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A Passionate Entanglement

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada





Ryan relaxed for a while against the unconscious Tian Xin before he reluctantly pulled the big rod that had gone soft out of her tight and slippery hole.


The white liquid flowed out of Tian Xin’s without his meat stick.

Ryan’s body heated up as he watched, hardening his rod instantly.

However, the red and swollen flower was trembling and complaining about his rudeness, making him a bit reluctant to continue playing with her.


He stared sadly at the wet and glistening flower for a while.

After swallowing hard, he reluctantly picked Tian Xin up and laid her flat on the bed.

He then pulled the animal skin next to her to cover her up securely.


He got up to make dinner, thinking: let her rest for a while first.

Later, when he had made dinner and fed her stomach, he would let her feed his desire.


Tian Xin did not know how long she slept.

Ryan took the dazed woman in his arms to feed her something, and then she was pinned to the bed and bullied hard.


Tian Xin protested to no avail.

She struggled, but she could only go soft under him and let him toss and turn.

Until she was f*cked unconscious again, it was only then that Ryan let her go.


The next day when Tian Xin woke up, it was already afternoon.

The aches and pains all over her body made her greet the eight generations of the beast’s ancestors.


Just as she was grumbling and trying to get up from the bed, Ryan pushed the door open.

Ryan gave her a gentle smile and walked quickly to the bedside to see her awake.

He took her into his arms and asked softly, “Are you awake Are you hungry Want to eat first or take a bath” Chelsea had a big stone at home that could boil hot water, and he went and got one to take a bath with hot water later.


Tian Xin didn’t speak but grabbed his arm and then bit it: The bastard, the son of a bitch, I’ll bite you to death for tossing me to death.


“Hiss,” A kind of needle-like pain was coming from his arm.

He didn’t care about this minor injury.

Nevertheless, to make her happy with her biting, Ryan still cooperated with the ‘hissing’ drawing of breath with his eyes full of doting.


Hearing his breathing sound, Tian Xin was satisfied and let go.

She glared at him angrily and said, “You do not keep your words.

You said you would take me home.

When will you take me”


Her pouting and glaring expression were really cute.

Ryan kissed her on the lips dotingly and asked softly, “Do you know the way home”


Tian Xin froze at the words and shook her head a little despondently.


Ryan patted her back as if comforting, then said, “I want to take you home.

First of all, I want to find the way there, so you have to tell me how you came here in detail.

If the journey is long, we still have to prepare some food and clothes or something to get on the road, so we can’t be in a hurry.”


Tian Xin thought about it too.

She struggled out of his arms and got down from the bed while saying urgently, “Let’s go find Moussa now and ask her in detail how she came.”


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