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While waiting for it to cook, she looked around in the back corner of the wall and found those fruits with a sweet and sour taste.

Although she couldn’t name them, she distinguished several kinds of wild fruits and remembered their taste.


When it was almost cooked, she took the fruits she found, cut them into small pieces, and threw them into the pot.

Then she squeezed the juice of the salty fruits into the pot.

There was no salt there, and that dark fruit provided the saltiness.

Moussa had tried several times to extract the salt from that fruit without success.

So, for the time being, she could only use its juice as a substitute for salt.


After boiling again, Moussa used a small wooden spoon to scoop up the soup to try.

Forget about it; it was not bad.

It tasted like tomato and beef brisket soup, but of course, it was only a bit like that.

The seasonings were too different from the original ones, but it was much better than eating roasted meat all day long.


The house smelled delicious, at least.

It smelled much better than roasting.


Chelsea and Ryan were awakened by the aroma and followed the scent with their sleepy eyes.


As soon as Chelsea opened the door, he asked, “That smells good.

What did you make”


When Moussa saw that they were awake, she smiled and greeted them, “You’re awake.

Hurry up, wash your face and brush your teeth.

It’s time to eat.”


The two of them were stunned.

They knew about the face washing, but what was the tooth brushing


Moussa saw that the two were stunned, so she handed them the fruit with a mint flavor.

For this reason, she called it mint fruit.

She instructed, “Take a bite and put it in your mouth.”


The two men did as she instructed, and after a while, Moussa handed them a bowl of water and said, “Spit it out, and then rinse your mouth.”


Seeing Chelsea’s embarrassed face, Moussa asked, “What’s wrong”


Chelsea said bitterly, “This fruit is too terrible.

I swallowed it directly.”


“Idiot, take another bite and hold it.” Moussa scolded with a smile.


Chelsea glared at her viciously but complied and took another bite and held it.

Then he spat it out and rinsed his mouth.


After tasting the flavor, he praised, “I’ve never thought that this is quite pleasant to the mouth.”


On the other side, Ryan also rinsed his mouth.

He smiled gently and said to Moussa, “Moussa, you are smart.

Amazingly, you can think of such a good idea.

My mouth feels so much better.”


Moussa felt good in her heart and smiled at Ryan, somewhat embarrassed.


The smile on Moussa’s face looked very dazzling to Chelsea, and without even thinking about it, he took her into his arms.

Moussa froze for a moment, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ryan on the side.

A little embarrassed, she pushed him and changed the subject, “Let’s hurry up and eat.

We have to go help Ryan build a house later.”


Chelsea released her, but his hand was always around her waist.


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