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The following day, Moussa woke up to the sound of birds chirping and saw a silvery-white lion staring at her unblinkingly.

At first, she was shocked, and then she recognized that it was Chelsea.

She smiled gently, hugged his huge lion head, and kissed him, “Good morning.”


Chelsea was tickled by her sleepy look when she just woke up.

So he quickly transformed into his human form and pinned her down on a tree and kissed her.

He pried her teeth opened rather fiercely and got out her soft tongue as he bit the tip and sucked it hard.


In addition, his hand explored and kept pressing on her hole.


“Mmm.” Moussa realized that they were still outside and on the tree.

Therefore, she refused to let him go on, and her tiny hand patted and pushed on his back.

After he let her go a little, she gasped and said, “Let’s go home.”


“Roar.” Chelsea got excited and knew that this was not a good place to do business.

Soon there would be hunters passing by, so he snarled and transformed into his animal form.

He carried her down from the tree and quickly fled to their home.


After entering the house, he put Moussa down and quickly became human.

He was about to pounce on her, but Moussa dodged him and did not mention what she had promised to do.

On the contrary, she said she was hungry and asked Chelsea to roast for her to eat.


Chelsea looked at her grudgingly.

However, it was not a thing that a male could do to make a female hungry.


So he held back his desire and started a fire for roasting.

Moussa sat far away and watched him warily.

She was afraid that he could not restrain himself from pouncing on her.


Soon, the roasted scent wafted out of the house.

After a night of labor, Moussa was a little hungry, and she saw Chelsea put the roasted food on the table.

She slowly went to the table.


She observed that even if Chelsea wanted to torment her, he would wait until she had eaten enough before starting.


So before she had enough to eat, she should be safe.

After eating, she would ask Chelsea to take her around to get used to the surroundings.

After all, he promised to do so yesterday.

According to her understanding of Chelsea these days, he would not go back on it as long as he promised something.

He was a lot better than those men in her world who were full of lies.


Unfortunately, Moussa’s plans were unsuccessful.

No sooner had she approached the table when Chelsea picked her up.

He stripped her of her clothes and pulled her legs apart to sit on top of him.

He kissed her when she squealed in surprise and took the opportunity to put his hand on her p*ssy and rubbed it.


After rubbing it for a while, he was not satisfied and inserted his middle finger into it.

He hooked his finger, getting her wetter and wetter.

Then he pinched her most sensitive ball back and forth.


When he felt she was wet enough, he slowly pushed his hard-on into her entrance.


“Mmm,” Moussa felt her tight p*ssy slowly being pushed open to the extreme.

The intense friction caused her to moan.


Chelsea had his entire baton inside, but he wasn’t in a hurry to start.

Even if he wanted to, he could not let the female be hungry to satisfy his desires.


So, while one hand held her waist, the other hand took the slices from the table and fed them to Moussa.


Right now, Moussa’s p*ssy was stuffed to the brim with his huge one.

She felt that her womanhood was almost bursting from him, so how could she eat anything


She shook her head and refused.



I won’t eat.

I can’t eat.

You can pull out and get some.

It’s too much.”


“Aren’t you hungry Why aren’t you eating anymore” Chelsea asked as he pushed down heavily her slightly raised body.


“Uh!” Chelsea’s push caused Moussa’s slightly lifted buttocks to sit back down.

It went deeper, causing Moussa to moan.


It was a little bit of a relief.

Chelsea gave her a look, and it was a clear-cut question.


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