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Moussa was stunned at her question, and she also blushed.

She coughed lightly and said somewhat awkwardly, “It’s okay.

You don’t have to worry that way.

Um, you won’t get pregnant.”


“Huh” Would not be pregnant Tian Xin forgot to be shy and was surprised to look up at Moussa.

Was it possible that the beastmen were infertile But it was not the case, wasn’t she pregnant Tian Xin’s gaze aimed at Moussa’s belly.


Feeling her gaze fall on her belly, Moussa knew she was thinking about her having been pregnant.

Blushing, she really did not know how to explain to her that she was pregnant because Chelsea had used the beast form.

Moussa was also afraid that it would scare her.

After all, it was bestiality, and she was scared half to death when she first found out.


“To get pregnant, you have to have a special ritual.

Just be careful not to let Ryan do special things.” Moussa vaguely explained.

Tian Xin was confused; what on earth was this special ritual But seeing Moussa’s reluctance to talk about it, she guessed it should be a very private matter, so she didn’t bother to ask.

Tian Xin thought that she wouldn’t let Ryan shoot his load in the future.

She didn’t even realize that she subconsciously didn’t reject having to do with Ryan.

She just didn’t want to get pregnant.


Moussa was afraid that Tian Xin would ask further questions.

She hurriedly led Tian Xin out to familiarize herself with the environment.

On the way, they went to see Ivy, who was now eight months pregnant and about to give birth.

Her belly was so big that it was inconvenient to walk around, so she was bored in bed every day.


Tian Xin already knew from Moussa that this was a world of males and that a man could get pregnant and give birth.

It was one thing to hear about it until she actually saw Ivy, a purely male face with a bulging belly, that surprised her.


Her mouth opened wide that could almost fit an egg.

But then she doubted whether or not the belly was real.


Seeing she had been staring at her belly with a fascinating look, Ivy asked her to come over and grabbed her hand to place it over her stomach.


Tian Xin pressed her hand against the bulging belly, and she could even feel the fetal movement under her palm.

She was so shocked that she hurriedly put her hand back.

Oh god, there was really a little thing in there.

It was incredible that a man could have a baby.


Tian Xin was shocked that she became utterly dumbfounded.

She kept glancing at Ivy’s belly, trying to find out why men could also give birth to children.


Moussa did not bother her, leaving Tian Xin alone in her wandering thoughts.

Moussa was shocked for a long time before finally accepting it and had already become unfazed by it.


At noon, Moussa went home to get the few remaining sweet potatoes.

With the roasted meat left by Sander, the three of them had a beautiful meal.


After lunch, the three were a little sleepy.

Both Moussa and Ivy felt thirsty for sleep because of their pregnancy, while Tian Xin was too tired from being tossed around by Ryan last night.

She couldn’t get enough sleep this morning because she had been awakened.


Neither of them was used to sleeping in the same bed with Ivy.

No matter what, he was a man anyway.

Although he was a man who would give birth to a child, it was more or less psychologically awkward.

So Moussa and Tian Xin went to their homes and went to sleep.


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