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The Taste of Ecstasy

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


When he had finished it, Ryan held her tightly and buried his head in the nape of her neck while feeling remorseful that he had come out too quickly.

He wanted to do it again and adjusted his breathing.

However, Tian Xin was now exhausted and fell asleep in Ryan’s arms.


“Mmm,” Tian Xin was tossed awake by him in her sleep.

She grunted and could not open her eyes.

Her weak body became even more powerless due to his passionate ramming.

Her sensitive body soon reached the extreme and was trapped underneath him, convulsing her whole body.

She was annoyed at how this torturous spring dream continued without waking up.

She was struggling to get up but could not muster the strength.

All she could do was open her mouth and bite the shoulder of the handsome blonde, humming like a kitten.


The repressed voice of hers stimulated someone’s beastly desire.

Ryan’s tall body moved fiercely on her tiny body, rhythmically, until she was exhausted again before his release.


Ryan did not pull out his rod after venting.

He maintained that position with her and carried her into his arms, lying on his side.

She tasted so terrific that Ryan wanted to taste it again and again.

It was as if he was the one who ate the love fruit instead of her.


When she woke up in the morning, she would be shocked.

But at that time, Ryan could not care less.

It was a kind of torture for him to be held by her to sleep every night.

For such a long time, he had to be patient enough to burst out at once, making him instantly overwhelmed by lust.

The only thing he wanted to do was crush her under his body to show his wild desire, and he had no time to think about anything else.


Seeing her tears hanging in the corner of her eyes, Ryan gently wiped them away.

Perhaps it would be good to keep her like this for the rest of his life.

To have her by his side, he would not feel lonely, not to mention that she tasted so wonderful that he could not stop thinking about it.

This thought made him hard again.


But the thought of her crying and shouting under him a moment ago also told her pain.

Ryan could not bear to torment her again, so he hugged her tightly and closed his eyes to force himself to calm down.


But his big stick was being wrapped in warm layers and wet flesh inside her.

Those folds of flesh tightened around his big shaft, rubbing and licking him unconsciously, which made him unable to calm down.


He knew the best option was to pull his rod out of her.

But he couldn’t let go of the tight and wet flesh.


Ryan was so hard and tormented for a long time.

Seeing the light coming in from the entrance, he thought it should be almost dawn.

The little thing in his arms had rested long enough, so Ryan stopped suppressing himself.

Flipping over and pressing her underneath him, he penetrated in and out.


“Mmm,” Tian Xin woke up in a daze.

She felt the place between her legs was sore and swollen, and there seemed to be a pestle that kept wedging in and out.

Tian Xin had the urge to kill someone.

She barely opened her sleepy eyes to unbelievably find the hero of her spring dream, the handsome blond guy, who was still there.


She could not help but wail.

Although she was now 24 years old, she was still a virgin.

She did not even have a boyfriend, but she was really not that thirsty.

How did this spring dream turn out to be endless


While with a handsome man, that was something to be happy about, the key problem was that she was now tired and sleepy.

This body could not stand the handsome man, and she really could not afford it.


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