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Chelsea suddenly stopped moving and took her hands around his waist.

Then he turned around and took her in his arms.

He lowered his head and kissed her fiercely.


Chelsea thoroughly cleaned each of her teeth, then the sensitive surface of her upper mouth.

His tongue fiercely and aggressively swiped her back and forth.


When he had had enough, he pulled out her soft tongue and sucked it vigorously, causing her tongue to ache.


Moussa was hardly breathing, and her hands were hammering and pushing him.

But Chelsea was not moved at all and held her tongue.

He sucked it hard until he felt the little person in his arms getting softer and softer before Chelsea let her go.


Pressing his forehead against hers, he ordered in an angry tone, “In the future, you can’t go out alone.

Neither can you go out with another male”


“Okay.” Moussa nodded obediently and mentally muttered, “He is not jealous, right”


Seeing that she agreed, Chelsea cooled his anger and sat down on the wooden stool with her in his arms.

He sliced the roasted meat into pieces and fed it to her mouth.


It was the first time he fed her.

Moussa was so flattered that she ate two slices in his hands and followed his example.

She took a piece from the table and fed it to his mouth, saying shyly, “You eat too.”


Chelsea looked at her.

He seemed happy with the corners of his mouth hooked and ate the slice in her hand.

Then he picked a portion to feed Moussa.


“Chelsea, I’m full.

You can have it.” Moussa turned her head to the side and refused.


“Eat more.

You’re too skinny.” Chelsea turned her head over and forced her to eat another piece.


“Chelsea, I really can’t eat anymore.

My body is so tired.” When he tried to feed her, Moussa refused to open her mouth.


Chelsea frowned in displeasure, saying, “The reason is that you eat too little.

You do not have the physical strength and always pass out in the middle.

Be good, eat more so I won’t have to struggle for it.”



You.” Moussa froze for a moment before reacting to what he said.

Her face turned red.

He actually brought out that kind of thing casually.

She really did not know what to say.


Chelsea took the opportunity to feed her two more pieces and stopped only when she was about to vomit.

He then quickly filled his stomach.


Then he carried her to the bed.

At that moment, Moussa realized what he wanted to do and squirmed in his arms.

She refused, “Chelsea, wait, wait a minute.

I have not planted the corn seedlings yet.”


“We’ll plant them tomorrow.” Chelsea only wanted to put her under his body and ravish her.

He didn’t care about the seedlings.

His mind had been on it for a whole day.


“No, if you plant it tomorrow, it will die.” He placed Moussa on the bed.

She squirmed desperately and refused to let him take off her clothes.


Chelsea got tired of her squirming, so he ripped her clothes off and threw them aside.

Then he jumped on her and pinned her under his body so she couldn’t move.


“Chelsea…” Moussa was so anxious that her voice sounded like she was about to cry.


Seeing that she was about to cry again, Chelsea compromised helplessly.

“Let me come once, and then I’ll go help you plant.

This is okay, right”


“Yes.” Moussa finally put her mind at ease and nodded docilely.


However, her calmness was obviously somewhat early because she had forgotten that it was not easy to get Chelsea to come.


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