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Going Home

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Although Ryan’s fighting ability was better than the black bear’s, he was constrained in every way because he was carrying Tian Xin.

Although the black bear couldn’t hurt him, he couldn’t escape.

He couldn’t easily take the form of a beast, so he had to wait for reinforcements to arrive.


But because this place was close to the Bear Clan’s territory and they were prepared, it didn’t take long for a few bear males to surround them.


The experience of countless real-life battles made Ryan not nervous at all.

He calmly defended while trying to minimize the damage while slowly moving in the direction where the sun was shining.


He then quickly went through to the two people facing the sunlight.

Taking advantage of their brief moment of hesitation, he punched the beastman on his right side and scored a hit, knocking the bear to the ground.


Ryan broke out of this gap, ran forward for a while, and bears surrounded him again.

So Ryan repeated the same trick and broke out again, several times.

Despite his increasing injuries, the bears did not gain any advantage.

They were carried forward to the heart of Lion’s territory by him.


Although they were fighting fiercely, Tian Xin found that the bears seemed very careful not to hurt her.


So Tian Xin put her mind at ease and peeked out from Ryan’s back to watch them fight.

She sighed at Ryan’s skillful fighting skills and sighed at the stupidity of the bears.

It was foolish to let him get away with the same tricks again and again.


(Ask her why she knew they were bears.

Of course, because she was intelligent and brave.

A vomiting sound came out.

All right, she confessed.

It was because a few people had turned into bears, so she knew they were bears.)


Ryan’s physical strength was heavily depleted, and gradually he felt his speed dropping.

As a result, more and more wounds were made on his body, and blood continued to flow out.


When he felt he was about to lose support, the light whistle of the lion attack finally sounded.


As the lions joined, the whole battle pattern instantly reversed.

The bears only had the power to fight, but not to fight back.

Ryan finally had time to catch his breath.


The bears quickly retreated.

Ryan looked at the white figure approaching and looked away in embarrassment.


Chelsea looked at the small head peeking out from behind Ryan’s back and found a female.

Moreover, she was a rather feminine-looking one.


Earlier, he was wondering.

Based on Ryan’s character, he would rather die than ask for help from his people.

Moreover, the speed of these bears was far less than his, and it was easy for him to retreat.


At this point, it became clear that he was in such a mess for the sake of the female behind him.

He never thought that Ryan would find a female he wanted to protect.


The uncomfortable feeling in Chelsea’s heart when he first saw him vanished without a trace.

He was, after all, a good brother for many years, and he was willing to accept him again as long as he no longer had ill intentions towards Moussa.


So he stood in front of him and whispered, “Let’s go home.” Then sweeping a glance at Tian Xin on his back, he added lightly, “Take her with you.”


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