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So they risked breaking the border, trying to grab one or two females from the Lion Clan so they could breed them first.

When they got pregnant, they would stay willingly.


Unfortunately, the white lion and the golden lion were too mighty.

They had already succeeded in snatching one from them, but they caught up quickly.

As a result, a few of their males were injured.


He was very unwilling, so he had been waiting around to find a chance to seize another back.

However, their protection was watertight, and they also patrolled at night.

There was no chance for him to strike, nor did he dare to come too close for fear of attracting their attention.


Unexpectedly, after more than a month of hard work here, today, he smelled the scent of a female slowly approaching.


Following the scent, he really saw a small female, and she looked different from ordinary females.

Could she be the most fertile female the fox female talked about last time he snatched her


He never thought that he would run into a treasure.

The big black bear, Murdock, grinned.

He hurriedly picked her up from the ground, then over his shoulder, and quickly scurried towards the Bear Clan’s location.


He was hard as a rock with all his muscles that Tian Xin’s waist was knocked.

It hurt as he walked, and she soon woke up.


She found herself restrained on the body and secretly shouted, “Oh no.” She was caught by the beastman named Ryan, but she was a little distracted to find that something seemed wrong.

The person who carried her had darker skin than Ryan, and his hair was also black.


Tian Xin was secretly alarmed.

Did she just leave the tiger’s mouth, enter the wolf’s den, and be caught by others She eyed the distance between her and the ground.

This brother appeared to be, maybe, maybe not an average human.

He was more than two meters tall, and it was difficult for an average human to grow to this height.


Tian Xin was turned upside down to the point of vomiting, but there was no time to pay attention to the problem of comfort.

The nerve circuits in her head were occupied by the question of whether to call for help.


She was in a situation where no one could hear her scream in this deep forest.

The only savior she could think of was the big lion named Ryan, but she didn’t know if he was awake.

To say being saved by him might not make her situation any better.


Whatever, whatever.

Anyway, Ryan’s human form was a handsome man.

If you looked at this one’s backside, you probably couldn’t see where it would look good.

If he wanted to do that to her, she would throw up.

Anyway, she would instead be bullied by a handsome bully.


Tian Xin made up her mind, then propped her hands on his back.

She raised her body up as far as possible, then took a deep breath and shouted, “Help! Help!”


The Black Bear Murdock was shocked by the sudden shout that caused his ears to tingle and his feet to stagger, almost dropping her to the ground.

He quickly stabilized his body and put her off his shoulders to hold her under his arm.

He hesitated whether to knock her out first and then take her back.


After all, this was the territory of the Lion Clan.

While it was close to the edge, if the Lion Clan who came out to hunt heard her, he was afraid it would not be so easy to take her away.


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