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Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada





There were only two people left in the room, Tian Xin and Moussa.

Moussa no longer cared and pulled Tian Xin to sit on the edge of the bed.

It took a lot of effort to make her understand that she had really crossed over to a world that had only female and male beastmen, and both of them were considered aliens here.




Tian Xin really wanted to cry without tears after she caught on.

What kind of plane was this, for God’s sake.

She had not done anything terribly for so long, so how come she got stuck in this strange place for no reason




If someone wanted to crossover, they would probably go to the ancient times to be a princess or something like that.

Not only would they have good food and drink, but they would also have nice clothes to wear.

However, this place, this place was too ancient, okay.

The only thing about transit was walking, and the only thing about communication was yelling.




She missed her grandfather at home, the money, and also missed the soft bed.

No, whatever happened, she could not stay here.

Since she managed to crossover, she definitely wanted to go home.

Tian Xin made up her mind and pulled Moussa with a resolute face, saying, “Moussa, come with me look for a way home, okay We’ll go home together.




“Er,” Moussa froze for a moment.

She jumped off the cliff because she was discouraged, so she never thought of going back.

On the other hand, the girl in front of her was not like her, and she wanted to go home.

Though Moussa wanted her to stay here with her, it seemed a little too selfish.




Before she could say anything, she felt a shadow in front of her eyes.

She was taken in someone’s arms, and then Chelsea’s angry roar came to her ears, “She is already my partner, and she has my child in her belly.

There is no way she will leave me and go home with you, so you should give up.” As soon as he entered the door, he heard this female was encouraging Moussa to go home with her.

It made him angry.

Ryan was a scourge, and he didn’t expect that the partner he brought back was also a scourge.

They both thought of ways to take Moussa away from him.




Tian Xin was so shocked by his roar that she involuntarily stepped back and then crashed into Ryan’s arms.

She was unable to move because he had wrapped his arms around her.

When Tian Xin looked up at him, his face didn’t look too good.

Did she say something wrong And the silver-haired handsome man’s reaction was too big.

If he didn’t want her to go back, she didn’t have to go back.

Why did he have to be so loud




Seeing that Chelsea seemed really angry, Moussa hurriedly patted him on the chest with her tiny hand.

She soothed, “I said I would not leave you, so why are you getting worked up What are you yelling at, be careful of scaring the baby.” Saying so, she put her hand on her belly and stroked it.




Chelsea’s expression really softened down.

Her little hand patted him on the chest, patting his fire away.

He bowed to kiss the top of her hair and didn’t say anything.




Ryan thoughtfully looked at Tian Xin for a while, then looked up and said goodbye to Chelsea and Moussa, “It’s getting late.

I’ll take her back first.

You two get some rest.” After saying this, he picked up Tian Xin and headed out.




“Ah! Don’t.

Let me down! I don’t want to go with you.

Moussa, Moussa, help me, help me!.” Tian Xin was not prepared for him to suddenly pick her up.

She froze and fought for her life when she realized that she was going with him.

Tian Xin reacted only after she was out of the door, refusing to go.

Subconsciously, she felt safest with Moussa.




But Ryan did not listen to her at all.

He carried her over his shoulder and let her scream and struggle as he walked quickly towards his house.




“……” Moussa looked in the direction of the door and watched helplessly as Ryan took Tian Xin away.

She could understand Tian Xin’s desire to go home, but reason told her not to interfere in the matter between her and Ryan.

Moreover, she had a selfish desire to make her and Ryan a couple so that all would be happy.




She had to suffer a lot to accept Ryan and adapt to life in another world.

Moussa was hesitant about whether she should help her or not.


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