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Ryan hesitated but finally nodded and gave an inaudible “hmmm.” He knew he would see Moussa when he returned, and that would make him ashamed.

For the sake of the little thing behind him, he was willing to compromise.

After all, living alone with her outside was too dangerous.

He couldn’t be with her all the time, and she was so restless, so today’s situation would happen often.




Seeing Ryan nod, Chelsea turned around and said aloud to the crowd who were still on alert, “All clear, go home.” After saying that, he took the lead and walked back.




The crowd scattered, but some could not resist going over to Ryan.

All of them knew about the disappearance of Chelsea’s partner some time ago, and then she was found, but Ryan disappeared.




Now that Ryan was here, it seemed that Chelsea permitted him to return to the village.

Besides, he carried a female on his back that they had never seen before.

This series of strange things made it difficult for them not to be curious.




While looking at the female on Ryan’s back, they asked him what he was doing these days, how he was getting along, and whether his injuries were serious or not.




Ryan vaguely answered the question.

Seeing that he was unwilling to talk more, they did not continue to ask and then quietly hastened back to the village.




Although everyone was curious, it was, after all, his business.

No one would ask deeper questions if he was unwilling to talk about it.

The rough and rugged beastmen were also considerate, right




Tian Xin had been very quiet peeking out from Ryan’s back.

She curiously looked at the crowd and was greatly surprised when she saw Chelsea’s face.

“Wow, his hair is silver-white.

He looks like Lord Sesshomaru.

He’s so handsome.”




If the atmosphere was not too stuffy, she might not have been able to resist exclaiming her admiration.

But the handsome man’s gaze was too cold.

When he swept her a glance, she couldn’t help but cower a little.

It seemed that this superb attractive man was only to be seen from afar but not to be played with.




Fortunately, the handsome man did not pay too much attention to her.

After sweeping her a glance, he said something to Ryan and then turned around and walked away.




Then people surrounded them again, and all were handsome men with different characteristics.

Their looks were different from the Bear Clan because they were many times better looking than them.

Tian Xin was glad that she had chosen the right one, and it would have been better for her to die if she had to face those men all day.




But they kept looking up and down at her with curious eyes, making her skin tingle and uncomfortable.

It was good that they knew how to stop and knew to take their eyes off her after satisfying their curiosity.




Tian Xin watched the interaction between Ryan and others curiously.

Their relationship seemed to be good, and Ryan seemed to have something to hide from everyone.

He kept being vague and did not want to talk deeply, which aroused her curiosity.




It appeared that they were living in a group, and she knew that Ryan used to live with them in a village from their conversation.

Yet somehow, some time ago, a month or so ago, when she first met him, he had disappeared mysteriously.




She also wanted to know why he did not return home and lived alone in the cave.

Also, when they first met, he seemed to be injured and so weak that he fainted when he pounced on her.

Since then, he appeared in the form of a lion for more than a month, making her think that she had met a big and ordinary lion.


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