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“I’ll wash with you so you won’t feel cold.” Chelsea said, and his finger went down.


Moussa was touched to hear him say that.

After all, he was concerned that she would be cold if she used the cold water for bathing.

However, his fingers’ position made her quickly lose being moved.

She squirmed and tried to avoid him, “Hmm.



“Be good.

I’ll help you wash and make sure you won’t be cold.” Chelsea laughed and hugged her from behind.

One of his hands pinched the sensitive little ball in her flower and gently pulled and played with it.

His other hand was on one side of her snowy peak, and he kneaded it vigorously into various shapes.


“Uh! Don’t.

Don’t.” Moussa was given a dual approach to excite her.

Her eyes gradually became dazed, and her waist and hips writhed not to escape but to cater.

His two big hands grabbed her snowy peaks.

She tried to stop him, but her small hands did not have any strength.


Chelsea was satisfied that he slowly slipped his middle finger into her tight entrance and pumped it fast.


Moussa was taken for a ride by the pleasure that kept piling up inside her body.

Her face became more and more flushed, and her charming and seductive mouth kept on moaning.


Seeing how tempting she was, Chelsea couldn’t resist and withdrew his fingers from her hole.

He raised one of her legs to the maximum angle.


He aimed the head of his big member towards the narrow hole, then thrust out his waist to forcefully stretched her tight canal to the end.



It hurts.



It is too deep.

Ah ah ah!” Moussa snapped out of her euphoria and slapped his big hand in an attempt to slow him down.


“Baby, it is more enjoyable when it is deeper.

Look at how tight you are below.

It is more enjoyable, isn’t it” Chelsea just thought she was shy.

He removed his hand from her snowy peak and pressed her against the tub’s wall.

All at once, he entered deeper and deeper like an iron wedge.


“Ah! Chelsea.

It hurts you.




Ah ah ah!” His aggressive movements spilled water out of the tub.

Moussa’s voice became weaker and weaker, gradually turning into unconscious moans.


Chelsea seemed hungry for her and continued pounding her.

Every time he stabbed her womb’s door, he made her shiver, moan, and scream.



“Ahhh!” Chelsea was finally satisfied and roared as he shot a stream of hot fluid into her flower.


After the passion, Moussa leaned weakly against him.

She gasped and let him use his fingers to expel some of the fluid from her flower.


Chelsea was in a good mood and carried her out of the tub.

He kissed her sweaty face and asked, “Are you still cold”


Moussa glanced at him in annoyance and did not answer.


Chelsea pretended to be surprised and asked, “What Are you still cold Then let’s do it again”


“You’re annoying.” Moussa did not know where the courage came from, but she got all worked up and pinched him on his waist.


Chelsea did not get angry and even laughed out loud.


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