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After a good night’s sleep, Moussa woke up early and saw that Chelsea and Ryan were still asleep.


So she wanted to get up and make breakfast for them quietly.

But when she did, Chelsea woke up and opened his eyes to look at her.

Obviously, he was still sleepy.


Moussa found his look at the moment very cute.

She smiled tenderly at him, then kissed him on the lips and said softly, “You sleep a little more.

I will make a delicious breakfast for you to eat.

I will call you when it is ready.”


Chelsea was indeed too sleepy, so he nodded.

He released her hand and let her out of bed, then closed his eyes and went back to sleep.


Moussa tiptoed to the bathroom, grabbing another animal skin dress from the closet and walking barefoot.

Her shoes had been ripped when she fell off the cliff, and the male beasts here were thick-skinned and did not wear shoes.

Female beasts also only wear a kind of shoes made of grass.


But Moussa thought it was too bruising to the feet.

So inside the house, she did not wear it whenever she could.

The good thing was that it was now spring, and it was not cold to walk barefoot on the wooden floor, but not in winter.

It looked like she had to make a pair of shoes for herself as soon as possible.


Moussa sighed.

She had to do a lot of things.

Moussa needed to figure out how to make clothes, shoes, food, but Chelsea was always messing with her.

She was so busy satisfying his desires these days that she didn’t have time to think about these things.

So she had to find a way to keep him in check.


She was thinking about it while taking care of herself.

The good thing was that Chelsea did not enter last night, so her body was clean.

She simply had to wipe her body, wash her face and tidy her hair.


There was no toothbrush or toothpaste, so Moussa found a fruit with a similar mint flavor.

Moussa bit down, so the mint flavor filled her whole mouth.

Then she held it for a while and spat it out.

After rinsing her mouth, it was considered as brushing her teeth.


After taking care of herself, Moussa started to think about what to do for breakfast.

It was really tiresome to eat roasted food all day long.


Well, yes, she could stew.

They certainly had never eaten something stewed.


Moussa thought it was a good idea and excitedly began to move.

She went to the storage room first and brought two pieces of some kind of meat.

She didn’t know what kind of animal they were, but they were thin and had some tendons.


Moussa lived in a simple wooden house that did not have the so-called kitchen.

They usually cooked in the room where they slept.

For fear of waking them both up today, Moussa lit a fire in the bathroom.

She then placed a much larger shell than the one she had before.


Moussa was not sure what kind of animal shell was placed on the frame.

She boiled water inside, then washed and cut the meat into small pieces using the sharp animal bone.

As soon as the water boiled, she put the meat into the pot.


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