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You Are Mine

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada







Ryan ignored Tian Xin’s struggle and carried her back to the house.

He gently put her on the bed and then pressed himself down on top of her.




His hands went inside her clothes, grabbed her breasts, and kneaded them.

Then his lips went to her neck, licked and kissed her, and asked in a low voice, “Where do you want to go Hmm”




Tian Xin couldn’t move, and her body was gradually losing strength.

She answered, “Home.”




“Don’t go.

Stay with me, okay” Ryan looked up at her, his voice trembling, a little pleading.




“I …” Tian Xin wanted to refuse, but she was struck dumb by Ryan’s sorrowful eyes.

She shook her head after hesitating for a moment.

Her grandfather needed to be cared for at home, and she could not stay here.




Ryan saw her shake her head, and the emotions of disappointment, resignation, and anger overwhelmed his reasoning instantly.




“I’m not letting you go.

You’re not going to get away from me.” Ryan growled and kissed her hard.

Tian Xin refused to open her mouth, so he took her lips and sucked and nibbled hard.

When she cried at the pain, he broke into her mouth and forcibly intertwined his lips and tongue with hers.

At the same time, his hands fiercely tore her clothes off her body.




“Mmmmm,” Tian Xin cried vaguely between those lips and teeth.

She tried to push him away with all her strength, but she could not move him a bit.




Ryan’s big hand went down and spread her tightly closed petals, searching for the sensitive little protrusion to rub it vigorously.




“Uh!” An electric wave passed through her body.

Tian Xin involuntarily tensed up her body and clenched her legs.

She was trying to squeeze out the big hand playing tricks between her legs.




But she couldn’t resist Ryan’s vigorous efforts.

He pulled her legs even further apart, and his fingers intruded unscrupulously inside her.

Tian Xin’s body heated up, and her tiny wet tongue was sucked by him into his mouth.

The hands that kept pushing against him were out of strength, pressing softly against him.




Tian Xin’s inner walls continued to tighten, squeezing Ryan’s fingers as he worked them around, pushing them in with some difficulty.




When she stopped struggling, Ryan’s fire dissipated.

He whispered in her ear, “Baby, be good.





Ryan’s low and seductive voice sounded as his breath blew her ears numb.

When her earlobes were in his mouth, she felt her body getting softer and softer.

She was wholly compelled that her thoughts got confused.

She could not help but let the nectar out from inside her, soaking Ryan’s hands making his fingers go in and out more smoothly.




As Ryan’s fingers moved in and out got more and more violent, Tian Xin involuntarily raised her hips.

She shivered with the rhythm of his fingers, and her eyes became misty.

She was gasping for breath with her mouth slightly open, and her self-control was on the verge of collapse little by little.




Tian Xin’s nectar kept flowing, and the heat and emptiness inside her body increased.

She instinctively grabbed Ryan and rubbed against his chest.


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