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Chelsea looked down and saw that her white skin looked a little red.


He felt distressed.

He reached out with his hand to keep them joined together and carried Moussa to the bed.


Fearing that the animal skin would hurt her delicate skin, he did not put her down.

He sat directly on the bed and let her sit on him with her back to him.

His two hands went around and grabbed Moussa’s plump chest, kneading them vigorously.


“These two balls are big and soft.

They are so comfortable, and our tribe’s females don’t have them.”


Suddenly, his lower body slammed upwards.

“This small hole is so tight.

It makes me feel good, and so much water can flow out from it.

I think I’ve found a treasure.”


“Mmmm… ” Moussa was all soft in his arms.

Hearing his unashamed words of raunchiness, she was both ashamed and happy.

The man regarded her as a treasure.


A wave of tingling rose from her p*ssy, stimulating her so much that she unconsciously writhed and stretched her waist.

In the process, she wrapped the huge object inside her walls even tighter.


Chelsea seemed to notice her impatience.

He lowered his head and nibbled on her earlobe.

He teased, “What’s wrong, little thing You want it, huh”


Moussa was so ashamed that she turned her head to one side, pursing her lips and refusing to say anything.


Chelsea, however, was not anxious to start.

He had to tease her to say it herself.

He continued to knead her peak with one hand and explored downward with the other, pinching her little ball and grinding it continuously.


“Ah! Mmm… ” Moussa was thrilled by what he was doing.

She was constantly oozing water from her little hole, and it was like countless ants were crawling around the center of her p*ssy.

It was obviously very swollen, but it was itchy and unbearable.

It was just that he was only inside, and he wouldn’t move.


But begging him to move, Moussa could not say it.

She could only clench her teeth, propped her hands on his legs, and moved her waist up and down in small increments.

“Little thing.” Without moving for a few moments, Chelsea could not resist the urge.

With a low growl, he pulled her down and then pushed himself up at the same time.

Amid her cry of surprise, he fiercely pushed his way up.


“Mmmm ah! Gently, ah ah ah!” Moussa was subjected to repeated upward strokes by his baton and then was vigorously pulled back by him again.

The double stimulation left her dazed and confused.


“Baby, are you comfortable Did I make you comfortable, or did you make yourself comfortable, eh” Chelsea nibbled at the skin on her neck as he moved in and out relentlessly.





You will break me.

Ah!” Time and again, her cervix was pushed open, but he wanted to enter deeper as if he wasn’t satisfied.

It was so intense that Moussa became afraid that she might be torn in half by him.


“How good do you feel about me Or do you feel good about yourself Tell me, and I’ll go easy on you.” Chelsea loved getting dirty words out of her small mouth, so he forced her to say more.


“I’m enjoying it! Ah!” Though he had a history of not keeping his word, at the moment, Moussa could no longer think straight.

She could only submit to him and said whatever he wanted to hear.


“Where are you comfortable Say it.”


“My p*ssy! I’m feeling good.

Ah ah ah ah!” Moussa shouted shamelessly, trembling and climaxing.


“Mmm…  So much water.

So tight.” She strung up Chelsea, something that he could not stand.

He quickly made a dozen deep poundings.

Then finally, he made a hard push, squeezing his huge head into the narrow womb’s door.

As a result, his hot fluid shot forth.


Moussa was so stimulated that her eyes went blank, and her body trembled and fainted.


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