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Chapter 168.1

Let You Taste It Too

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


“Ah! So cold.” Tian Xin got a jolt of ice from the big meat stick he suddenly pushed in.

She struggled to dodge away but was pressed down by Ryan and jacked vigorously.


“You little troublemaker, who did you learn these tricks from” Ryan stood behind her, his palm holding her slim waist, his lower body slamming against her, shaking the dishes on the table violently.

She kept moving toward the impact and almost fell off the table in a skewed manner.


“Ah!” Tian Xin grabbed the corner of the table tightly with both hands.

Her hair, which had never been cut since she came to this other world, was already long past her waist, hanging like a black waterfall on the table and swirling out in a nice arc with her body shaking back and forth from the impact.


“Say, who taught you all this” Ryan’s eyes were red, and he viciously drove his big rod in as far as it would go each time.

It was as if he was trying to pierce her.

In the past, he asked her to take his big stick, but she refused to do so.

Today she not only took the initiative to take it for him but also did so many tricks that he almost came into her mouth.

For sure, someone had taught her.

When he thought that some male might have forced her to do so in the past few days, his heart was as painful as if he had been punched several times.


“Ah! Lighter! Lighter! Husband! Hurts!” Tian Xin’s thighs grabbed him.

Half suspended in the air, her small feet could not reach the ground.

It was difficult to bear the violent impact behind her, and the inner wall of her womb was hot and sore from his vigorous pounding.

The sweat rising from her palms made her barely able to grip the corner of the table.

She knew that Ryan was angry.

She knew he would not be gentle enough if she provoked him at this time.

But she could not stand the way he ignored her, and now she finally knew what it meant to get her own medicine, and she would never dare to be so capricious again.


“Say something or not” Ryan didn’t get an answer, and his movements became even more intense, causing her hands to let go, and her head almost hit the table.

Fortunately, Ryan was quick to catch her.

Maintaining the copulated position, he flipped her over so she was lying face-up on the table.


“Mmmm.” Tian Xin frowned and arched her back, trying to adjust to his enormity.

He was rough like he was trying to poke through her with no mercy.


Pop! A crisp blow rang out, and Tian Xin couldn’t help but yelp in shock.

Her white buttocks instantly had a red mark on them, and her p*ssy, which was red and swollen from being f*cked by the big rod, tightened up and was stretched by the thick rod so much that even the tender flesh inside rolled out in a maddeningly lascivious way.


“B*tch, say, who taught you that, and who else have you done this to” Ryan saw that she had refused to answer his question and fiercely kneaded her snow-white buttocks.

The lust and anger in his eyes were intertwined in scarlet.

His fingers slowly moved to her tight rear end, and with a fierce press, Tian Xin’s little as*hole contracted violently for a while.


The frightened Tian Xin shrieked and struggled violently.



Don’t touch there.



Philo taught me.

I didn’t give.

Anyone else.


only you.

Ah! Please.

Don’t..” She felt embarrassed to discuss such things with others.

Besides, the other party was still a man, and she did not want to tell Ryan.

However, he seemed to misunderstand that she was having an affair with someone else.

Although she was angry with him for being so distrustful of her, it was not the time to gamble, so she had to say it all in one breath.


“Really The only one who ever does it is me” Ryan heard what she answered, and the fire went away for the most part, but he still pursued it relentlessly.



Only you.” Tian Xin resigned herself and looked away from him.


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