her climax, tightened around Ryan’s rod.

It was like a million little mouths sucking together.

Ryan couldn’t hold back in this violent stimulation and hissed, shooting his load at her.


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