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Chapter 163.2

Down Memory Lane

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


After the passion, Ryan held the weak Tian Xin and soaked her comfortably in the water.

Now, they got up to go home.

There was no rush to get home, so they just took their way and stopped to enjoy the scenery while walking back.


Tian Xin heard Ryan say that the cave they had lived in was around here.

She suggested revisiting the same place, and Ryan readily agreed.

In one hand, he was holding Tian Tian, who had already woken up and looked around curiously with big eyes.

On the other hand, he pulled Tian Xin toward the cave.


The surroundings were becoming increasingly familiar, constantly evoking Tian Xin’s memories.

When she thought about it, she was really naive.

She was really innocent to believe that Ryan was just an ordinary lion, and she had the talent of taming animals and wanted to train him as a circus lion.


Not long after, the cave entrance appeared in front of them.

Because of the smell of Ryan’s body in the cave, the beasts around did not dare to approach.

So the cave remained uninhabited for so long but also maintained its original appearance without much change.


Tian Xin was surprised to touch here and there, constantly remembering the little bit of life at the beginning.

Her eyes were suddenly drawn to a white animal skin folded on the ground.

She remembered that when she was cold, she wanted to use it to cover, but Ryan snatched it back.

At that time, she thought it was his master’s stuff, so he was so protective of it.

Now that she thought about it, there was something wrong.


She could not help but pick up the animal skin.

She suddenly remembered seeing a similar sewn animal skin cloak in Moussa’s house.

Could this be Moussa’s stuff


Tian Xin took the animal skin cloak, turned around to look at Ryan, pretending to be unconcerned, and asked, “Ryan, Did you make this animal skin cloak”


Ryan was playing with the baby.

When he heard her question, he answered without looking, “Moussa made it, and I don’t know how to make that.”


So it was Moussa’s stuff.

But why was it here And why did Ryan live alone in this cave in the first place He seemed to have been expelled.

She vaguely remembered that Chelsea saved them when they were under siege by the bears.

And then he went back because Chelsea told him to go back.

What did he do wrong to be banished


Tian Xin’s mind was on going home, so she hadn’t thought about these issues.

Now think about the feeling that something is very wrong.

She felt that all of this was related to Moussa because of her female sensitivity.

Ryan and Moussa should have something at first.


So she did not change her voice and asked afterward, “How did her stuff get here”


“She lived here for a while.

Of course, it would be here.” Ryan answered rightfully.

After saying that, Tian Xin did not make a sound for a long time.


Only then did Ryan feel that the atmosphere seemed slightly wrong.

He looked up and saw that Tian Xin was holding a white animal skin in her hand and was looking at him with a gloomy face.


Ryan’s heart cried and screamed, ‘Oh, no!’ He initially thought that the incident happened before Tian Xin appeared, and no one would tell her, so she would not know.


But he did not expect today’s return to the same place turned the story to the surface.

He wanted to hide it, but it was impossible.

He could only highlight the insignificant things to explain some.

He nearly told Tian Xin something could not be said; otherwise, this little thing would not be finished with him.


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